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Jadi Kindred | Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Though it’s so soon since we first spoke for the podcast, so much has happened for Jadi since then, and there’s so much more to come!

In our renewed conversation, Jadi shares her experiences and insights from her mediation practice – including the tremendous value of silence and stillness in opening up and manifesting new opportunities. We also dive into a new aspect of her intuition coaching – a retreat-style experience that promises to be life-changing. And while the full program will get rolling in July and run through September, you’ll want to reach out and take advantage of some “early-bird” opportunities – contact Jadi using the email address below to find out more.

She’s also been very active and engaged on her YouTube channel, with videos on the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, living as a digital nomad, and so much more.

As you might remember from our last episode together, Jadi is a Canadian-born author, entrepreneur, world traveler, and intuition coach.

Jadi’s book, Intuitive Business Connections, is all about growing a business from zero to six figures in an intuitive way. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals live more intuitively and authentically and have a balanced, joyful life.

To learn more about Jadi:
Intuitive Business Connections – YouTube

Other links:
Early Bird Retreat Registration – 8 Day Reconnect To Your Intuition Lakeside Retreat in Canada • BookRetreats.com

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Kevin Stafford 0:00
Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the conversations with Coach’s podcast. It’s me again, Kevin. And I’m blessed to be able to bring you JD kindred again, we talked very, it’s feels like it was just yesterday, very recently, we had a great conversation. And I told her, I promised her I’d reach back out because I wanted to talk to her again. And she was like, Yeah, sure. And then sure enough, I was in her inbox, you know, or like, first couple of days of 2023, saying, Hey, you should come back on we should talk again. So she’s back. You probably remember JD but I’m going to refresh your memory anyway, just in case. Jeannie is a Canadian born author, entrepreneur, world traveler and intuition coach Janie’s book intuitive business connections, all about growing a business from zero to six figures in an intuitive way. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business professionals live more intuitively and authentically and have a balanced, joyful life. JD, it’s great to talk to you again so soon. It can never be it can never be too soon. I’m so grateful. You decide to come back on and chat with me again.

Jadi Kindred 1:03
Thank you. Yes, you’re definitely a man of your word. you message me, you know, first week of 2023. And I’m just so grateful to be back.

Kevin Stafford 1:14
Well, it’s so great to have you and it is 2023. I’m still like, I’m fully into 2023. It has been a wild, wild introduction to this to this year in the best way with lots of stuff happening. And I feel like I feel like I’m encountering that with everyone I talked to everyone’s got got stuff moving forward, and things are taking off and flying forward and going all the right directions. So I want to start out by talking to you about the start of your 2023 How 2022 closed out for you. What’s happening now what’s kind of got the forward momentum in your in your coaching practice. Talk to me about about how it’s been so far.

Jadi Kindred 1:51
Wow, I love this topic. You know, I ended 2022 In a seven day, silent meditation retreat. And I actually write about this in my book been the most profitable week of my of the year. And during COVID, I took a couple of years off, and then I was back. And wow, it brought me back into my heart so quickly. And when I’m in this heart center, I was able to really visualize and imagine and I had, again, all this time and space that I that I speak of so much like listen to your whisper, create time and space for that, well, I actually did that. And just the downloads of information and ideas. Like it was just it was it was beautiful to experience and feel. And then I took that energy. And the thing is, I would visualize it. And, you know, imagine during this, this meditation retreat, we’re in beginning of 2023 We’re actually physically manifesting in front of my eyes, like, things I thought were impossible. And it was like, wow, I just I just can’t believe I always underestimate the power of silence and meditation and going within. And so yeah, my 2023 has been just speeding up. I feel like everyone else is just intense manifestation and growth and change. And yeah, this should be a really fun year.

