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Key Results

+ 50 %
increase in conversion rate from website
+ 50 %
growth in email list in first two years, from 3,850 to 16,156
+ 50 %
increase in website traffic from social media

The Client

Biocybernaut is the pioneer in neurofeedback training, helping you tune into Zen-like states in days, not decades. Under the guidance of Dr. James Hardt, the Biocybernaut Institute is a family of highly-trained, deeply committed expert technicians and enthusiasts with a passion for training their own brains and helping others do the same.

The challenge

Our client was looking for a more holistic approach to their digital marketing. Their website needed to be both improved and expanded, as well as optimized for user experience and organic reach. There was also a great deal of content – research studies, testimonials, an entire book, etc. – that had not yet been digitized and published online.

Beyond that, they had a small and passionate following that they were looking to serve better…and to grow larger. This included regular emails and newsletters on the continuing development of their proprietary neurofeedback technology, as well as news and updates on upcoming Trainings and special events.

Even further, our client’s social media presence was in need of a boost – especially in the video department. Nothing builds interest and trust faster than seeing someone “face-to-face”, speaking eloquently about their life’s work…and Dr. Hardt is a compelling and talented speaker with a knack for explaining highly technical scientific information in a readily understandable manner.

What we did

What didn’t we do? 😉

We revamped and expanded their email marketing, producing messaging sequences and managing their weekly newsletter. We added loads of valuable content to their website, including Dr. Hardt’s entire book, The Art of Smart Thinking.

We optimized all of that content for organic search and greatly improved the technical performance of the website, providing the foundation of an excellent user experience for years to come.

We facilitated and guided the production of hundreds of videos, both from Dr. Hardt himself and dozens of Biocybernaut Alumni eager to share their stories. Together, we built out a robust Testimonials page and an encyclopedic YouTube channel that has everything from Q&As and personal stories to formal presentations on the many positive effects of neurofeedback training.

We consulted weekly with the core management team to keep everything on the right track and celebrate our wins.

We even expanded their social media reach by creating and scheduling dozens of weekly posts…we even launched their TikTok profile!

The results

Well, the numbers speak for themselves. We improved the traffic, engagement, and conversions across all of our most important channels:

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