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Marc Longwith | Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Marc is a heart-centered entrepreneur, co-founder of Energetic Alignment Academy, an MMA fighter, and a sommelier. He has worked with professional athletes, Michelin star chefs, and 9 figure CEOs. In 2019, he left the food and beverage world to pursue his passion for coaching, now he’s coaching 100s of clients and creating impact in the world.

Most coaches focus on building and achieving. Marc’s system and style are the exact opposite. He focuses on removing the layers that are getting in your way. It may sound cliche, but you already have everything you need within you. It’s the years of conditioning and fortifying false beliefs that are standing between you and the life you desire.

Marc believes that energetic alignment with your true path is the key to rediscovering yourself and ultimately achieving your dreams.

This was one of my favorite conversations even amongst the wonderful chats I’ve had with so many wonderful coaches. Marc’s the real deal, and his purpose is clearly a natural result of his passion. You won’t meet a more authentic and inspiring coach.

Also, beginning on May 8th, Marc is running a 3-day LIVE workshop on attracting your ideal clients. He runs these on a fairly regular basis, but if you can catch this one I highly recommend it. Find the link to sign up down below!

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Kevin Stafford 0:00
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of the conversations with coaches podcast. I’m your host, Kevin and today I have, I feel like I say this a lot, but it keeps being true. I’m already delighted to have met Mark along with, we’ve been chatting for a few minutes, I say a few minutes already at least 10 minutes. And I can already tell I would love to have a drink with this gentleman. I’d love to have some coffee, I’d love to spend some time. He’s such a natural with his coaching that you’ll see. You’ll see it here in a moment. But I’m delighted to introduce Mark to you. Mark is a heart centered entrepreneur, co founder of energetic alignment Academy and MMA fighter, and Somali A, which I don’t think we’ll talk too much about, but I thought that needs to be in there. I just I’m so curious about that. It’s just lovely. He has worked with professional athletes, Michelin star chefs, nine figure CEOs, on and on it goes and 2019 He left the food and beverage world to pursue his passion for coaching. Now he’s coaching hundreds of clients and creating real impact in the world. Mark, I’m, like I said, I’m delighted to meet you. I’m excited to talk to you more, I’m already excited to talk to you again. And just like just see what you’re putting out into the world. And selfishly, I’m just pleased to meet you. So, Mark, welcome.

Marc Longwith 1:08
Thank you so much appreciate for having me. And that’s quite the follow up there. Thank you so much. It’s awesome.

Kevin Stafford 1:13
I try to like, hit record. Well, it’s I like to be, I like to be genuine. And like when I’m impressed with somebody. I’ve more and more as I move through life, there’s less of a reason for me to hide that light. If I just if I like somebody who tell my like them gonna tell him why I like them. Even if I’ve only known him for 12 minutes and counting as I keep up with the Zoom clock.

Marc Longwith 1:35
I couldn’t agree more I mean, vulnerable transparency, we all need a little bit more of that, right?

Kevin Stafford 1:38
That’s where it’s the stuff. That’s that’s the good stuff right there. Let’s, let’s go back, not all the way back not to the beginning, beginning I was born and bla bla bla bla bla bla. But let’s go back a little bit to how you got your your start as a coach in particular, when you discovered that you wanted to become a coach, when maybe somebody helped you realize you already sort of were a coach, and you decided to make that the way you wanted to have your impact in the world. How you developed your superpowers as a coach. Let’s go back to that beginning. And how did you get your start? And how did that start evolve into who you are and what you’re doing today?

