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Meg Rentschler – How to Ignite Your Coaching Skills and Business with a Vibrant Community | Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

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Meg Rentschler | Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

In this episode, I have a delightful conversation with Meg Rentschler about coaching, leadership, and her STAR Coach Show. We delve into the evolution of her podcast and the vibrant community she has built, offering resources and live events for coaches and leaders. Meg’s passion for helping others thrive shines through as we explore her membership program and the wealth of valuable content she provides.

We discuss Meg’s journey in coaching and mentoring, the development of her STAR Coach Show, the vibrant community she has built, and the valuable resources and live events she offers for coaches and leaders. If you’re looking for insightful conversations and valuable resources for coaching and leadership, this episode is a must-listen! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with Meg and explore her rich content.

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[00:00:00] Kevin Stafford: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of the conversations with coaches podcast. I’m your host, Kevin, and I am unsurprisingly delighted to reacquaint myself with Meg Wrenchler. She’s already brightened my day in ways that I really can’t speak to specifically, but just talking about the most mundane stuff.

And I’m already like 100 times better than I was before I hit admit to the zoom room. So let me reacquaint you with Meg. And we can get to talking about how things have gone for the past year plus and the exciting things that are coming up for both of us in the future. So Meg has been teaching and mentoring professional coaches since 2008.

Meg created and hosts the Star Coach Show, which offers guidance on skill and business development to coaches around the world. Meg, it’s just, I’m just grateful to see we’re just recording this past Thanksgiving. I still have very much gratitude on the brain, even more so than I usually do.

I’m very grateful to get a chance to talk to you again. I know that you’re up to interesting and just really powerful stuff. And you’re also just like a ray of sunshine. So thank you for sharing a little bit of your light with me and my audience today. Oh, Kevin,

[00:01:05] Meg Rentschler: thank you so much for that lovely introduction.

And there’s just great energy when we get together. It’s a joy to be here with you.

[00:01:16] Kevin Stafford: Yeah. I see no reason to put any clouds in front of the, in front of this, in front of this light, I get a little, I get a little silly and I start I get a little like lovey dovey when I start talking to especially coaches who I’ve talked to once or twice before, where I’m just like, it feels those friends you have in life where it’s you might not talk to them for a decade.

But then you like have a conversation or you start like a text thread or whatever. And within five minutes, you find yourself just falling into the easy rhythms of a relationship. And you’re like, some people are just like that. You just connect with people on that level. I love it. I can’t get enough of it.

I concur. So let’s talk about, let’s talk about your show. Have you been hosting the show for quite some time? And I’m curious to, to talk to you about how it’s developed in the past year and a half or so. Anything that’s exciting coming around the corner. So yeah, just let me let me in the audience and on your 2023 and anything that might be coming up in 2024 or beyond that you’re just stoked about.

[00:02:05] Meg Rentschler: Oh, thank you for asking. So the Starco show strategies, tools, and resources for coaches. Some things that have evolved in 2023 is a lot of my business has been. Working with leaders to use coaching to enhance their leadership. So I’ve been going into organizations and really leaning into the skills that we use as coaches that are very transferable to leadership.

And I’ve noticed that same thing coming into the podcast that I’ve actually started to say, for coaches and leaders, because so many of the people tuning in our leaders trying to or succeeding, but wanting to enhance the skill set that they have to. Better lead and better empower their teams and what better way to do that than to listen more deeply to be curious about what people are bringing to the table to enable people to use their natural strengths and talents and skills, rather than creating learned helplessness.

So the show continues to have its. Weekly, we’re in our 7th year. So in October, we hit 7 years 3, just short of 370 episodes. And I think that’s probably, continue to. Absolutely. We were talking before we hit the record button about the gift that being a host of a show gives us.

And that is being able to connect with phenomenal people from around the world and get lit up by their energy and their excitement about what they do. So that continues every single day I feel so blessed and so grateful for the experience. That people are willing to share. And this is the other thing, Kevin, people are willing to share their genius.

They’re not holding it close to their chest and saying, that’s mine, mine. You can’t have, if you ask people, are you, would you care to share your expertise about this, that, or the other thing? They’re like, absolutely. And, the other thing that has really been exciting this year is growing of my membership community in being able to say.

You’re getting all this value from the star coach show. Would you like to take it up one level? It’ll low cost to be able to rub elbows with the experts that come on the show. So the reason I bring that up is that just last night I was talking with. The coach who’s going to come on and do my star power hour with my community this next month.

