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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

In this recurring series, Kevin explores some of the brightest ideas and insightful lessons that his guests have shared with him on the podcast, and why they’ve continued to inspire him ever since.

This is really just a different way of saying something that I think every coach knows.

Coaches are experts at asking the right questions and guiding their clients to the right answers. Any teacher worth their salt also knows this in their bones. There’s nothing quite like that moment of discovery to really cement a new revelation in someone’s mind.

It can be challenging to remain patient in waiting for that moment to come, but it is key if your coaching is going to truly deliver on its promise.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another special lessons episode of the conversations with Coach’s podcast. It’s me, it’s me, Kevin. Sorry. That’s a that’s a Mario Brothers joke. I am 45 years old. Can you say anything if you were wondering. So today, and you might have noticed, I’m not sure the title of this episode is don’t steal the revelation, which sounds like an album title from maybe the 80s or the 90s. Maybe I’m aging myself a little bit, and maybe it’s like a besides Prince, don’t steal the revelation. I don’t know. Anyway, that’s just me riffing a little bit. Although now I think I will do a little prince deep dive later on after I’m done recording. Don’t steal the revelation. Now this is just a provocative might not be the right word. It’s just a different way. Maybe a more, more more. Fire way. That’s not That’s not the right word. Oh, my goodness. It’s just a different way to say something I think. I think we all know pretty well, especially you as coaches, there is there’s nothing quite like that moment of discovery. When you ask a series of questions or the right question at the right moment. And you can watch and we talk about this, this comes up so much in the podcast is talking to coaches, how so often their favorite moment is watching that moment of realization is dawning on someone’s face, where something just like clicks for them, and they just didn’t get it. And you you’re watching them get it, and you’ve had it the whole time, you’ve been guiding them to this revelation, since you started your work, whether it was just 10 minutes ago, or 10 sessions ago, or 10 weeks ago, or 10 months ago, however long the journey has been to get to where you’re arriving at that moment. There’s just nothing like it. And we all know how that is how powerful it is how quick frankly, interval, that is, for your coaching to have the effect you wanted to have. You can’t just spoon feed people and expect them to be nourished and understand how to feed themselves.

That’s a common a common refrain a common phrase is what does it teach, teach someone, give someone a fish, and they’ll eat for a night, teach them to fish and lead for a lifetime. Yada, yada, yada, it’s Taylor’s oldest time, but I like I like framing it in this way, don’t steal the revelation. Because sometimes it can be, it can be very challenging to hold on to the required patience, when sometimes you could see someone just just almost stubbornly refusing to understand something that you’re trying to help them with. And you know, they want to understand what you’re trying to get them to understand. And they’re just, they just won’t, and you almost sometimes want to reach out to shake them out or just or walk out or just like you know, go have a deep breath, drink a gallon of water and calm your nerves because like Why aren’t why is this getting through? Why is this penetrating? Whatever the reason, sometimes it can be very difficult to hold on to the patient’s required to let someone come to a revelation in their own time, but in the right time, and framing it as a theft, by by giving into impatience, I quite frankly, personally, I really liked that. Because that’s that speaks to, I think, a code of coaches where they’re just really trying, I mean, every coach I’ve ever spoken to, at any length. They’re so passionate about service and impact, so passionate about giving. And if you were to frame it as theft, any coach would balk. Like, of course I don’t, I don’t want to take anything away from anybody I want to I want to add, I want to help grow, I want to facilitate the journey. And so thinking about stepping on someone’s revelation as theft, don’t steal the revelation, that for me, spurs on my patients, if I might be feeling a little impatient with someone not understanding something that I’m trying to help them understand or get to a place in their journey that I’m very excited for them to reach. And we’ve been working on for a while but they’re not there yet. Just a reminder for me to don’t steal their revelation, it’s going to be the thing that sets the mold for everything they’re going to build going forward.

It’s going to be one of the one of the core building blocks of of what they build next, what they make next, what they do next, what we do together next. And so I just I liked when I first heard it framed this way, I really liked it, because it really it spoke to the value of that patience and of asking the right questions and coaxing the right answers and letting someone come to something at their own time in the right time it was really spoke to how important that is, in a different way. Just another support for as you can probably tell my sometimes sometimes tapped out patience level. There’s always There’s always more time to work with someone to get them to that moment of revelation. It’s nothing like it. If you’ve been one to one. You’ve seen it dawn on their face. It’s one of the best feelings in the world as a coach. It’s one of the best feelings in the world as a person For all you teachers out there, former or current, first of all, I love you. First of all you the best. Second of all, you know exactly what I’m talking about, on so many different levels, any teacher worth their salt knows this in their bones, that that moment of discovery, that moment of revelation that is that is what changes lives. It really is. So you’re getting impatient or you’re anxious to deliver the answers. It’s not it doesn’t have to be patient. Sometimes you’re just overly enthusiastic, where you’re just, I have something and it’s gonna change your life. It’s gonna change so many people’s lives. I want to give it to you.

Let me give it to you. Don’t steal the revelation. Help cooks guide someone to it, and it will be theirs forever. Anyway, I like that quite a bit. I like that that’s probably going up on the whiteboard. Because it is a it’s just an excellent reminder for me, that I don’t want to be a thief. Not in any way, shape or form. So don’t steal the revelation. I’m gonna leave you with that. And I will talk to you again quite soon.

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