Marc Longwith 2:10
Yeah, sure. So really where it started was in the martial arts world. I started training when I was 12. I wound up working out at a school and took over the school I started when I was 14 to get over to when I was 24 as a black belt. And during that time I just coached a lot of fighters was always teaching. So that’s where it got cultivated from I would say the superpowers I didn’t even know it was being built. I mean, I was 14 1516 years old teaching people training people. But what happened was fast forward into my 30s. And I was basically running a brewpub that we had built for business partners in downtown Las Vegas. It was super successful, amazing brew pub in downtown. But I just got to that point where I had a lot of drive and my partners were just kind of still stuck and just like hey, let’s be complacent. Let’s just go with the flow. And I got bored. And I got a little frustrating to be honest with you. So a friend of mine was like you ever think about hiring a coach and I was like no, never anything like that. So I wound up hiring a friend of theirs. This gentleman named Wei Han out of Redondo Beach, pretty phenomenal coach, he coached Meg Ryan, a couple other celebrities. What was important though, is I caught with him and I’m like, listen, I really want to build a different business go in a different direction. And he’s like, will you ever think of coaching? And this is like, within the first week he had met me and I was like, no, why? He’s like, Well, because you’re kind of natural at it. And I’m like living in a natural at it. And he’s like, Well, what do you do this week? I’m like, Well, I did help a friend with a workout plan. I did file an LLC for another buddy, you know, a trademark for another person. And I thought about like, wow, like I’m continuously just giving back. And he’s, you know, you can monetize that and build a life around it. So that’s really how it started.

Kevin Stafford 3:46
And that’s it’s, I love it.

This is always fascinating to me, because there’s so many common threads in the storage and story of the coaches I get to talk to that are still nevertheless so very unique. Like your your, your journey is very unique. And yet you identified that core principle, something that was just basically naturally occurring. there’s a phrase or a quote, I think it might be a Bible verse or something like that. But out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. It’s something that I always think about when it comes to how I how I show up in the world and how I show up people not just with my words, but with my actions and with my very being and where I choose to put myself and how I choose to represent myself in the world and who I choose to serve. And I love that your your coaching realization, your dawning moment was just, oh yeah, I kind of am this. It’s like someone gave you the word and that unlocked your journey. When I give her some

Marc Longwith 4:36
Yeah, it was quite the expansion, extensive moment. You know, when I look at coaches and I talked to our clients, I always say like, we’re expanders, so we’re expanders for you and there’s people that are expanders for me and they show you possibility. And I just never even thought about that world as many self help books as I’d read and things like done I never really thought like, oh, coaching was really a thing and to see somebody do that and then this person while coaching me was kind of mentoring me along. And believe it or not what was crazy was I was able to create a lucrative in the black business within like three months I had never done in my life before. So it was it was really wild, it was an interesting shift.

Kevin Stafford 5:13
That’s lovely. And what I often find that when when I’m moving on the right path life in whatever form that might take tends to give you a little indicators that yeah, you’re you’re, you’re doing the right thing. And you’ll get like these moments of success or these confirmations or like a right, a nod from the right person at the right moment. And having that kind of like immediate success. For me. I mean, obviously, we’re kind of writing our own story. So I don’t want to I want to lend too much credence to it. But I just find that there’s, whenever I’m on the right path, whenever I’ve made a right decision for how to go forward, there tends to be those early rewards that are sort of confirmatory, where it’s like, Yep, you’re you’re on the right journey for right now. Correct. And I just, you know, not to speak too highly of it. But like that kind of success that early. You’re on the right path.

Marc Longwith 5:57
Yeah, I think about the universe, right. I really do believe that guides us whatever your your spiritual connection is. And I always think of what you just said, I was thinking of Matthew McConaughey, and it’s the green lights, like all these green lights, right? Like, that’s what I was thinking like, yeah, that’s just the affirmation, the validation that, hey, I’m going in the right direction. That’s it.

