Stephanie Bergot | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Stephanie Bergot

Micheal and Stéphanie go deep on coaching and the application of neuroscience, finding your place in life, how to pivot and course correct in big, effective ways, and more.

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Claire Walton | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Claire Walton

Micheal and Claire follow tangents from the coaching relationship to what motivates change, from the importance of homework and practice to what it means to have a well-defined purpose.

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Jason Weber | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Jason Weber

Jason touch on many critical team leadership topics including what it means to be a servant leader, what “team effectiveness” really means, and where those topics intersect in terms of coaching teams in conflict.

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Lacey Alexander | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Lacey Alexander

Micheal and Lacey go deep on how her military experience informs her coaching business, from living abroad to holding crucial conversations.

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Glodean Champion | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Glodean Champion

Glodean go deep on the topics of authenticity and speaking your truth, how to give feedback (the right way!) to BIPOC, and of course what work/life balance really means.

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Establish Your Authority

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