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Jadi Kindred | The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

“Let your intuition guide you!”

This is Canadian author and life coach Jadi Kindred’s headline across the top of her website.

In this episode of The Remarkable Coach, Micheal and Jadi discuss using intuition as your compass, the importance of values, how to correctly define success, and more!

A bit about Jadi:
Canadian-born author, Jadi Kindred, is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and intuition coach.

Jadi wrote Intuitive Business Connections: Grow a Business From Zero to Six Figures In An Intuitive Way. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals live more intuitively and authentically and have a balanced, joyful life.

Where to find Jadi:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jadikindred

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Soul Sourced Entrepreneur – Christine Kane
Intuitive Business Connections – Jadi Kindred

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Micheal Pacheco 0:01
All right. Hey everybody, and welcome once again to another episode of the remarkable coach podcast as always, I’m your host Michael Pacheco. And today with me I have JD kindred. Canadian born author JD Kindred is an entrepreneur, world traveler and intuition coach, JD wrote intuitive business connections, grow a business from zero to six figures in an intuitive way. She’s passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals live more intuitively authentically and have a balanced and joyful life. JD, welcome to the podcast.

Jadi Kindred 0:36
Thank you, Michael. So happy to be here.

Micheal Pacheco 0:38
Yeah, thank you for making time for it. I know you’re, you’re in Costa Rica right now. But you live outside of Montreal? Are you currently doing a retreat of some kind?

Jadi Kindred 0:50
I’m actually I had helped me know that retreat, I may have been at a retreat center, you know, these busy burned actually busy burned out professionals who were taking the time for themselves. And I, you know, holding space for them, offering them, you know, these high vibe, fruit juices and helping them kind of like, almost coaching them just naturally, through, you know, whatever they’re dealing with, and trying to have, you know, an action plan when they get home. So, yeah, I am at a retreat, but serving, I guess, serving in a different way.

Micheal Pacheco 1:27
I love it. I love it. Yeah, I read on your, on your website that you do retreats in, in Costa Rica and helped me out in Canada. Is that right?

Jadi Kindred 1:40
Yeah, this is a future goal to hold my own retreats. Right, I’m just serving at a retreat was already in place. But yeah, that’s like one of my ultimate goals is to really like bring in business professionals and take time off and recenter. You know, I’m such an advocate person, we all have our own answers. We all have our own wisdom, you know, like a coach is there to I think for me, one reason the coach is there is to hold and create space for someone to just have this time for their own answers to come through. And whatever areas of their life that they want to work on. It’s like I don’t, I’m not even attached to the title, like, Okay, I say, intuition coach, and then empowerment coach, and then happiness coach and relationship coach and kirkko. It’s like, it doesn’t matter the title, I really don’t care about the title. It’s, it’s

Micheal Pacheco 2:35
Hmm, that’s it, it’s all about the money. Yeah,

Jadi Kindred 2:38
I’m here, hold, like, Call me whatever you want. But I’m here in service of another person to help them coach themselves to, you know, the lifestyle of their dreams. And I don’t know what that is for them. Only they know what’s what’s, you know, true for them. So, yeah, I just, I just love it. It’s just in full alignment, just being here in Costa Rica and helping them. But yes, I would like to hold my own, either in Costa Rica, or at my, at my home in Canada, as well.

Micheal Pacheco 3:12
So I love that I want to I want to circle back to that and talk more about that. But before we do that, typically at the beginning of this, of this podcast, I like to invite our guests to just tell us a little bit more about yourself, in your own words, and kind of what you got into coaching and your why and anything else you’d like to share?

Jadi Kindred 3:31
Yeah, I want him to coach you through my own coach, I, you know, started my own company, it was a language school, and I worked with business professionals for over a decade, then the boom, you know, well COVID happened. And there’s a big paradigm shift, I think there was a big global paradigm shift that happened where people were more open to online courses. And so then the demand, we you know, it was too intense. And I really started for the first time managing a company instead of, you know, being in my company, I was really managing my company, and they built a team and now they’re off teaching. And yet, and so at that time, I was like, Okay, this is my 10 year anniversary, I want to give myself with a business coach. And so after months and months, pretty much at the end of my coaching my coach was like, you know, JD, there’s something about you, you would be an amazing coach. And I’m already coached for a decade you know, in a different way but to be really an intentional like, oh, the call call myself that you know, call Oh, English coach, or, you know, again, these titles, you know, these titles, but you know, he really planted that, oh, you could be you know, an intentional coach for for other English speaking entrepreneurs because I’ve been working with French speaking entrepreneurs for a decade now but really like I want to speak in my in my first language and I have more into conversations like deeper conversations. And so I’m just moving towards that. No.