Kevin Stafford 6:13
That’s exactly it. I really, I did not expect to love that book. As much as I did. Actually, I didn’t really come into it with expectations. I just saw Matthew McConaughey. And I’d like, kind of grown to appreciate him just as a as a human being in the world, the way he was speaking and representing himself and like, I would watch some of his some of his lectures at the university. He teaches at some times, he got a little professorship, and I was like, skies kind of knows what he’s talking about. And I just, I started reading green light. And I was like, Okay, this guy really knows what he’s talking about. And I was so impressed with how simple he was able to make such a such a big a big topic really sound and how translatable It was,

Marc Longwith 6:47
yeah, it’s pretty amazing. I think for me, I mean, just I know, it sounds funny, and it’s very cliche, but it’s just his voice, right? Like, we all know, he’s got this cool voice. And then he narrates the book, because I listened to it. And it just sunk in, because it wasn’t just his voice, but it’s his passion and the way he articulated and I think that that’s actually maybe very natural, but it’s still a very beautiful skill, golf. And when you can get people to like you just said something very intelligent, right? When you take something complex, and you can make it simple. That’s intelligence, a lot of people are trying to take simple things and make them complex, that seems smart. And he’s doing the opposite. And I love it.

Kevin Stafford 7:19
That to me, too, is the mark of a great intelligence, and also someone who, who cares about about that intelligence getting out there. It’s like you take the complex and make it simple, you don’t erase the complexity of it, you just make it more accessible, you bring you basically you build bridges. And he and I love actually thinking about this. Now, this does bring up an interesting, an interesting coaching topic about having natural abilities and refining your tool set. Because I mean, obviously, he’s been a working actor for decades and decades and decades. And he has worked consciously with intention to refine his already excellent skills that may have come from how you know, developed in his youth when he was a child. And you can see the evidence of that work through the ease with which he expresses himself, I think, and granted, he has been known for a very long time for a sort of natural ease a sort of easy charisma. And yet you see that continue to develop throughout his acting career and now throughout just his his life, as he’s very available and very vulnerable and very connect with people through the way that he presents himself in the world. And I think that’s, that’s a good lesson for coaches and people who are receiving coaching is that you can, you know, you’re not just working to solve problems, you’re also looking to refine your strengths, and continue to develop your tools to help you impact the world, which just gets me really excited to think about.

Marc Longwith 7:30
Yeah, 100% I was thinking I wrote down just a quick note was like, it reminds me of there’s a gentleman I forget his name, you might know, he basically, I think it was Austrian. And he created two chess world champions that are that are females as daughters. And long story short, he wanted to prove to the world that you know, talent is a thing, but you can build anything. And so basically, he found a wife, who was a teacher, Hey, you want to do this project with me? She’s like, Yeah, they have these beautiful daughters. And they turned them both into like, Grandmaster row chess masters. And I thought that was amazing, because it does prove, you know, that, like, we have to hone these skills. You know, I’ve always been a fighter and I look at people like Mike Tyson. I mean, Mike Tyson should have never been a champion. Right? And yeah, he had a major punching power, but the guy’s like six inches shorter than everybody he fought. He wasn’t the biggest guy in the world. Like, it’s just his job was 10 times harder, but he just worked 10 times harder. So it’s pretty amazing.

Kevin Stafford 9:30
What’s a great example, and I love this, this line of conversation, because we can just continue to go down and like think about people and think about analogies and structures and ideas. But I don’t want to skimp on talking about you and your coaching and who you are today and how you’re coaching and I like I like to ask this kind of as a two parter because I feel like it kind of gets to the heart of what you’re doing as a coach. Who do you coach and how do you coach them the WHO being you know, whether you have particular industries you focus on or people at a particular stage of their personal or professional lives meant that you tend to have a lot of your client base with. And then the how being primarily one to one, group coaching or masterminds, keynote speaking presentations of various kinds books, courses, all of the above. So who do you coach primarily? And how do you coach them these days?

