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Joe Siecinski | Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Joe is just as energetic and enthusiastic as ever! In our latest chat, we talk about how 2023 has really “hit the ground running”, and explore how important roadmaps are not just for seeing your vision of the future, but identifying and celebrating all your past accomplishments in the present moment.

We also discuss the launch of “Version 3.0′ of BrainSHARE’s learning portal (link below), and how crucial such things are in amplifying your impact and serving the most people – unlimited by your personal 24/7/365.

In case you somehow forgot from our last high-energy episode, Joe is the co-founder and owner of BrainSHARE Coach. Influence Digest has recognized Joe as one of the top business and executive coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a business mentor, Joe’s mission is to help his clients build successful, stable, profitable, and thriving businesses that work without them.

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Kevin Stafford 0:02
Hello everyone and welcome to an exciting new episode of the conversations with coaches podcast. I am especially brilliant, especially buoyed by the presence of Joseph sinskey. Let me refresh your memory regarding Joe he’s been on before you’ll definitely remember him. Joe is the co founder and owner of brain share coach influenced digest has recognized Joe is one of the top business and executive coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area where he’s currently located. As a business mentor, Joe’s mission is to help his clients build successful, stable, profitable and thriving businesses that work without them. Joe is on before you probably remember his episode, you must remember his episode. Joe, thank you for bringing what you always bring to the table, your enthusiasm, your excitement, your celebration, and thanks for sharing some time with me today.

Joe Siecinski 0:49
Kevin, it’s an honor and privilege to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me. Let’s have some fun, let’s help some people the universe is a cool place to be.

Kevin Stafford 0:58
It really is. And that’s like when I when I when I reached out to you and asked like what you want to talk about here, we’re in the new year. And that was pretty much what you said, let’s help some people, it’s helped some businesses. And so my thinking is, we’re 19 days or so into 2023. When we’re recording this, it’s probably when you’re listening, it could be in February, it could be 2024. When you’re listening to this, this is evergreen content. But we’re both and Clickfunnels, both of us and everybody I’m talking to right now. They’re very excited about what’s happening. Things are launching endeavors that are going forward things that are happening. And it’s it’s a young year, but it’s already been a fruitful year. So let’s start by talking about how things have been have launched for you in the first three weeks of 2023. How are things how things going,

Joe Siecinski 1:39
things are blasted off, just exceptionally the marketing plans are kicked off, we’ve got the new brain share dot online educational platform version three dot o just launched at the end of the year. So that’s blasting off 13 courses, 200 lessons, all online. So you can learn when you want to learn. You don’t have to wait for Joe. And it’s how to build a business that works without you. And you know what? was cool, right? That was my last four or five clients were talking. It was really about celebration. And you know, the last couple of years have been pretty, pretty interesting to say the least. And you know, I was reviewing a road map with all my clients, you look at it, we’re looking at planning ahead. Okay, what’s the next 12 months look like? What do I do in January? I do in fact, we’re we’re putting it all together. And I just watch their, their emotions kind of the energy is just start kind of getting sucked out of and I went, Wait a minute. Let’s look at where we came from. And then like, what and we pulled out the old roadmaps and everything. And we looked at that. And they’re just like, wow, this is pretty cool. And we did the happy dance. We stood up, and we did the happy dance. I’m like, yeah, alright, let’s get going. And that’s what that’s what’s cool about it. Because you know, that celebration is critical to success, because it releases endorphins and makes you want to do it again. Yeah. Otherwise, you’re just, you’re always looking like I do this, like I do this, like I did this. And it just sucks your energy out. So that celebration is critical to success as you’re moving forward.

Kevin Stafford 3:20
It really is. And I think that’s why it’s so critical to remember ergic turn to keep in mind that people will tend to think of a roadmap as their map their path to a future so to a to have something that’s happening later, that’s going to come later. But one of the real joys, one of the real powers of a roadmap is the ability to in the midst of the roadmap, not only look at where you presently are and celebrate that, but also look back to how far you’ve come and be like, Oh, look at that, I’ve looked this and this and that and all of these things. Let’s celebrate that now, even as we’re looking forward to the continuing journey on the roadmap, but I think people sleep on how powerful a roadmap can be to help you to celebrate more, which you shouldn’t be doing every day, if you can.

