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Alvaro Peralta – Uplevelling Your Leadership

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Are you a business owner that has a successful business but can’t get to the next step? Do you know that you’ve got a lot of potential, but you’re struggling at the moment?

In every situation, having a great business coach is essential.

Through his real-life experience and knowledge, Alvaro provides you the kind of leadership development, sales training, and executive coaching that will propel your business and your life forward.

Take your leadership to the next level by using his neuroscience-based approach to achieve fast, predictable, and impactful changes in leadership and sales.

In this episode, we’ll learn how to apply a brain-based methodology to facilitate productive coaching conversations – using the neuroscience of learning and be able to adopt effective, science-based strategies that help you develop new habits, skills, and behaviors.

A bit about Alvaro:

Alvaro is a C-IQ® Executive Coach, facilitator, speaker, and sales & leadership trainer that uses a neuroscience-based approach in all his work. His intention is to provide predictable, desirable results efficiently and to leave clients with the ability to continue to achieve these results independently.

Alvaro works internationally in English and Spanish with small-to-medium-size enterprises (SMEs). He has coached and guided mid-level managers on their path to the C-suite, facilitated challenging partnership issues, helped turn toxic cultures around, trained sales teams and managers to create sales funnels and scripts that have had an instant positive impact on sales, and worked with business leaders to clarify and lead the execution of their vision.

Having opened, owned, and wound down a restaurant over a seventeen-year period, working in outbound and inbound sales with Canada’s largest non-profit lobby groups representing small business, and chairing mastermind groups of small business leaders in Canada’s most prestigious leadership organization, Alvaro has the real-life experience necessary to apply the knowledge of Conversational Intelligence® and Integral Coaching to the kind of leadership development, sales training, and executive coaching that will propel your business and life forward.

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