Marc Longwith 10:17
Yeah, so my main business is called energetic alignment Academy and my business partner and I, what we’ve done is we’ve we’ve specifically focused on healers, and coaches. And when I say healers, I’m saying anybody who has a spiritual modality, like that could be something like Reiki, yoga, shamanic healing, energy work. It could be we have tarot card practitioners, astrologers, human design, this is really a collective place, right? And so this is just my personal, I believe that these people have the medicine to heal the world, they have no capacity to do business on the generalized platform, right? They just, they’re afraid to charge. So really what we’re showing them as possibility, right? I’ll be honest, like from a, from a straight monetary business perspective, it’d be easier to coach realtors or hedge fund managers or whatever, but I don’t think they’re going to change the internal genuine core of the world. And then these people do and then how we do that is pretty cool. Because it’s a it’s a hybrid. And you don’t usually get these kind of high touch hybrids. So what we have is, there’s a weekly coaching call every single week, that’s in a group, right? Sometimes we have guest speakers, sometimes we have a specific teaching, but then every month, they get to one on one coaching calls with an impact coach, my business partner Ji and I were in some of those calls, not all of them, there’s, there’s a bunch of coaches. And then what’s really cool is the community. Like we have a discord community. And I think like I tell people, like you know, I remember the movie, the founder, he’s like, you’re not in the bigger businesses to crap, you’re, you’re in the real estate business. And I’m like, I’m not in the coaching business, I’m in the community business, because our community is so cohesive, and so loving, and so kind that it’s mind blowing to me what people can create, because they actually don’t feel like they’re on an island anymore. They’re around like minded people who not only have this, let’s call it woowoo side, but they actually have some drive and want to create a business because I feel like you kind of get one or the other in the world. You know. So that’s, that’s a little breakdown of what we do.

Kevin Stafford 12:08
I really love that, that approach to sort of cultivating and nurturing the ambitious business side of world changers, because you’re right, it’s so it’s so it takes a truly, truly special human being to be able to have both and to do both within just yourself. There’s just, it’s just so hard to contain that level of multitudes, which is why community is the key to unlocking the having that kind of impact. Because you really do need people around you who share an ambition. Maybe you want to serve a different a different niche, or you’re going forward in a different way. But you’re all serving the same United goal. And you have similar ambitions and you need some some legitimate help and some guidance to taking care of that side of things. Because that’s, that’s not nor do you want it to be your love your expertise, you know, where you want to go, you know, the work you want to do. You want to have an X business, you want to be have a coaching business, a community business, you want to be working on coaching the community, you want to be working on healing and development. You want someone else to help you with the business side, someone who’s more suited for it, someone who understands it, and someone who can really help you grow your impact in the first part, and the business side, that’s, that’s I feel like that’s one of the greatest services that coaching can provide is just that, let’s take, let’s help let’s guide you to doing this in the way that you want to do it. Let’s remove these obstacles that might otherwise trip you up getting your way or stymie you before you even properly get to begin. And let’s see where your ambition, our ambition, our goals will take us and let’s do it together. And I just I find I’m I’m always so I start to romanticize it when I talk about it, because I’m just I’m so in love with the process. It’s basically just a way of, of creating and building human relationships in a way that not just affects the people who are connected, but just radiates outward, and affects the world around them in greater and greater ways. It’s just, it’s, it’s so powerful and so impactful. I think.

Marc Longwith 13:58
I agree completely. I mean, one of our greatest things is we say proximity is power. And it’s mind blowing what you can do with that proximity. Like it’s, it’s just so uplifting. And you said something really interesting to me is that authenticity piece is I think, what separates, you know, our business from the typical coaching marketing world, as you know, it’s like, follow this template, or this guru did this. And I’m like, no, like, if you do that, you’re going to fail, it’s the exact opposite. I do not want you to be me. Like your people, they want you. They want you like if you’re quirky, they want quirky, if you’re bougie, then you’re gonna get the Bougie peeps, if you’re, if you’re maybe this demographic, or maybe this religion, like I really tell people to just play into who you are, because those people will show up and those are the people you want to be around. Like that’s the type of people you want in your ecosystem. You don’t want to pretend to be somebody else. So I’m really grateful you point out that authenticity piece because that’s what we need more of in the coaching industry.