And we’re talking about how to move out of the ordinary and offer things like retreats and VIP days and exciting things. And she’s I’ll come and talk to your audience, motivate these coaches to think outside of the box and to offer things that excite them and energize them. So I think that.

When we lean into gratitude and we lean into what we’re doing, I don’t think any of us can do this alone. And it’s the energy that comes from working with other people and giving them a platform to shine what they do. And then, it just multiplies and the ripple effect of that, whether it’s teaching leaders how to do things differently, helping coaches bring their work into the world.

Isn’t it fricking exciting. It

[00:05:39] Kevin Stafford: really is. And contagious is all get out. I gotta say, like we were talking about, we’ve been talking about how just like these acts of service, this attitude of service. I’m just like, I just want to see where I can help, what I can share, how I can contribute and how like you were saying how multiplied that effect is, how exponential that effect is in your life and the lives of those you are having an effect on the lives of those you’re interacting with.

And it really is, it’s, if you think about it too long or think about it with too narrow of a mind, it doesn’t really make sense. And you want to talk yourself out of trusting it because it feels like it shouldn’t work that way, but it keeps working that way. It keeps, these conversations keep being fantastic.

People keep saying they’re getting so much out of them and wanting to find out how they could contribute, how they could help. And you’re like, Oh, I’m, this is having an effect. And that a few dozen, a few hundred, a few thousand times, and eventually you just have to get, you just have to trust it, because it’s just, it’s what’s happening, it’s what happens every time, and it’s it’s such a beautiful way in which that Abundance creates abundance.

When you just give and add and contribute, how that just creates more for everyone. And it’s not like some zero sum game, some limited slice of the pie that we’re trying to parcel out in some specific way so that everybody gets the tiniest little bite that nobody can taste. Abundance will generate abundance.

And that’s no more true than in something like this, where you’re just having such a profound effect and growing that effect on a regular basis through your show. It’s just it’s just straight up magical, quite frankly. I would

[00:07:08] Meg Rentschler: absolutely agree with that. And the magic seems to multiply.

And and then people are they, they get the. Get the shot of it or get the, so then you can see it zinging like light zinging around. And that’s exciting as well.

[00:07:26] Kevin Stafford: It really is. I’ve, I so frequently find myself using terminology like contagious or catch the fever where I but I’m like, in my head, I’m Okay, so this totally still makes sense, contagion and fever is not, those aren’t the best analogies here in 2023 or here in the last few years, but it keeps it’s the good version of that in a way that I just feel like there’s, it’s hard to capture that, like the way the light bounces around and just illuminates the room, we become both the absorbers of the light, the plants that are, photosynthesizing that light into energy and mirrors to help share the light, okay. I’m working on new analogies other than, you know

[00:08:00] Meg Rentschler: what? The thing about your analogies is that with everything, isn’t there a light and a shadow side to it, right? So you’re just bringing the light side to it because we’ve had a lot of the shadow side to it. Let’s step into the fact that we can contagiously ignite one another in a positive way as well.

[00:08:20] Kevin Stafford: Absolutely. And I’m, I want to talk to you a little bit about like your membership group, cause that’s pretty exciting. And it feels like when you lay that, when you say it, it’s Oh, that’s the natural expression of the next, the next stage or development of your show.

It’s okay, so people are the audience. They’re not just passive listeners. Some of them are of course, but they also like that passivity, that listening. Sparks action. And they’re like, how do I get more? How do I, like you were saying, rub elbows with some of these people and have some conversations and let things get a little more specific and really put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

So tell me more about this membership program you’ve got going.

[00:08:51] Meg Rentschler: So thanks. The membership was actually something that I have. Thought about for years and really wanted to create this next level experience where listeners have more access to me. They have access to several of the experts that we have on the show.

And so from the get go, like seven years ago, I started asking my guests at the end of their interview if they would answer a bonus question for me. And that bonus question we would come up with together. And it’s like, what’s one gold nugget? If I asked you one question, you could give me a gold nugget answer in two to five minutes.

And so I now have. Hundreds of these bite sized nuggets of and I call them pearls of wisdom. They’re in the pearls of wisdom library in the membership community. They’re anything under, enrolling clients, building credibility and visibility, tricks of the trade, different things that we’ve learned about our skills, professional development, personal development.