Micheal Pacheco 5:07
I love it. I love it. That’s great. So circling back, you want to hold your own retreats? That’s kind of that’s a that’s a goal for you as a coach, what’s your, what’s your plan to get there? How you gonna? How are you going to make that happen?

Jadi Kindred 5:22
Well, I’m currently on this trip going around to three or four retreat centers actively, you know, getting the details about them the logistics, feeling the energy is this, the kind of place I would want to go at all as a as a guest myself. So I’m currently in the research portion in Costa Rica. You know, eight years ago, I, I’ve had this dream for a long time. So eight years ago, I bought, you know, this lakefront property for the intent of retreats. I already did, you know, weekend workshops, I host weekend workshops at my home, you know, the radical honesty, authentic leadership, I’ve held my own with intuition. So I’ve already started that, but I would like to do it more, more and more. And actually, like, have a place where people can, you know, rent, because rent, you know, for a month, or have, you know, almost because my home I’ve created I call it like the house of healing. People who naturally want to heal are drawn to this particular home. And I want to invite more people, you know, it’s just me alone in this home. And there’s like three other rooms. And my lifestyle is very colorful, you know, it’s daily yoga, daily meditation, detox smoothies in the mornings, going for forest, you know, you know, forest bathing, these walks in the forest is swimming, having sunset meditations, like, my day is a retreat. And so it’s like, oh, I can create this sanctuary for other business professionals. And at the same and I have so many things, I have a list of themes of like weekend retreats that people want to do, you know, for authors, because I know what it feels like to be blocked as an author, relationships, you know, I know that the struggles, you know, I, you know, I’m in my late 30s, and the struggles of relationships and the heartbreak and what that’s all about, or, for finally, trusting my intuition business, you know, because I felt those were two totally different things, but really, there, they they need to be together really on a daily basis, I just have a look authentic communication, like, here’s a list of like, fun weekend workshops that I want to do. But I also want to be able to open my home as a sanctuary for like a reboot or restart grounded recentering for those business professionals who want to just have a break from maybe their current life, and have a really peaceful place, you know, I don’t have TV, I don’t have these, you know, I’ve you know, high speed internet so people can work, but really a quiet place to work and recenter and refocus and also to have, you know, even coaching with me on whatever area they need to work on. So that’s a, that’s a dream, I’d like to really be able to manifest for 2023

Micheal Pacheco 8:22
That sounds amazing. I’ll share with you briefly a little bit about my life. So my my wife and I, we were living in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and we had a very similar dream we wanted to get out and a little closer to nature. We did a vision board we wrote down our perfect average day meditated on that read, you know, I read my perfect average day every day for six months. And we we stumbled across this beautiful piece of property now we’ve we bought it we built a house on it, we’ve got about 30 acres on the edge of National Forest in in the Washington State Cascade Mountains. And I’m you know, looking outside my window right here and there’s a snow capped mountain you can kind of see back here, there’s snow on the ground and evergreen tree is kind of peeking out. It’s just a it’s a beautiful spot and what you know what a place to be able to work and just live and exist in. It’s very peaceful. Yeah. It’s, it’s a beautiful, it’s a beautiful thing. Tell us a little bit about your, your ideal client, who is your ideal client, who do you work with today? And who would you like to be working with that maybe you’re not working with today?

Jadi Kindred 9:42
Well, you know, currently I work with some young entrepreneurs, who you know, I’m a decade from where they you know, I can relate to every struggle they’re going through. So I like to really work with you know, any age entrepreneur Because I can relate to all of what they’re going through in the future, I would love to work more with, you know, executives, you know, you know, people in leadership positions who are able to have a greater influence on all of their team and their employees, you know, like they have, they’re in a place of power. And it’s like, if they can really connect more until heart center or learn to communicate authentically, with their, with their team, you know, that just that ripple effect, I think it has a greater impact.

Micheal Pacheco 10:35
That that phrase, authentic, just even that word authentic, but the phrase authentic communication can have a little bit of, it’s almost like a loaded term these days, I feel like a lot of different people use it. And maybe it means different things to some people, or even in some circles, I get the impression that maybe it’s lost its meaning because it’s overused so much. What does authenticity and authenticity, authentic? Communication? What does that does that mean to you?

