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Dan LeFave: The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Dan Lefave – Taking Control of Your Life

This episode will give you incredible insight and provide coaching skills that will allow you to create your own self-managing business and live the life of your dreams. Control your life and discover how to strategically plan, systematize and automate your business.

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Episode 034 - Janice Figov - Thumbnail Square

Janice Figov – Be Your Own Boss

In this episode, Janice shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to help you build your own successful business. She uses her experience of working with clients in businesses small and large consulting on accounting and bookkeeping and how to get their financials running successfully through coaching.

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Episode 033 - Nadine Hack - Thumbnail Square

Nadine Hack – The Power Of Connectedness

Nadine Hack understands the importance of corporate social responsibility goals that companies seek to achieve. For this episode, Hack narrates her broad knowledge on connectedness and the ability to relate to others in a manner that builds them up, encourages, and brings out their highest potential.

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Episode 032 - Cheryl Benedict - Thumbnail Square

Cheryl Benedict – Navigating Change At Work

This episode gives a whole new direction on how to embrace your emotions through a transition. Cheryl shares effective techniques on how to grow leaders, guiding them in the midst of professional and organizational change and transition.

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Episode 030 -Chuck Mollor - Thumbnail Square

Chuck Mollor – Empowering Your Team

This episode focuses on the communication and coaching skills needed most for the individuals involved which resulted in a clear understanding of each other’s leadership styles, risk-taking, and change management behaviors.

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Sara Gilbert - Thumbnail Square

Sara Gilbert – Understanding Yourself In Order To Succeed

In this episode – Sara’s approach is all about simplicity, mindset, and growth, so entrepreneurs can reach new heights more efficiently while enjoying their life even more. She discusses her approach of helping entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses while enjoying a meaningful life.

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Bernadette Boas

Bernadette Boas

This episode will help dozens of female business owners grow their businesses and empower themselves to create riches in their life. Bernadette offers tips and insights on productivity, success, and work/life balance using her “Shift to RICHes Formula”.

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