I’ve got 10 categories that they go in. And part of the membership is that. The members get these bite size nugget. They can go into the pearls of wisdom library anytime. And it’s a way to bring that extra because we’re all busy. So we don’t necessarily they’ve already probably heard the 3040 minute interview that I did with these people.

But if they want what’s a great way to do a discovery call? These experts gave these bite size nuggets about discovery calls or about, the best use of their continuing education budget or whatever, so it’s a wide variety. So that’s in there as ongoing resources. But I also wanted to create an a live experience for the members.

And I say, this is the most cost effective way. You’ll ever have a chance to get access to me. In any kind of mentorship or these experts that are on the show. So 4 times a month, we do a live event. It’s either a star power hour where we’re bringing in 1 of these experts. They share a little bit of information.

But the key thing of that is that the members get to ask questions and they get to engage directly with these. experts in the industry. They get access to me for a hot seat coaching and live Q& A once a month. And they bring, and everybody learns whether you bring a question or not, you are getting access to that kind of feedback and engagement.

And I promise you. That the coaches in that community are super connected to one another, which brings me to the next event that we do, which actually happens to be one of my favorites is that we do a social every month because how isolating is it to build a business on your own? Or, we can be excited about what we’re doing.

And yet Can feel it’s a lot of coaches used to be in a corporate environment and even corporate environments have changed in the last several years. We’ve become more remote workers and those kinds of things. So we put together. It might be zoom, but it is very connective. Very. We do breakout groups with fun questions to answer.

We come together as a big group. We connect. So the social hours are. All sorts of fun. And then the thing that I’ve recently added that is getting such great feedback and leans into the skill side of it because I really believe that we both need to be able to build our businesses with confidence and clarity because that could become overwhelming.

But we also need to be able to say, I’m good at what I do. And so we need to be able to continue to build our skills. So I do a live coaching demo once a month. We do the demo. And then we do a debrief. And I just added it. So right now it’s me doing the demo and doing the debrief with the audience, but I’m inviting friends in.

So the person who did the star power hour last month, all around transformational coaching, she’s going to now come do a demo about the framework that she talked about. And some of the members want to actually be the coach and get feedback on their coaching. From one another. So that’s going to be, it’s just a really rich, um, way to engage.

And then everything we do is recorded and it goes into the hub on, so even people who are joining today now get access to, everything that’s been done before they even got there. So it’s just lots of fun. It’s a great way to engage in community. And like I said, for, 49 bucks a month, people get access to all this incredible hands on things that usually, would be.

When I mentor somebody, it’s a whole lot more than that.

[00:13:58] Kevin Stafford: It’s a whole lot more than that. It’s, and it really is I, it’s very dynamic in a way that I find like, cause you really like, as you were talking, I was like, I kept thinking in my head, context is everything. Context is everything. And in that, in as you were talking, I was like, sometimes some days, sometimes some moments in life, you might not have the time.

For or the resources to do real, like the high level coaching and mentoring that’s, you’re going to require at some point, but you also understand you still need to go forward. You have questions, you have gaps you’d like to fill. And so having not only all this, all these live events that allow you to interact and connect and spark and ignite each other and be ignited yourself.

And you’ve got like this library, this, these resources that you can. At, 1 30 in the morning when you can’t quite sleep and you’re like I, I want to maybe it’s not the best idea to go sit in front of a screen at 1 30 in the morning, but, to each their own, but yeah, on your own time, you can be like, I’ve got I’m struggling with this discovery call thing I’ve been trying to do, or I haven’t this onboarding problem, it’s a nut I haven’t been able to crack and I’m just, I just need to like, yeah.

Ask some more questions and find some more information. They can go into that library. They can look some stuff up. They can find one of those pearls, one of those gold nuggets, or a few of them be like, Ooh, interesting. And they know who said that maybe they’re a member, in the member of the group, maybe that person’s got to start power hour coming up the next month.

They’re like, Oh, I’m definitely going to be at that one. And then. Things go from there. It’s it’s really is a dynamic set of offerings that you’ve created here with this community. That’s what kept coming to my mind as you were describing all the different ways that people can get in, all the different ways that people can access and be inspired and developed as just by just for, 50 bucks a month, 49.

99 or whatever it is. And that’s just, and that’s what it is

[00:15:39] Meg Rentschler: right now. I’m actually probably, it’s probably going to go up in the future because of the, but that’s where it’s at. And so I love that. And this is the deal about that. I think that we have to use our experience to know our audience, right?

