Steve Ferman | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Steve Ferman

In this episode of The Remarkable Coach, Steve discusses the power of having the right people around you and getting fresh perspectives.

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Honoree Corder | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Honoree Corder

Honoree walks Michael through the process of writing a book, what questions to ask yourself to set up the foundation, and why the simple Pomodoro technique is so effective for book writing.

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Jeff Sesol | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Jeff Sesol

Jeff talks about how to make unemotional decisions founded in reality, the value of venting, and what good marketing for coaches looks like.

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Alan Heymann | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Alan Heymann

Alan talks about coaching introverts, the symptoms of leaders looking for a change, the stakes of coaching, and the power of post-mortems.

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Bradley Hamner | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

Bradley Hamner

In this episode of The Remarkable Coach Podcast, Micheal and Bradley talk about entrepreneurship, the importance of coaching small businesses doing sub-$2,000,000 revenue, and what it means to be mission-driven.

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Be different

Enhance Your Brand

Most coaches struggle to explain what differentiates them from the next guy, let alone why your hot new prospect should pay you $10k more than your competitor who is seriously undercutting you.
Establish Your Authority

Establish Your Authority

Social Omnipresence allows you to meet your ideal prospects where they’re at by amplifying your authority across the same social media platforms where your clients are already spending their time.


Expand Your Network

What would you do with 300 new leads connected with you on LinkedIn each month? You’d probably build relationships with those prospects a lot faster, turn those relationships into clients, and make a lot more money!

Leverage Your Website

Elevate Your Website

You’ve established your brand and your authority. You’ve grown your social following and your LinkedIn following exponentially. People look up to you, they know you have answers, and they want to visit your website to learn more.