Strategic consulting in brand management for growth in both website traffic and quality leads.
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Key Results

+ 50 %
growth of website traffic in the first year
> 50 %
increase in the number of leads from their website

The Client

TrackStreet has built an industry-leading SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and automation to radically reduce brand/pricing policy violations and deliver actionable market data that strengthens customer relationships, drives sales, and builds the bottom line.

The challenge

Establishing and growing a brand as a SaaS platform can be tricky. Some niches are crowded, or have very specific needs that must be properly understood. One wrong move here or a lack of action taken there, and your brand can find itself on the road to becoming toxic…or perhaps just as frightening, no one will know who you are at all.

A close analysis of trends and data is required to be successful in situations like this, and that work must be effectively translated into actionable steps for all the relevant stakeholders.

What we did

Through detailed data analysis and research into sector-specific marketing trends, we advised the client on exactly where and when to invest their resources in establishing and expanding their brand.

Our primary goal was to improve their website visibility in the search engines to get them more relevant traffic and new customers from organic search, social media, and referral traffic channels.

The results

As a direct result of the strategies and tactics we advised, their website became a leading asset in their sales process, greatly increasing both the volume and the quality of their leads.

I’ve recommended many clients to them as a result. I’ve hired the Boxer team myself for 3-4 different companies, and they’ve always done a great job managing and growing SEO, and doing it for a very reasonable price. Micheal and Doug are true experts in SEO, the entire team is sharp and diligent, and they’re all a joy to communicate with. I expect to continue to recommend them to other companies for years to come.
Dan Engel
Dan Engel
Entrepeneur and VC

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