Human Vortex Training

Human Vortex Training

Social media and SEO growth plan and execution for author and world-leading strength coach.
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Key Results

+ 50 %
Increase in keywords on page 1 of Google
Book promoted to the Amazon best-seller list in two separate categories
+ 50 %
Growth in website visits from their Instagram profile alone

The Client

Human Vortex Training is led by Menachem Brodie, a strength coach with 15+ years of experience including a sports-medicine background spanning from Emergency Medicine & Physical Therapy to D1 NCAA strength & conditioning coaching. Human Vortex Training solves real-world problems for cyclists & triathletes via strength training used to gain performances where they truly matter… out in their sport, not in the weight room.

The challenge

Menachem first approached us looking to grow traffic to his website. His goal, like many coaches, was to build brand awareness while selling more 1:1 coaching and seats to his courses.

When we first audited we found a lot of problems on the website, like slow page speed and server loading time. We also found dozens and dozens of technical and mobile issues on over 295 unique pages throughout the website.

Menachem is also a busy guy, and he didn’t have time to write blog posts or help us generate new textual content for the website, things that are foundational to strong SEO. This meant we would have to focus on technical methods for improving organic SEO and look to social or paid methods for driving additional traffic to the site.

What we did

We began by running the site through our Holistic Website Health program. We updated and customized WordPress and a number of plugins in order to improve server loading and page speed times. We then chased down dozens of technical issues across the site, ensuring that each page worked on mobile devices, and that key landing pages were at 100% page speed with zero technical issues.

But without content to feed the search engines’ algorithms, we weren’t satisfied. We wanted to get more traffic to the site and promote Menachem’s new book while we were at it, Strength Training for Cycling Performance.

So we then ran Menachem’s weekly YouTube content through our Social Omnipresence program. Menachem was our first “beta” client for Social Omnipresence, so it wasn’t all rainbows and skittles, but we saw some big successes and we learned a LOT.

The results

We saw wins across the board for Menachem and HVT, including the following highlights:

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