The Powerful Man

The Powerful Man

Website rebuild, strategy, analytics, and content production for an elite men’s development community.

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Key Results

+ 50 %
revenue growth in six months
New Membership website for advanced training access
50 +
podcast episodes produced

The Client

The Powerful Man is a movement of businessmen committed to letting go of the grind, finding inner peace, and unlocking personal power. Through their work with men around the world, they’ve helped to save marriages, super-charge businesses, and grow a community of committed and passionate men who are ready to make a contribution to the world.

The challenge

Our client needed a new website – one that represented their brand and their community well, one that served to bring in new quality leads for their organization and one that could grow as they grew. This website would also include landing pages and funnels for their ad campaigns, and eventually, need to grow into a Membership portal that could serve their community across the globe.

On top of that, they needed someone to help manage and optimize their 3x/week podcast and ensure that every episode was posted across every platform on schedule.

Oh, and all of this needed to have full operational attribution using a robust analytics system.

Easy, right?

What we did

Our primary goals began with boosting sales, increasing their lead generation from one source to five distinct sources, and providing a vehicle for their community to grow.

Our team came in and successfully implemented analytics so we could detect the strongest channels in which participants could be found, set up systems to increase sales conversions, and added four additional pipelines and sales funnels from new marketing channels.

We also streamlined their podcast production system so that every episode was on point, on-topic, and on time every week. All the hosts had to do was show up and be their great selves – we took care of the rest.

The results

The Powerful Man experienced a 400% growth within 6 months and is expected to hit an additional 500% growth within the year. The owner is now able to focus on what he does best rather than stress about marketing and lead generation.

Also, the community now has access to dozens of advanced training modules online that deepen and enhance their experience with core programs like The Activation Method.

Do you have a similar project in mind?

We’ve developed specific solutions that address clear needs for every business, but we make sure that all of our solutions are agile and adaptable to each client’s needs. In fact, the vast majority of our clients are in the coaching and development looking to establish their brand and refine their messaging.

Just tell us what you what to achieve, and we’ll let you know what experience we have in your sector, and how we can help you. Alternatively, you can check out more of our work here. Our methodology has been successful in almost all sectors, delivering double and triple-digit improvements on average.

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