Jadi Kindred 11:03
Hmm, interesting question. Well, for me, it’s really about, you know, taking off that mask, we often come in, you know, portray oh, what does someone else want? Or what do you know, does society want for me, or, you know, all of these just layers that we there’s so many layers, just like, Okay, take that mask off? And what is really, inside? What is, you know, really who I am without that shame of who I am. And it’s also made me no shameful parts. Like, we’re all in the same struggle, we’re all you know, there’s no one who’s perfect. who’s made it, you know, it’s like, yeah, I can relate to so many people. And I can relate to so many people’s pains and, and you know, what they’re going through, because I see myself in them, like, we’re all I feel like, we’re all the same, you know, we’re just humans trying to figure life out. And for me, being authentic is really getting out of my head dropping into my heart and going look, looking into someone’s eyes, holding space for them. When someone doesn’t give me if someone asked me a question, and I feel that they really aren’t interested. I have zero desire to be authentic. At that moment, how are you doing JD on good. There’s zero authenticity in that whole conversation. And that’s how humans usually connect. Or maybe bosses, I don’t know, I’ve never worked in the corporate world. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. So I imagine, you know, bosses were like, Okay, how are you? How are you? But does a boss actually sit for one minute? Like, how are you today? And for that person to have a moment to say, I’m not okay today. And it’s because of this at home. Or I’m really anxious about this, or I fear that you perceive me like this, or just creating a moment in a day to go like, drop in and like, what’s really happening in, in this experience of being human. There’s this practice I absolutely fell in love with, and it’s called circling. And it’s almost like, how do I describe it? This interpersonal meditation, where usually I meditate with my clothes, and this is a time for me. But circling is a moment where you are that you serve, like there’s about maybe five or six people that we put all of our attention on one person. And we don’t we ask like, what is it like we’re all show is like, what is it like being you as Michael, today in this moment, and you don’t say any stories, you don’t share anything from your mind? You go Oh, and you drop into your body. And and I think the body is very wise, and it knows a lot. That’s why I talk a lot about intuition. Intuition can come to us in many ways, but a lot of people get it through the gut, you know, gut instinct, you know? And and it’s not just for women, many business successful businessmen say this, oh, is it gut gut instinct, and they won’t maybe say intuition. And again, the terms are unimportant, like, we don’t have to get attached to these terms. But the body has a lot of wisdom. You know, I write about this in my book. When I’m interviewing people can have the most amazing resumes and they’re impressive. They’re beautiful. They’re stunning. They’re charming. But how do I feel when I’m sitting with them over over zoom? Like, I feel connection? We don’t, I don’t need to be a person like with them. I can be in in this moment with them. How do I feel when I’m in their presence? And that’s telling and I’ve just been able to, you know, choose the most amazing staff who like are just better than I could ever expected, I’ve never had problems that delegate something, and I completely let that go. And I’m on to other things. And I can work on volunteering and other projects and writing and serving in other ways, because of me trusting my intuition at a very important important time. But going back to your going back to authenticity, I hope I was able to answer that. Yeah, you know, just connecting to the body connecting to the heart speaking, the good and the bad. You know?

Micheal Pacheco 15:32
I think that’s, I think that’s a great answer. It’s, especially for entrepreneur types, right, a lot of us are kind of type A, are driving, you know, always have goals that we’re shooting for. And we’re, you know, there’s always more to do, right. And to I know is in my past, I can speak for myself. I’ve had coaches that helped me get out of my head, and into my heart and into my body. And it’s just, it’s a very different place to approach problems from to approach challenges from and that’s as entrepreneurs, that’s what we do, right? We’re constantly approaching problems and challenges, we’re looking for solutions. This is literally like what we do every day, and be able to get out of your head and approach that from your heart, from your gut, whatever you want to call it, but basically get out of your head and into your body. It feels very different. And it gives you it’s just a different frame, I think, a very different frame. And that can be a huge benefit for us.

