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Cheryl Benedict – Navigating Change At Work

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We live in the midst of change, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed. And yet, we are made to grow, and growth cannot happen without change. What will you do if you feel stuck or frozen not knowing what your next move should be?

Leadership transition is never easy. People frequently have the desire to be promoted and take on new things but do not want to let go of old and familiar tasks.

This episode gives a whole new direction on how to embrace your emotions through a transition. Cheryl shares effective techniques on how to grow leaders, guiding them in the midst of professional and organizational change and transition.

Transition is a prime opportunity for something new and unexpected to occur. If you learn to trust and be responsive, you can benefit greatly from surprises and synchronicities that lead you in whole new directions. The secret is trusting the process and trusting yourself.

A bit about Cheryl:

What Cheryl loves most is executive coaching, leadership consulting, and team building. she’s so grateful to work with some of the best firms/leaders on the planet. Cheryl facilitates a mentoring style of leadership coaching and team-building for C-suite, senior executives, and emerging leaders. She has been told that she brings a trusted adviser approach to my relationships with clients – meeting them where they are and customizing solutions that are a fit for them and the strategic direction of the firm.

For Water Education Colorado, she designed/facilitated 9 years of their ‘Water Leaders Program’ which offered Colorado water professionals the unique opportunity to develop their leadership potential with a focus on water resources issues.

For Merrick & Company, she designed/delivered four-year-long Leadership Development Programs, provided executive coaching to 160 leaders, facilitated dozens of team-building sessions, five Strategic Advances, and guided key leader succession planning and implementation. She also serves as a Director on Merrick’s Board of Directors.

She published her first book: The Wisdom of Transition~ Navigating Change at Work. It’s based on expertise gathered from three decades of helping clients with change. It was published in January 2020 and won the Sound Advice Book Award for Best New Author 2020.

Clients include Merrick & Company, Water Education Colorado, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Mile High Flood District, Colorado Department of Agriculture, Texas Water Leaders Program, Association of State Dam Safety Officials, Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services, Women in Transportation Mentor/Proteges, Leonard Rice Engineers, Colorado Water Trust, River Restoration, Cherokee Metro District, Blattner Energy, ZGF Architects, Environmental Systems Design, and TLCD Architects.

She has spoken at these national conferences: American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), Construction Industry Institute (CII), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors of California, Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)

Where you can find them:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cheryl-benedict-511a20a
Website: https://www.morfconsulting.com/

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