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Eva Steortz – How to Gain Your Self-Belief Back

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Success is believing you can. If you believe you can, you will succeed. Self-belief doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if you’re able to tell yourself that you can achieve the goals in your plans, you’re doing great.

This episode will help people who forgot their values to get their confidence back and to aim high and create their dream-come-true career. One mindset that you can create will help you overcome self-doubt and fear.

Eva shares her strategies on how to balance your work, home, and social life which isn’t easy for any of us. We will also learn how Eva developed her positive mindset and how it has served her in life and business.

Remember to stay grateful and be happy while chasing those dreams. Aim high and celebrate your courage and progress while creating the fulfilling career and happy balanced life you want to live.

A bit about Eva:

After 20 years as a Disney executive, Eva’s new dream-come-true career is supporting clients in creating their own happily ever after. She is also the author of From the Outhouse to the Mouse House: Crap You Need to Know for a Dream-Come-True Career.

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