Kevin Stafford 3:20
I love I love, love love. I don’t think it’s funny. I’m gonna say this is gonna sound terrible. I don’t think silence gets enough noise. People aren’t talking enough about the importance of silence. And I guess it’s harder. I mean, I know, it’s probably I would say it’s always been a challenge to make space for silence and hold moments in stillness. It feels especially challenging to me more and more these days, there’s because there’s so many demands on your attention. Some of them very good demands, demands I want like attractions I want to be pulled towards and moving towards and engaging with. And it’s just it’s such an important practice. And I want to emphasize that word practice because it really does take work and practice to get good at to get good at moving into silences where you are at rest at stillness. Because I don’t I feel like there’s we just we miss a whole element of our being by ignoring that. And it’s just, it’s one of those things where it’s like one of those things as you’re considering it, you’re like, Oh, I’ll make time for that later. It’s very easy to put off something like that. But when I love that you have it as a just a part of your core being where it’s like I do this on a regular basis because I have experienced the results which are both long term and immediate. It’s amazing the things that move in to your life and manifest themselves as a direct result of holding that space and being in silence for a time.

Jadi Kindred 4:46
You know, this is one of my favorite topics meditation because I’ve not it doesn’t come easily like yes, I started this meditation journey 12 years ago. It has completely changed my life. I am a completely different person because of it. You And I still need that accountability, like everyone. So I purposely needed to kind of reset this, this meditation habit back into my life. So I went to a conscious community in Costa Rica, and where they have a strong foundation of, you know, it’s a foundation for their communities, this meditation. So every morning at 5am, and 5pm, a group of us may be dependent people, you know, it wasn’t mandatory, you could come to go eat lunch, but there was maybe eight of us every 5am 5pm that would sit together for an hour. And I became just so grounded, I became super hyper efficient, because I had kind of these two times in my day that I needed to fit, you know, I really held those. And I had to be on time, because there are other people that I can’t I don’t want to just serve anyone else. If but if I’m by myself, okay, I can be five minutes late. I’m in the know, and you’re with other people meditating. If, for me, it helped bring my meditation to the next level. And I talked to, you know, through my, with my clients, I talk about this one idea that I read somewhere, I don’t know who said it, it’s not my quote. But the what I love is the idea that 100% commitment is way easier than 98% commitment, because this is 2% doubt they get you. So here, I’m that I’m out of that community. And I’m like, Well, okay, 2% Doubt sometimes sometimes, you know, if I’m invited to a separate with friends, I might go instead of sit in silence. But there I was, there was non negotiable, I wake up, even on New Year’s, I went to bed later than I normally do. And I was the only one in the meditation hall. But I committed to that it was a non negotiable for me. And so having that practice, and help and having groups to meditate with, for me makes it much easier. And so I’m really excited. You know, I want to talk about my new thing for 2023. Because one of the things I spoke about last time was like, Oh, you’re asking, What are your goals? What are your goals? Sounds like? Well, one of my goals is to, you know, hold retreats at my home, and you’re like, Oh, but I didn’t have that. What did that look like? How did that? Look at it, it was just a dream. But I actually have that concretely. I have a website I have a naturally on my website, but I found a retreat booking website that manages this that advertises this. I have all the pictures all the prices, I have the schedule the detail, because I was just like, wow, you know, my life, I kind of say like, my life is a retreat. Like I wake up at five I meditate, I do yoga, I have a nice smoothie, I go, you know, coaching, I’ll go through him, I’ll be outside, every I’ll go hike in the forest, every day. And then at night, I’ll do you know, I’ll go to a kirtan chanting URL, go dancing, or I’ll go authentic, relating, like, it’s just like, these are all just the funnest things for me. And it’s like, I can invite people into my home, which is my dream. Oh, it’s a lakefront property in Quebec, Canada, and invite people and just share in this day of coaching everyday live with me. Also connecting with you know, because there’s many ways people connect I so I launched this and within the first week, I’ve had inquiry, like, I didn’t think I would get inquiries right now. Like, after I’d be in live for a week, I thought, okay, maybe in a couple months, people will start to look for for summer retreats, but no, there’s people right now who are like, flying in from other parts of Canada or in Montreal, like all over. And, and they, they’re just like looking for, you know, yoga, they’re looking for having more inner inner guidance. And it’s like, well, there’s many ways to get that is like, okay, we can sit you might get that through meditation, you might receive that while in yoga, you may receive that in nature, you may receive that through a coaching one to one session with me, but there’s infinite ways to receive answers. And so I want to provide these retreats where people can come together with other like minded individuals and we just share and talk and grow and have time to heal or if people want to say like, it could be a retreat, or it could be someone who wants to book for a month or two months and really, really change you know, their their nervous system and really change that their habit patterns or the way they work you know, I work online and and it’s just a really peaceful place like for writers authors who want to a safe place to write with the you know, hearing the river in the background. I don’t know I’m just super that was like my new thing since I’ve spoken to last and I’m super excited about the summer and bringing community to me now, because I’ve been traveling Costa Rica, visiting communities visiting communities, seeing what I like seeing what I don’t like, and then going, Okay, what is my ultimate dream utopia in creating that at my home and inviting people to me, so I’m offering that this July, August, September. And you know, I have early bird, you know, when you know, I have some early bird rates for the next couple of weeks. So it’s like, I really encourage you to go on my website and click on the retreats button, and you’ll have automatic access to just Yeah, reserving reserving a date. Because, yeah, I’m only I can only have a few people per week in my home. So I’m really excited about that new project for 2023.

