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Rick Plasket

Rick Plasket

We all have incredible talents. We were born with these amazing abilities under typically normal circumstances, and we often aren’t using them towards such a dramatic end.

But the fact remains that all human beings have these amazing abilities – and we’re often not even aware of them. Those abilities have the power to change your life, your business…even the world!

But how can you know what your superpowers are…and since some people will be asking, how can you even be sure that you have them?

In this episode, Rick Plasket will teach you his guiding principle to find your unique strengths or your “Super Powers” to increase your knowledge on how to adapt your plans and strategies toward your goals. This will help you develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in areas that you might have overlooked.

With a certain level of commitment, the balance of control, and delegating tasks effectively, you will be able to grow your own successful styles of leadership.

A bit about Rick:

Rick Plasket is a West Point Grad and former Army officer who’s turned his sword into a business plowshare. He blends the experiences of military leadership and planning together with world-class business practices to produce huge results.

Just like you, Rick is a business owner.Rick is a licensed business coach and franchise owner in Newnan, GA with the World’s #1 Business Coaching Team.  He has helped business owners in the south Atlanta counties of Coweta, Fayette, Carroll, and Fulton find their untapped potential and achieve significant bottom-line results!

He has a track record of building, developing businesses.  With experience in business consulting growing businesses in varying industries and markets, Rick will use his experience to help you make some minor changes that will make a BIG difference in your results. He will treat your business as if it were his own and will be a tremendous advocate, mentor, and resource for you.

Rick believes life and business should be FUN.  He has traveled the world, raced sailboats, run 5 marathons, and even experienced skydiving! He understands how to take a seemingly impossible goal (like your vision for your business) and break it down into smaller, attainable goals. The journey is as important as the destination. He lives it in his life as well as his business.

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