Jadi Kindred 16:47
Yeah, for sure. Yeah. That was, yeah, it’s just more healing than people, you know, you know, people just want to be heard. And I think that’s the gift of a coach, you know, even just teaching English when I was teaching English to business professionals. Sure. Like, I wouldn’t teach grammar, but I want to deep conversations as well. So I could I would give homework on the side, like, but my homework was never related to learning English or grammar. It was, hey, go read that book we spoke about, or, Hey, read somewhere or spend some more time with your kids or like, that was always my weekly homework, have recenter like, take a moment for yourself. Because as entrepreneurs, we just burn ourselves out. And I used to be super hard to Cheever, like, what, like, you know, I relate to that. I want validation and recognition and all of these things, and to work more. And that’s how I was brought up were really hard. I’m a good, I’m very disciplined. I’m good about that. But then, you know, I went to Costa Rica last year, and I moved my company 100% online. And I did a minor changes, people had no idea like, how can she be, you know, paying all their bills in Canada and backpacking and all of this things like managing a cup, people had no idea what was happening. And I literally made just simple minor changes to my life, that opened up more money, more time, more freedom. And it’s about being creative. But if we’re just in this rat race all the time, we never stop and go, Hey, like, what do I really want? And what are these simple, simple, simple adjustments that I can make in my life to get there, and it often is easier than we think. And we just as humans are just like going struggling and struggling. And I watch people I see people that people are spending lots of money to come to this specific detention center. They see their struggles, and they give themselves a week, even a week, and some of them fly home early. They’re like I can’t there’s too much space, and there’s too much and they’re business owners and managers. They fly home two days early, they won’t even allow themselves a full week for themselves. And I find that unfortunate and so it’s like wow, if if I can help someone, give some self love and time for themselves and more money and freedom, then that is like would be super That’s my ultimate goal.

Micheal Pacheco 19:13
I love it. He mentioned the rat race and um, I can’t remember who said this. I don’t know who to attribute the quote to but it was the something along the lines of the day that you stop racing is the day you win the race. Which is pretty, pretty powerful.

Jadi Kindred 19:32
I had such an epiphany one day I think I wrote the story in my book because I was I rarely go to the city like I work from home love being at home. And I committed to going to a networking event and it was like a 7am networking event but it was a two hour commute. I think even in the winter, so I believe at 5am and I don’t like to be late for any like I you know, I don’t want to I didn’t want to be late. And I’m going just like just to this network. event. And then every there was a standstill like, and I never take. I never, you know, you know, I’m never in traffic. So I didn’t realize it just stopped, like traffic stop. And I was very very far from my destination. And I was like, Oh no, what’s gonna happen like this is gonna be really bad. And then there was this other side, like an exit. And I was like, Oh, well, why isn’t everyone taking that? And so I took that exit, and that highway was parallel but empty. So I’m going like, full speed and going, I don’t understand. Why are they Why are all the people stuck there when this road is empty, and then I shouldn’t go and then went in and I was on time. And it’s like a big epiphany. I was like, Oh, they these are employees who are going there in the rat race in the grind doing just on autopilot just life. Okay, they won’t check another route. Just a quick little offset, you know, and, and I took, you know, this fast, the, you know, the fast road. And I was like, Oh, I think that’s entrepreneurs, we have to be a little bit creative a little bit. Think outside the box, and then everyone else. And yeah, I guess it’s to our destination, I think faster. So yeah, getting getting out of that rat race, just, you can make your life so much easier. So

Micheal Pacheco 21:27
tell me, tell me about being an intuition. Coach, what is an intuition? Coach? We touched on a little bit at this point. But if you can talk more about that.

Jadi Kindred 21:40
Yeah. You know, I don’t think intuition is for, for only a select few. I think we all have intuition. And so helping people tap back to that inner wisdom. People imagine for coaching have problems or issues or things they want to resolve. And yeah, as a coach, I’m very objective. And I’m very opinionated, too. And if people ask for my advice, I always give it. But my goal is to help recenter people into finding their own answers having their own answers. And often, intuition for me comes through as quiet a quiet whisper. So this is bigger, it’s about slowing down your life, if you can slow down your entire life, will slowing it down for that time were together, at least, to be able to hear that whisper to be able to solve the problems because, again, it’s empowering people back to go, you have all your answers. You know how to solve this, you know what you really want? One of the first questions I asked just as a icebreaker question with my clients back in the day to get them to speak English was like, What did you want to be when you grew up? And these are adults, you know? And they’re like, I forget, I don’t know, it’s like, of course, you know, is that little inner child like that little girl, that little boy, you knew everything that you want it to be in this life? What were you drawn to? What were your interests? What were your passions? You know, some people come to my workshops, and they’re like, passions. I don’t have any passions. Of course, you have a passion. Third, let’s do a workshop, do it there actually create a workshop on passion, I have so many passions. My problem is, is that I can’t focus because I have too many passions, but it’s like, Well, how am I different from them? I’m only different because when I have a passion, I allow it to come to fruition. And I go Yeah, right on, and I and I feel that passion. Whereas others have a passion, it might be painting, it might be whatever, there are their, their their gifts, I don’t know. But they’re just push it down. And they don’t allow that, that to surface. So really like helping them tap into their inner wisdom, it could even be inner child wisdom. And I feel like when you live a life full of passions, and you’re in alignment with your values, you have this energy and this vitality that the world needs. So that was a long answer to your question. I hope I answered it. But it’s a lot and I don’t think I know how to answer yet. Intuition coach helping people listen to that, that inner wisdom and the whispers of their intuition that is always there. I often, you know, quote, I don’t forget who it is. It’s in my book. It says, Your intuition is your best friend. It only wants the best for you. So learning to listen to that best friend. And in all aspects of our life.