So I’ve been teaching and mentoring coaches for 15, 16 years. The way that I built the community was. What do I know that coaches need? What do, what have I heard again and again? So whatever offering people are doing, whatever your, know your audience, know what they need, ask what they need. Be sure that you’re not assuming anything and then build your offering around.

What’s going to answer. The thing that keeps them up at one 30 in the morning.

[00:16:30] Kevin Stafford: That’s quite frankly, beautifully said. I was, I want to just keep like picking your brain and talking to you. But I was like, that was the perfect note to end on. I was like, Ooh, that’s it. That’s the stuff right there.

Find the needs. Meet them, find the questions, answer them, and provide the next question, it’s such a beautiful virtuous cycle I find with coaching and with coaches and with leadership. It’s just, ah, gets me excited. It gets me really it gives me that juice of optimism. That’s, getting a getting harder and harder to find and I’m like, yes, we’re going the right direction.

We’re putting them to the one foot in front of the other. Before I let you go, reluctantly, but I will, where if anybody wants to join the community, just wants to learn more about you and your personal journey, maybe they want to go right to direct mentoring and coaching, there’s not, I’m picking up what Meg’s putting down.

I need to get with her like yesterday. Where can people best go to just take the next step? Preferred social media. Do you have a website people can go to? Where can people, opt in to join the community? Just let the audience and me. What we could do next.

[00:17:30] Meg Rentschler: Oh, thank you. Best website for me, probably a starcoachshow.

com. Now that very same website, starcoachshow. com forward slash community gives a sneak peek into the community. I’ve put some pearls of wisdom on there that are usually behind the paywall. I’ve, shared quotes from the star power hours. So there’s a lot of behind the scenes information at starcoachshow.

com slash community. And Facebook stark. Basically you can find me at star coach show star coaches on Facebook. Star coach. Star coaches is the brand it’s what I do. And and I’ve got to say. I love helping coaches thrive. So if there is a way that I can help you thrive, answer a question, whatever is needed, the best way to get ahold of me is through starcoachshow.

[00:18:20] Kevin Stafford: com. Perfect. I often find like a good brand is both everywhere and it’s everywhere and nowhere. It’s just you can find me on all the social media. You can, I’m on, I’m everywhere. Let’s just go to the website. The website is the hub and every spoke, every social media link, every community link.

Every newsletter, you might want to opt into all of the above, all there, start there and your dream.

[00:18:43] Meg Rentschler: Because the Stark the website, the one last thing I want to say about that is if you’re intrigued and thinking if she’s got all these shows around skills and business building and leadership, and she’s got so many, how the heck do I figure out what I want?

And on starcoatshow. com, they are actually. Divided into those 3 categories, so you can either look at all of them. Or if you want to go to skill, strengthening, go to skill, strengthening, see what’s there. You want to build your business, go to business building and do that. Or if you’re wanting to change the world by leadership and organizations, then do that.

[00:19:19] Kevin Stafford: You’re delightful. I love talking to you. I love everything that you’re doing. I’m both selfishly just really grateful I got a chance to get a little bit of your light today, because I’m, like, I’m already brightened for it. And I’m also just really grateful that you’re, you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for so long, and have not, Ever stopped to be just too content with it.

You’re always looking for how can this develop? How can there be more here? How can I open more doors, bridge more gaps? And I just, I love what you’re doing and the way you’re going about doing it. And I feel like it’s the more, the merrier, but I’m glad it’s you who are doing it. Because again, you have a, you have an easy way of bringing light to any moment, at least in my limited experience with you.

So thank you for giving me a little bit of that today. And thank you for sharing it with everybody who is desperate for it.

[00:20:01] Meg Rentschler: And Kevin, thank you for being a delightful host. It was wonderful to spend time with you. Your energy is contagious as well. And I’ve just had a blast. So thanks for having me.

[00:20:11] Kevin Stafford: Ah, I just can’t call it work when it’s this much fun. Meg, thank you to the audience. Thank you for listening. You know what to do next. There’ll be links in the show notes to find Meg. Her name will be spelled correctly in case you want to look for her name directly. Star Coat Show, go to the website, start there.

Live there, but don’t stop there because there’s always so much more to do and more places to go. So thank you for listening. And we’ll talk to you again here very soon.

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