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Did you ever think about writing a book, but you don’t know where to begin?

It’s important to discipline yourself first. Make sure to dedicate a specific time in your daily schedule to write something or draft a paragraph. Write something every day.

You should know the reason why you want to write a book. Know your “why”, come up with an idea, create an outline, and figure out what the content of each chapter will be.

Don’t do any editing during the first draft. Finish it, then go back to do the editing.

Seek out reviews from people who don’t know you well, or at all. It’s the only way you can guarantee honest feedback and will help you find the right finishing touches before you publish your book.

Originally from India, she arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, to start her own family after having a “Big Fat Indian Wedding”. New country, new culture, new food, new education system…she wanted to explore it all.

Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in India, her first obvious step was to pursue her studies in a country that has one of the best higher education systems in the world.

She took full advantage of this golden opportunity to graduate with two Masters’ degrees, first in Electronics System Engineering Technology and then in Material Science Engineering from Arizona State University. Working hard to feed her mind, and partying even harder, she never really cared about what she was feeding her body. 

Her faulty eating habits took a toll on her health. Before she even realized it, she weighed 154 pounds, and at barely five feet tall, she had a BMI of 30.1.  It was time for a serious change.

During her pursuit to find the best possible solution for her health, she pursued a number of Holistic Health courses and came across the wonderful world of green juicing. 

Initially, she was appalled at the idea of drinking a glass of liquefied greens. But she tweaked her recipes (that’s the part she loves most about Juicing) to her taste buds and fell in love with this nutritional powerhouse in a glass.

Thanks to juicing, she lost all the excess weight she had put on in the last few years. She gained back her energy and her youthfulness. She was a New Parul and she was ready to make even more changes in her life.

Now it was time to take a serious look at her career choices and find what she was truly passionate about…

As a result of her newly engineered passion, she started giving workshops on healthy eating. People asked her for recipes, and as she was so keen to help, she printed her best recipes for them. Eventually, these handouts became a book about green juicing. 

Her book became an International Bestseller in multiple countries and categories. After its release, people started asking her the “secret” of what looked like an overnight success.

Within three years later, she had the privilege of working with over 250 entrepreneurs, helping to scale their businesses by using the right growth strategies, and guiding them to becoming published, bestselling authors.

Where you can find her:
Website: www.parulagrawal.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/authorparul

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