Kevin Stafford 14:47
And it’s I think it’s so important to to lay it out the way you laid it out too because the word authenticity gets thrown around so much and a little bit too freely sometimes to where it starts to lose. Its true meaning I think that’s it right there. I don’t want you to become me. because you’re not going to be successful trying to become successful, the way I became successful, I’m here to help you find the way that you’re going to be successful that you’re going to be going to become not somebody else, but more yourself. And in a way that’s going to allow you to reach more of the people that you can have the most influence and impact on more often in even deeper ways than you already are. And that’s, that’s, that’s it. That is authenticity that is showing up for people. That is why we’re here doing what we’re doing. It’s just, I think, I think some more light can get shown on the true nature of authenticity with the way that word gets thrown around sometimes.

Yeah, we’re just firm believers in authenticity. And we’ve actually bring up integrity a lot, because integrity is true authenticity. Like if you’re monitoring your word to yourself, like it’s, like, it’s so important. And speaking of authenticity, like you said, something important about just like where you’re at, and it’s like, There’s levels, right? Like what works for you in this specific space with authentic t, which is going to change over two years, you’re going to become a different person, and then your Authenticity will change to that how you show up me. And it’s just interesting to see like, hey, what works, let’s just even call it numbers, what works zero to half to half a million doesn’t work 1 million to five, doesn’t have to become a different person. And I think that’s the part that’s really difficult for people is your ability to become a different human being all the time. And I tell people, the only difference that I can really point out in myself is my ability to change and go with the flow and bounce back immediately is with just zero, you know, rebound time. I mean, sometimes I think when I was younger, I might have went down a rabbit hole and not bounce back for a year. Right now it’s like 10 minutes in certain areas. So I think that’s the growth piece. Yeah, but authenticity is just so important. I couldn’t agree more, the way you describe that, in my head, I have it a little analogy that popped up of like a rubber band having that elasticity. And I think about old rubber bands or rubber bands that have been properly cared for or been allowed to dry out and you start to stretch them out. And you can see them begin to come apart immediately. And before you know it they’ve snapped before they’ve even come close to being useful. Whereas you know, a well constructed rubber band, which granted we take rubber bands for granted, they just exist, but like a really good one, when you’re trying to really like you know, bind some things together, you’re like, you kind of stretch it out, and you’re like, it’s got some good elasticity, it’s got good bounce back, I feel like this is actually really gonna be able to help me do what I’m trying to do is it gonna actually be able to hold this thing in place rather than split into the moment I put any pressure on it. And that kind of elasticity, I feel like it’s a, it’s a good thing to be to be ambitious to have in yourself as a human being. I couldn’t agree more actually, you know, if you do all the studies, they say resiliency is the number one indicator of a millionaire or billionaire. And when you think about that, it’s that ability to build that resiliency, like we always say we say we build people who build better people. And when I tell somebody I failed, this was the only difference between where you are in at the very moment. And wherever you think you want to be, is your ability to handle what’s going to happen to you in the next five years to get there. And I think it was Winston Churchill, I can’t quote it perfectly. But he said, the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. I mean, to me, I can’t picture a better entrepreneurial quote, in my life, because we all know how hard this can be sometimes. And that enthusiasm, that’s it’s, it’s going to take some hits, it’s going to take some real hits just in the natural course of moving through your life in the world. And really like just letting yourself be aware of that. And then cultivating that awareness and committing to working with people to help you out like I can I get a personal trainer to help build my body up.