Micheal Pacheco 24:39
I get like it. Where do you where do you get your clients right now? Where do you how do you market your services?

Jadi Kindred 24:47
I’m really I’m really working more on YouTube. Okay, so this is something I never did with my company, my last company. So it’s like I want to try something new because I’m, I’m sitting in front of the camera, and I am working on topics of entrepreneurship and intuition or books, I’m constantly learning and reading. And so these things that I’m working on, I imagine there’s someone else who wants to work on it as well. So I sit down, and I just start speaking almost like channeling, like intuitively, like, what needs to be shared. And so I’m making more and more videos that way. And I’m really trying to spread that out into the world. And then with with YouTube, I have my list of, you know, the book where you can buy the book where you can get coaching, where you can. What else, you know, join retreats, like all of the other information about me. So that’s one thing that I that’s a nice Avenue another, which is a super new avenue for me to is podcasts, and having this access to different, you know, group of people that I would never be able to speak with. So these are these two totally different techniques I’ve never done before. And I need to step out of my comfort zones and do different things and new things. So that’s what I’m doing with this with this coaching company now.

Micheal Pacheco 26:13
That’s nice. What is it a typical engagement with you look like when your work with your clients? Do you do like you have like a three month package or a six month package? Or? How does that look?

Jadi Kindred 26:24
Yes, I do. I start with a three month and I call is one to one. And I call it the unlimited package and ask and I it’s kind of like laser coaching, but not really because it’s a little bit longer than laser coaching. But it’s really about help being available for someone when they want to do these checkups. You know, I work again, with these super busy business professionals. I don’t want to block off an hour earth. You know, sometimes with my coach, he was three hour blocks, I was drained and exhausted, I want to be able to like okay, work on a focus problem quickly, efficiently get on with their day. And so to be able to have access to meet for these three months, to really be able to have enough time to shift. But also not too long, where they may lose enthusiasm or focus on their on their goals.

Micheal Pacheco 27:15
During that three month period. Are you guys? Is there like a once a week regular meeting? Or do they have access to you through like an app like Voxer? Or or WhatsApp or something like that?

Jadi Kindred 27:27
Yeah, you know, they’ll have access to WhatsApp for check ins. I like zoom, or could be calls or emails. But it’s not scheduled. I don’t again want to have that like, Okay, this time this hour, no, they choose when they want to reach out to me, again, on my availability, but I can usually make time for for people. So yeah, it’s really based on them, their needs when they want to have some maybe shift or something to work on. Because when I was with when I was coached, I would have maybe an issue and God, I have to wait two weeks, and almost feel like I haven’t had to hold that issue inside of me and almost eat away. And really, it could be shifted immediately. Very quickly. So yeah, just a different technique now.

Micheal Pacheco 28:16
That’s nice. What’s sort of things did you first struggle with when you started coaching?

Jadi Kindred 28:24
When I started coaching in one way,

Micheal Pacheco 28:30
or, you know what were like roadblocks that you that you ran into things that you failed at and learn from just struggles? What did you run into any kind of struggles when you first started coaching that that you had to overcome to get to a level where you felt like you were a successful remarkable coach, as it were?

