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Build a credible LinkedIn presence and connect with your ideal clients.

If you’re like most coaches, it’s a struggle finding the time to market your business. Maybe you’re business is referral-based, maybe it’s your busy season, or maybe you just don’t know how or where to begin marketing. Whether you like it or not, eventually referrals dry up, slow season approaches, and you’ll need a plan for growth that allows you to spend time doing what you love – namely, coaching (not marketing!).

Enter the Business Relationship Accelerator. LinkedIn is a relationship platform, not a sales platform, and no one understands that better than Boxer. We use LinkedIn intelligently to establish new relationships with ideal prospects that you can grow and turn into effortless sales.

After just four days working with Boxer, we booked a call with a divisional CFO for Shell Oil.

LinkedIn evaluates the quality of a user’s content through their Social Selling Index, or SSI. While LinkedIn states that users across the Professional Training & Coaching industry have an average SSI Score of 26 out of 100, Boxer clients who remain active on the platform possess an average SSI of 79/100, a 204% increase that translates to new clients (aka sales).

Business Relationship Accelerator

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Establish Your Authority

Establish Your Authority

Social Omnipresence allows you to meet your ideal prospects where they’re at by amplifying your authority across the same social media platforms where your clients are already spending their time. Boom! Your authority, amplified.

Be different

Enhance Your Brand

Most coaches struggle to explain what differentiates them from the next guy, let alone why your hot new prospect should pay you $10k more than your competitor who is seriously undercutting you.

Leverage Your Website

Elevate Your Website

You’ve established your brand and your authority. You’ve grown your social following and your LinkedIn following exponentially. People look up to you, they know you have answers, and they want to visit your website to learn more.