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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

In this recurring series, Kevin explores some of the brightest ideas and insightful lessons that his guests have shared with him on the podcast, and why they’ve continued to inspire him ever since.

This is another one from the whiteboard, a favorite quote that provides me with a necessary reminder of something I might need to know.

And as a serial and long-time procrastinator, I get a lot of use out of this one.

“Momentum is the antidote to procrastination.”

Me: “Sounds fascinating! I’ll have to try that out…tomorrow.” 😉

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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode special episode in the lessons series on the conversations of coach’s podcast feed. This is a another one from the whiteboard. Another quote that I have up on my lap little personal whiteboard real close to my to my desk where I could see it. And I have certain certain sections dedicated to quotes or concepts or lines or something of that nature that I either need to see on a semi regular basis or like to have within easy sight like full expectations, encouragement, warnings, etc. I titled this episode The antidote to procrastination. It’s soon as I wrote that down, I was like, Ooh, that’s like click Beatty. Because we’re the antidote to procrastination. I’m still I’m still on this course of treatment myself. I haven’t solved procrastination for myself. I am a serial serial and longtime procrastinator, gotten better. In fact, I may at some point talk about Well, it’s kind of contained within the quote itself. Another quote on my whiteboard is eat the frog, which is kind of one of those do the hard thing first exhortations. It’s also a good way to break through barriers and just get moving, you know, break through a procrastination barrier that you might have. But this one is specific to procrastination. And I like that because I need to be judged harshly periodically by my whiteboard, I need to feel my whiteboard or you feel this quote, gazing at me, as I distract myself on social media for maybe a little too long, or I’d spend a little bit too much time trying to perfect the sentence maybe because I don’t want to move on to the next project, something like that this quote, stares me in the eyes, and gets me gets me moving in the right direction. Here’s the quote, momentum is the antidote to procrastination. Real simple. Again, real core concept. Momentum is essentially that force that just keeps propelling you forward.


And it’s basically it’s a lot like eat the frog where it’s like, you know, just start, just start moving, get moving. Sometimes what I’ll do in my day, that’s just a total personal example, personal anecdote. If I’m feeling a little bit stuck, or I’m having trouble getting progress arms, kind of like my attentions a little fractured, maybe they will demote, demotivated maybe didn’t sleep well, the night before. Whatever the reasons are, I’m having trouble getting traction on my dam, kind of spinning my wheels in the mud a little bit. What I’ll do is I’ll I’ll look around for and reach out for us. And then we’ll even have this on a list on my desk, little tasks, something that will take me five minutes, maybe maybe less, whether it’s professional, maybe it’s personal, maybe I’ll just go upstairs and do like a couple dishes or something like that. Something that I can go and get done. And then I have like, Okay, I can’t I did a thing. If it was something innocuous or maybe something irrelevant, but I got out of my stuck place. I went, got unstuck over in this other place, finish the thing. And then maybe do one more thing like that, and come back and see if I’ve got traction, this momentum building. And I swear it really, in my experience so far, it really is the antidote to presentation, I am not always good at taking my medicine. I’ll just say that. So this is by no means something that I have mastered, or even gotten to an intermediate or journeyman level on. But damned if it doesn’t prove to be true pretty much every time. Every time I commit to it. If I commit to momentum, I will break through my procrastination, whatever shape it’s taking, wherever it’s coming from, no matter how big it is. It just it really, really helps. So maybe put this on a sticky note. Put it somewhere on your desk that you’ll see when you’re when you’re casting your eyes around looking for somebody to distract you from the thing that you need to be doing or what even want to be doing maybe should be doing. Just momentum is the antidote to procrastination. Ah speaking of, I could sit here and talk to you guys all day. I do have some other things to do. And I like to keep these even shorter than usual episodes, five to seven, maybe eight minutes or so. So instead of twiddling my thumbs and rambling and procrastinating and enjoying talking to you, I am going to go do the next thing and I’m gonna go keep building momentum for my day. Thanks for listening and I will talk to you again very soon.

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