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Key Results

+ 50
New Monthly Connections on average
+ 20 %
Invite Acceptance Rate
+ 1
Meeting Scheduled with CFO of Shell Oil

The Client

Incito is a Calgary-based company providing seminars, workshops, and coaching for executives and leadership teams of energy companies across Canada. The company is run by one of Canada’s top 100 most powerful women, Jenn Lofgren, MCC, CPCC, and Forbes author. Every Incito coach is a Master Certified Coach, the gold standard accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. These guys are serious about leadership development.

The challenge

Incito received a grant from the Canadian government, presenting a major opportunity to move into the Canadian-defined “Southern region” of the United States, which includes Texas, the major energy hub in the United States.

While Incito is well experienced in the energy sector, the challenge they faced was how to break into this new geography. Without a US base of operations or a referral network, how would they be able to meet the right stakeholders and shake the hands of decision-makers in Texas?

What we did

We set up Jenn’s LinkedIn account and ran it through our Business Relationship Accelerator program. We created a system for creating and romancing new connections, with the ultimate Call To Action being a simple phone call with Jenn.

By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we targeted VP level and above job titles within the energy sector and within the new geography. We then set up a messaging sequence that was front-loaded with value (never try selling on LinkedIn, it doesn’t work!) and which possessed increasing friction in the ask over time. What this means is that the first message we sent out had no ask at all, and the 5th message had the biggest ask, where we encouraged the connection to visit the Incito website and sign up for a lead magnet designed specifically to be attractive to this customer avatar.

The results

We executed a successful B2B social media campaign on LinkedIn where Jenn landed a meeting with the Divisional CFO for Shell Oil within just four days of working with us. Plus, the following:
After just four days working with Boxer I booked my first call with a divisional CFO for Shell Oil.
Jenn Lofgren
Jenn Lofgren
Managing Partner

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