Jadi Kindred 28:59
Yeah, I think maybe getting my myself known. You know, that’s, I think the ultimate, if I want to serve, and I want to help as many people, but if they don’t know I exist, and those people who are looking for me don’t know I’m there. And that this is like, a thing is to I’m gonna empower my intuition coach, that I’m unable to serve anyone. So this is just the ultimate, ultimate challenge, I think on a daily basis, and that might always be my challenge. You know, I don’t know if that’s, you know, I’m not this, you know, celebrity so people don’t know who I am. You know, so I think that’s that may be a challenge for a while. But yeah, just being known getting getting people being able for people to find

Micheal Pacheco 29:51
kind of Yeah, I mean, essentially, you know, marketing, building your authority, that sort of thing. Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s okay. That makes sense. Tell us about some, some big wins that you’ve had in your career.

Jadi Kindred 30:07
Yeah, me know my biggest wins is really one helping, you know, entrepreneurs, as they grow, create more time and balance in their life. That’s super important for me. One is in when clients say, this is the highlight of my week, and I was like, Okay, I did something, right. There’s something beneficial that happened, where they’re looking forward to, you know, having this this coaching. When coaches have or not coaches, when my clients have this, this confidence now, or this, this passion, or really like these aha moments for me, you know, as I mentioned earlier, like, none of this is all monetary. You know, it’s like, that’s not how I, I, you know, I’m not, that’s not how I market myself going, like, oh, you will have this many more sales per month. It’s like, how would you know, you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. So my value is, okay, you sure you can, like, that’s the thing, I was working so hard and not making more money, I was working 12 hour days, making less money than I am now. And working one or two hours on on my other company. And then now I have all this time for coaching and, and writing hype. You ever wanted to write more books? So yeah, my wins are when people or even bosses or like I’ve had that authentic conversation, or dropped into their heart center. Like for me, those are the biggest wins that really fuel me more than anything.

Micheal Pacheco 31:50
Awesome. Awesome. I love it. JD, you mentioned earlier that you have a book. And I think I’ve mentioned it in the beginning of the podcast in your bio as well. Can you tell us more about your book, intuitive business connections? There it is.

Jadi Kindred 32:06
You know, when I was when I was younger? Well, yeah, I was like, very, like my one of my huge passions of spirituality and entrepreneurship. And then when I was younger, I tried to separate them. Like it was like, Oh, no one can know. And then as I become more confident and aligned, I would say I’ve merged my two passions together to bring in spirituality in business, which I think is super important. And one day, I was walking in the forest, and I got this download the name of the book, and what it was going to look like. And I wrote this book when, so I have 36 chapters, I was 36 when I wrote it, and I’ve three sections to the book intuition. So it was all about kind of intuition in business. Second is business like, you know, aspects of business that, you know, we need to work on. And then also connections and the importance of connecting to cultures connect, networking, collaboration, versus, you know, competition, like just all of these things. And I would I wrote, you know, I was doing this 10 day water fast. And I really was clean and clear on the chapter title. So I wrote the chapter titles, the three sections was very clear for me. And yet, I had no idea what was going to be in the book. And so every morning, I would meditate for an hour on the title of that book, and just start receiving all of these stories. Tyler’s stories, or my entrepreneurial journey stories, and they’re so random, but I love like, easy reads. So I write, like, like that as well. And so much like fun stories of the lessons I’ve learned, you know, over a decade growing my company, and when I when I came to, you know, a different province, I didn’t speak a word of French. I had no support system, no friends, you know, I had to this was, you know, as marketing, just inbox, like, it wasn’t even online at that time. I feel so old now. You know, I had to, like, couldn’t even register my company online, I had to drive to the city, and wait in line. And like, it was just like, wow, I added a different language that I didn’t speak and I just started with nothing. And just this really light, easy read, and people have called this, you know, inspiring or uplifting or just like a positive read to encourage encourage entrepreneurship and thinking about I just have such random topics. Sometimes it’s all about like, writing your dream list. You know, when was the last time you know, I know we are supposed to do this, but it’s like when was the last time you sat wrote? 101? Yeah, it’s easy to write 50 Yeah, that’s easy. That’s like okay, then after 50 You have to really drop it another level to go. Okay, what is it that I really deep down what what in my life and, and sometimes they’re small things like they’re not overly massive things. And but sometimes I’ve noticed people are so scared to even name those things because then that, you know, it creates so much sadness that they’ve pushed it so deep down. So just any of these chapters can bring you I don’t know what everyone’s drawn to different chapters and so I think this book is literally for everyone. You know, Mother, stay at home mom, you know, is Big Co entrepreneur, like anyone you know, any human who wants to, you know, work on on, you know, different sides of themselves.