It’s the same principle. I know a lot of coaches will use this analogy to help people you know, understand why they have value, it’s like you, you go and have a gym membership to kind of keep your keep your physical body, you know, in a certain kind of shape. Or maybe you have certain goals you want to achieve. And so you’re training and you have people helping you train professional athletes have a collection of coaches and trainers each serving different purposes, you know, because they have a goal in mind. And they know that to get there. They need a lot of help and guidance to develop the skills and develop the abilities and capacities that they need. Just as important for the way we develop ourselves and require I mean, quite frankly, welcomes just as much attention, just as much investment. Another word that I like to associate with coaching, it is an investment. You’re not just hobby shopping or buying books to put on your shelf and never read or read them and never put them into practice. It’s an investment. And I think that’s just it’s to I love the way that it’s just gaining momentum and gaining and power and gaining and acceptance that we need to commit as many resources to our personal and professional developments in the way that we want to be human beings in the world as we do to you know, improving our mile time or improving our deadlift, PR you know or whatever it happens to be. I love shining a light on the importance of it and I’m so glad I’m so pleased to hear you the way you represent what you’re doing and how you’re going about doing it. It’s I mean, not to put too fine a point on it. You’re very clearly the real deal. Very clearly your your and US You said it earlier. And I’ll say it again, who you are and who you are as a coach, and as a professional as a businessman comes naturally out of your deepest beliefs and values and passions. And that comes through and everything that you’re saying, I’m just, I’m looking at the Zoom clock. And it’s been 30 minutes since we started talking, and I want to talk to you for hours more. It’s just, it’s so fantastic. I, there was one other thing I wanted to say. And I’m now I’m now I’m doing I’m being a bad host, because I’m talking more than my guest. But there was, you really sparked something in me that I think about a lot. And that’s the, what, what works to get you here won’t necessarily be what gets you there to the next thing. And I often find myself thinking about a multistage rocket, you know, back when we were, you know, launching Apollo craft into space and a multistage rocket, it has these things that they’re they’re very designed is to propel you up to a certain level, and then at the right moment, fall away, and completely and completely disappear. It’s it has served its purpose, and it’s faded. And there’s other rockets, other stages that help you continue to propel you to where you’re trying to go. And then you’ve got, you know, your capsules up top that are designed to navigate the areas of space that you’re now in. And it’s just this consideration of needing different levels of strength, different kinds of fuel, different levels of propulsion, to reach certain places, and making sure that you don’t carry that extra weight with you, when it starts to hold you back. And making sure that you structure things in such a way that you’re not that you’re not carrying, quite frankly, dead weight into the next phase of your, your personal development, your professional development, your business, your life, your relationships, all of the above. And I love thinking about that, thinking about whether or not I’ve got any dead weight still attached to my rocket, whether I’m expending my fuel wisely, whether I’m you know, whether I’m actually on a trajectory to make it to break gravity and make it into orbit or if I’m setting myself up to fall back to Earth. And thinking about that, it really helps me to keep keep my keep my little rocket ship on a steady course.

Marc Longwith 22:02
Yeah, I think that’s a huge growth factor you’re talking about that we’re all kind of I wouldn’t say addicted to but we’re really into. And I just wrote a note that I always tell people, you know, not only What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, it might hold you back, right? Like you just said, and I tell people, when I get with a client, I don’t really do one on ones anymore. Once in a great while if someone’s really inspiring, but it’s more about what you let go of and removed from your life, then anything you will add to it. Because if you can continue to remove all the things that are inhibitors, anything that’s energetically sucking the life out of you anything that’s just not aligned with your ecosystem, everything will just naturally fall into place, they can even have to try to do oh, I need to do the things, they don’t just remove all the junk and things will just drop in. And I really love that they think that’s what it’s about removing, you know,

Kevin Stafford 22:46
it really is, and it takes it takes a lot to trust it. Because it’s like there’s their, their their voices in your head, there are things inside you that are gonna You’re there’s a there’s a tilt to your stomach, as you’re standing standing at the precipice. And it’s going to, it’s not going to feel right at first. But once you realize that, that is the way things work, that the right stuff will come in and fill that space, you get a little bit, you get a little taste of it, you trust a little bit you have somebody helped you trusted somebody guide you to a place where you can trust it, you get a little taste of how that works. And you’ll never look back.