Kevin Stafford 10:51
It’s, I love how perfect of an expression of you it is. And even as you were talking before, it was like you’re talking about that difference between 98% and 100%. And how hungry people are for circumstances in which they can be all in and get that 100% Not just for the experience themselves, but also for the accountability of it, like you were talking about where it’s like when you’re all the way in, there’s this commitment, there’s this decision already made, this is full and complete buy in. And that gives you the freedom to really explore whatever it is you’re looking to explore, whether it’s silence or space or your own creativity, whether you’re working on a book, I know obviously, writers love that particular kind of commitment, because it does hold it holds them to the page and holds them to the work. But there are so many different reasons for it so many different ways to pursue it. And I I’m personally not surprised that you’ve got immediate interest because I do feel like people are very hungry for circumstances that allow them to commit in that way and hold them accountable in that way. Because I think more and more people are they’ve learned how to value what that unlocks in their life.

Jadi Kindred 12:00
Yes, yeah. And, you know, I also this is an into kind of marketing it as an intuition retreat, as well. So yes, it’s the accountability, but it’s also about following your flow, you know, I trust adults can make their own decisions. And if one morning, they don’t want to be there in meditation, then that’s okay, as well. It’s about like self love and compassion. So I it’s not like a strict schedule, but it’s, I have the schedule out, because this is my schedule that I live. And I want to be able to invite people into that as well. Because, you know, I, I still love projects, and I manage things, and I can accomplish everything, and include a lot of like maybe extra self care than a lot of people offer themselves. So yeah, I just want either for it to be a retreat, or a safe place to work, and be coached or, you know, whatever, whatever. Yeah, every week will be different. That’s in every energy, every guest will be different, the energy every week will be different. So even if someone wants to stay for a month, like every week will be just so unique. And I’m just excited to bring community back into my home.

Kevin Stafford 13:18
It really is. It’s exciting. I’m on Well, I’m getting like a contact Hi, just thinking about it. Because talking about this kind of group dynamic and how it’s such a living thing. Like it’s yeah, it’s different and unique. Each each iteration each person added each person gone. And as it changes and grows, it’s just, it’s amazing. I’m thinking about it, I’m getting excited, even though I’m not gonna be there, I’m just like, oh, this is gonna be I was thinking this really funny, I was having a conversation earlier, sort of adjacent to an aspect of what you were saying Rast with what we’ve been talking about. And it was in a different context, we were talking about how we are strict with certain certain things that we do for ourselves like with you with the with the meditation where you were like showing up and committing to holding this hour and we were talking about our commitment to healthy sleep and how that was an early foundation for us in our all of our life and our entire lives personal and professional and how we cut our caffeine off at a certain time. And we always make sure that there’s restful time blocked off at the end of the day so that we’re always fresh and ready and and willing and able to engage in the day to come. And how that was that strictness is something that allowed a kind of generosity in our lives. And that was I was thinking about this more after we talked I was like how, when you think of the term strict there’s, you almost hear restrict restrictive, you hear limitations. I I hear and I feel and I respond to the openness and generosity and the possibility of what certain very carefully considered strictness in my own life allows not only for me, but allows for the people I share my life with the way it allows me to, to behave and show up for them and give them opportunities and spaces to move into and out of as they see fit. And I’m still kind of noodling. on that, and thinking about our usage of those kinds of things, and the way that really these structures, they don’t limit us, they open us up to new possibilities in certain ways. And so I’m, I just kind of wanted to share that thought with you. Because as you were speaking, you’re really like, was resonating with me in that particular way?

