DEEP Branding - Mastermind

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

– Oscar Wilde

Branding and messaging for successful coaches.

Most coaches struggle to explain what differentiates them from the next guy. Every coach knows how important “mindset” education is, and while an ICF certification helps raise the bar, it’s not enough to set you apart in today’s global landscape. Time to step up your game!

Fact: Establishing a brand drives client loyalty, price premiums, and revenue growth.

Branding consists of two parts: Label and Fable. Label refers to the visual elements of your brand, while Fable refers to your story and personality as it’s perceived by clients and prospects.

At Boxer, we solve for the Fable by establishing guidelines for communicating relevant uniqueness, building trust and credibility, and earning reputation through consistent and meaningful brand messaging.

DEEP Branding is…

  1. Discover – Who are you? Who needs to know?
  2. Empathize – Why should they care?
  3. Express – How will they find out about you?
  4. Perfect – Get feedback. Iterate on the above. Practice.
If people believe you share their values, they’ll become clients. If your values inspire them to feel better about themselves, they’ll become loyal clients.