Micheal Pacheco 35:52
I love it. I love your energy as you’re talking about it as well.

Jadi Kindred 35:57
I’m so proud of this book because it was channeled like it just like went through me in two months. The editing the all of that, of course took longer, but it was so effortless. And, and I love that I love when things are easy and effortless. That’s a huge sign for me that like I’m in the flow. I’m in the flow of life.

Micheal Pacheco 36:16
That’s great. Yeah, I was I was thinking about as we’re talking here, thematically it with your coaching and kind of your style, intuitive spiritual. Are you familiar with a gal named Christine Caine? Christine King. She wrote a book called The soul sourced entrepreneur, she’s a coach as well. I think you would love that. Yeah, I think you would love that book that might be worth worth checking out. It’s called the soul sourced entrepreneur. And I wonder if there isn’t room for you and her to do some kind of collaboration at some point.

Jadi Kindred 36:54
Wow. I love that. Yeah. Thank you,

Micheal Pacheco 37:00
my wife and I listened to the audiobook together, and we liked it so much. We each bought a physical copy of the book and read it so we could each mark it up.

Jadi Kindred 37:11
Epic. Yes, that’s fine. Oh, I love knowing about new books like that. So fun.

Micheal Pacheco 37:17
Awesome. JD, is there anything else that you would like to chat about that we haven’t had an opportunity to touch upon yet?

Jadi Kindred 37:27
Know, you know, I spoke a lot. You asked me some really great questions. There’s I don’t, I feel like it’s, it’s really cleaner. Yeah. Awesome. And I that’s also like, there’s so many amazing coaches in the world. And I and I just would encourage anyone to follow their intuition. When choosing a coach, you know, I’m inundated with inundated with coaches who are like I’ve worked with me or with and when I was looking for my coach, I would go through, not an interview process, because I don’t really necessarily need to know their credentials. I want to go How do I feel when I’m with them. And that’s how I chose my coach. So I think that’s really important, because you need to feel really safe. Like, you know, this is a place where you’re able to be vulnerable and safe. People share things with me, they’ve never shared with anyone before. Like, it’s such a privilege to be able to be gifted that. And I don’t take it lightly. And I don’t think others should take it lightly of like, what, who you’re spending your time with your money. And your energy with these are very precious resources. And, yeah, and so really just, you know, you know, you know, who you need to work with. And so just trust that intuition.

Micheal Pacheco 38:50
Yeah, yeah, I couldn’t, I couldn’t agree more at at Voxer. So we, we’re a marketing agency that works with coaches and consultants, instead of most agencies that do the kinds of things we do will have discovery calls. So we dropped that phrase, years ago, two years ago, three years ago. And we now have chemistry calls. Because I have found that it is it really is. The chemistry is more important than the discovery process. The discovery is going to happen if the chemistry is there. And I think that’s also true. arguably more so for coaches, right? Because you guys, right? A coach is working with someone, there is that hyper intimate exchange, you know, for us, the things you were talking about your people are spending their money with us, they’re spending their time, their energy with us. They’re trusting us to represent them to the public to their ideal client. And, and that’s a big responsibility for us as well and we want to make sure that the chemistry is there and that it’s a good fit for me free one. And I think that yeah, that I can see how that goes doubly for for a coach that’s doing more intimate work than we’re even doing. Yeah. I love that. Yeah. Yeah. JT, where can our listeners and viewers connect with you online?

Jadi Kindred 40:17
Yeah, the best way is my website, intuitive business connections.com. Also, you can find me on YouTube at intuitive business connections. And, you know, even you know, on Amazon, you can buy my book. And, you know, I’m pretty easy to find LinkedIn, anywhere. Awesome.

Micheal Pacheco 40:38
For those guys listening in your cars, or if you’re going on a jog or at the gym, or whatever, we’ll have all of those links on the show notes page, on the web, on our website, Boxer dot agency. JT, this has been a pleasure. Thank you so much for for making the time. I know you’re you’re busy. You’re in Costa Rica, you’re helping change people’s lives. And I can’t tell you how much I respect and appreciate the work that you’re doing. So thank you for taking time out of your day to be here.

Jadi Kindred 41:09
Thank you, Michael. This was such a pleasure.

Micheal Pacheco 41:11
Thank you so much. And thank you, of course, to our viewers and listeners. We appreciate you guys as well. And we’ll see you next time. Take care!

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