Marc Longwith 23:16
It’s like a superpower, right? Like you really are operating in a different way than 90% of society. And you’re just like saying, I’m in a light. That’s why we called the Business energetic alignment Academy, you are technically in align and everything starts to flow for you, you know, and working with you. And I just think that that’s I would not want to live any other way. We’ve lived the other way. And this is way easier, more fun and more enjoyable.

Kevin Stafford 23:36
Yep, I tried it the other way. I like this way. And I’m looking forward to the next the next version of the way as I as I as I discovered moving forward and not standing still.

Marc Longwith 23:46
Absolutely I’m just keep paying attention to the green lights.

Kevin Stafford 23:49
Before I before I very reluctantly let you go. Very reluctantly. Where can people just find out more about you who you are, what you’re doing in the world, what you’re doing through the academy, all of the above? And then also what’s the best way for people to connect with you if they want to start a conversation or start a relationship?

Marc Longwith 24:07
Yeah, I think the best way is simply on Instagram. It’s just it’s just mark underscore Anthony underscore Longworth, and that’s mvrc. And then we have energetic alignment Academy. That’s that business. I have evolved entrepreneur, but that’s going to be under my coaching within website. But if they just jump on Mark Anthony along with it’s all in there and put it in a milkshake. So it’s easy. Anybody can DM me on Instagram. You know, I’m not so popular yet that I’m like, Oh, I can’t talk to people. I hope I never get like that to be honest with you. If I can just always connect with humans it’s just such a beautiful thing.

Kevin Stafford 24:38
Yeah, that’s it’s such a tricky balance isn’t it is scaling your impact and scaling, like the way that you move in the world and and still making sure that you retain the connection? Because that connection is just that’s where the life is? It’s, yeah, it’s the work of a lifetime. And I’m glad you’re

Marc Longwith 24:52
Yep. 100% is and I just wanted to say too, we’re also doing a workshop on May 8, so if anybody wants to check that out, it’s um It’s at the energetic alignment Academy website. And pretty much we’re going to do three days of, you know, talking about energetic alignment, talking about our money stories, talking about our niches, building irresistible offers and just helping you know, new coaches build something, and it’s all free. So that’s something that we always offer.

Kevin Stafford 25:15
Excellent. Well, yeah, normally I’m looking back or looking at my current ik sort of complaint, not really complain about my backlog of episodes, cuz I’ve recorded so many, I think we need to bump this up so that we can make sure to get this episode out before that may 8. That may advance that we can make sure do a little a little extra promotion, I feel like we will get this out. first week of May as that sound so when you’re listening to that, when you’re listening to this, that offer will be live, go to the website links of you know the deal and the podcast links and everything you need to know in the show notes. Mark, thank you. Thank you for being here. Like just I was grateful to get to share some time with you. And thank you for being out there in the world doing what you’re doing with passion and commitment and impact. It’s just, it’s it’s encouraging in a broad way. And it’s encouraging specifically to me, and so I’m just I’m, I’m a little bit overflowing with gratitude. So I can’t wait to sit and think and read and journal about about the things we talked about today. I’m just I’m grateful to know you and I’m excited to I’m sorry to know you more. I’m excited to invite you back on then have you back on in a few months and talk again because yeah, this has been a delight.

Marc Longwith 26:18
Thank you, Kevin. I’m honored and it’s nice to add another amazing human being to my proximity because that’s what we need more of.

Kevin Stafford 26:24
I couldn’t agree more. And to the audience out there. I hope you feel the same way. If you feel a fraction of what I feel right now. You know what to do next? Find out more about Mark, connect with him on on IG send him a DM and thank him for being in the world and ask him about what he’s doing what he’s up to. You won’t be sorry. And we’ll get a chance to talk to you here very soon.

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