Jadi Kindred 15:15
Yeah, I think Yeah. Like, there’s this quote, I don’t know, if it’s, yeah, there’s this quote that talks about how discipline really creates freedom in your life. We don’t often have this idea that, like, you know, people think discipline is so restrictive, and all of this, but really, the more discipline, it could be financially, like this dollar a day, within 40 years, you become a millionaire, like all of these, these books that talk about that, like, it’s really this discipline, that is just create this freedom. In the future.

Kevin Stafford 15:51
I couldn’t agree more, I promised I would keep an eye on the clock. And I just looked up and realize that you and I have been talking for half an hour already. So I want to make sure that I respect your time. And I also want to make sure that you we close this by reminding people about this new this new this new program, you’ve got going on this new, this new retreat, this opening of your home, and I want to make sure that you say and I’m also going to put in the show notes exactly where to go on your website, you mentioned that there was a button on your website, lay that URL on us so that I so that we can hear it and so that I could type it into the show notes. Let everybody know where they can just get to know you start talking with you maybe start that conversation and maybe begin that first step on that commitment to, to coming into your home and taking advantage of this opportunity. Say it Say the sale one more time for us?

Jadi Kindred 16:38
Well, again, my website is triple W dot intuitive business connections.com. And I’ll see you know, send you the direct link for the retreats. But yeah, naturally, I offer all of my coaching online, but now I thought oh, for a couple of months, it would be fun to be able to offer in person coaching. One on one, as many you know, you’d have access to my coaching all week. So it’s really unlimited coaching for the week or two or however long you want to stay. And yeah, and again, the best way to contact me is really, through my website, you can find me on LinkedIn, you can find intuitive business connections on YouTube, which is growing and I’m going to start putting more and more short. So you really get a feel of my philosophies and my perceptions of being a young entrepreneur and or just, you know, you know, digital nomad, or work life balance or challenges of entrepreneurship. So, I’m just gonna Yeah, start posting more and more on YouTube to really get a feel because, um, you know, we spoke about that last time. And it’s important to resonate with your coach and resonate with, you know, the person you want to be around. So that’s, those are my strategies.

Kevin Stafford 17:56
I love it. I’m always very excited about that, I feel like I’m more and more I feel like it’s, it’s such an opportunity to allow people to meet you before you’ve met them, give them just like, just a little bit of an experience of hey, I mean, coaches all know this, like, in their bones, that that fit is such an important aspect of the coaching relationship. And just having these having videos out there, it’s it’s just so much when you can see someone and you can hear their voice, their intonations, the way they express themselves, there’s just something about it that gives you that you begin to almost like, make friends with that person before you’ve even spoken a word before you’ve exchanged a word with them. And I love that. I mean, of course, of course, I love it. It’s just another opportunity to make connections, which are, you know, it’s basically the reason the reason for what I do, of being able to connect with people, especially like yourself, not to blow too much smoke up your butt. But it has, once again, unsurprisingly been delightful to talk with you. And I’m really glad we got a chance to share this new opportunity with people and um, I’ll go ahead and let you know right now, I will probably be bothering you again sometime as the as the spring and summer approach and just checking with you and like, you know, June or July or something like that. And let’s talk again and see how things have been going and see where things are going. How’s that sound?

Jadi Kindred 19:11
Please do this is so fun. Yeah. And so many things with how quickly things are happening in 2023. Like, I have no idea what will manifest by you know, June so that will be super fun to continue our conversation.

Kevin Stafford 19:26
Can’t wait. It’s gonna be exciting. Thank you for today and thank you to the audience for listening I all the links for everything we’re talking about. Gonna be in the show notes. We’ll have it up on our social feed as well. I’m sure JD will be talking all about it on LinkedIn and on our website and on YouTube. So you make sure to check those out. And we hear we’ll get a chance to talk to you again real soon.

Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media
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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media
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