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Are you planning to open your own small business for the first time?

Do you have worries and hesitations about having sufficient capital and cash flow in building your own business?

Starting a business is a huge commitment. Nobody said running a business would be easy, and you’re bound to make mistakes from time to time. However, the number of mistakes that cost your business money can be greatly reduced if you correct them quickly and learn from others who have made them in the past.

In this episode, Janice shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to help you build your own successful business. She uses her experience of working with clients in businesses small and large consulting on accounting and bookkeeping and how to get their financials running successfully through coaching.

Owning a new business – where you’re are the boss and you set your own rules – can be tough. But with the training and support of the Money Dream Machine Coach, you, the small business owner, will soar! Follow your dreams of starting your own business and make your dream become reality.

A bit about Janice:

Janice is a business owner and serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Money Dream Machine Coach. She had a deep passion for technology and its ability to create efficiencies for its users. Nearly, 25 years ago she relocated to Canada from Cape Town, SA, and embarked on her entrepreneur journey. She quickly discovered she not only loved technology but how she could use software to better support business owners and help them achieve their goals.

In 2010, Janice took a leap of faith and trusted that with her heart in her new business; No-Nonsense QuickBooks Training, and her continuing mission of empowering clients to achieve financial success in their businesses, and make a difference in the lives around her.

Today, she’s helped hundreds of clients through her QuickBooks training courses as well, as through her secondary consulting business, Money Dream Machine, which she launched in 2018. Leveraging her unique entrepreneurial and financial background, She has helped small businesses in Canada reach their dreams and drive exponential growth!

Janice is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge as an entrepreneur and supporting small business owners in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams, without the costly errors that are all too common when launching a business.

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