Joe Siecinski 4:00
Why every day. gratitudes you know, if you’re not happy for what you got, you’re not gonna get any more. So you know, doing your gratitude zoo, your goal setting these, you know, that morning and evening routine that you put into your calendar, follow that do those things. And it’s amazing at how far you go without realizing it. Until you

Kevin Stafford 4:26
it’s hard. Well, it’s hard to look backwards. And we’re cautious about it too. Obviously, because we’re putting away there. You think about the analogy, we’re putting our putting our head down to do the work we’re keeping we’re looking to the future or whatever it’s like it’s I understand that’s all very important, but don’t forget to look back positively look back with an eye toward celebration to all that has brought you to this moment.

Joe Siecinski 4:45
But what was the Steve Jobs said you can’t connect the dots until you look backwards and you’re like, oh, wow, look at look again. And that’s when you know, to me and my teams. That’s when we celebrate and we look, look, look. Yeah, we know where we’re going, what we’ve got the step to get, there isn’t going to be a smooth path, we know that it’s not a, a to b, it’s an ADA all around, and then you get there. But you got to keep going through those challenges. And that’s part of the fun.

Kevin Stafford 5:16
It really is. It’s part of the fun, it’s part of the journey. And it’s one of those things where it’s, it’s something that we code as negative, so often obstacles, you know, mistakes bumps in the road, when really that is that’s not just a part of the journey, it’s a positive contributor to the whole.

Joe Siecinski 5:34
That’s where all the learning takes place. Exactly. You don’t learn from your wins, you learn from your losses, like oh, well, I need to do something different next time.

Kevin Stafford 5:47
I’m different or the same with help. Like, I tried to go it alone and didn’t work out so well.

Joe Siecinski 5:54
Everybody needs uh, you know, when I look back, and I look at all the mentors and, and guidance I’ve had from so many people, it just makes me you know, I’m just so grateful for everyone that’s helped me along my journey. It’s, it’s amazing. If you let it be.

Kevin Stafford 6:12
Right, right. And also fun I wanted to go, we kind of went right past it, and just our enthusiasm discussion, I wanted to congratulate you and just celebrate the fact that you got that version three of the brain share online, all up and running and ready to go. It’s so and we talked about this last time, I think it’s so Chris, such a crucial part of really growing your business to a point where you are successful in the way that you want to be including your business, maybe without you is that ability to, to deliver your value in a way that’s not limited by your your 24 hours in a day, your seven days a week, your 365 or six days a year that goes well beyond you so that should you remove yourself, things not only sustain themselves, but continue to grow and thrive.

Joe Siecinski 6:55
Well, and I can reach so many more people. I mean, you know, you know, my goal, in the last couple years was reached 2000 businesses that helped 2000 businesses, or this new platform, my goal this year is 10,000. And we’ll worry about what’s after that after next year. But it allows us to reach so many more people. And it doesn’t matter on time zones or anything else. I mean, Bill Gates talked about this years ago about synchronous and asynchronous learning learning systems. And that’s where we’re at today with technology. And you know, does that mean, you’re not going to get stuck and need a little help? No, but that’s what we’re here for.

Kevin Stafford 7:35
Exactly, exactly. And it really does, it’s that everyone is always searching, they get to a point in their business, in their development, personal professional everywhere, where they’re looking out for how to amplify their impact, you know, how do they how they can continue to grow and have the impact that they want to have? I find that every coach I talked to, and you are certainly at the top of this list, you are looking for ways to serve. It’s like how can I serve? How can I reach more people who are gonna have more impact to help more?

Joe Siecinski 8:00
That’s what it’s about. I mean, you go back in time, Zig Ziglar, you want to make a million dollars help a million people. I mean, what I remember hearing that live, and I got goosebumps, and it’s like, it’s not about the million dollars, it’s about helping people. So I had a conversation with somebody the other day, and they’re like, Well, why do you do that? We don’t want Why do you want to give? And I said, you know, have you ever given some money a present as a birthday in the summertime that they really wanted? And you watch the excitement they have and and that and that makes you feel really good? No, you don’t order the holidays and you give somebody something and you watch the reaction. That’s why I do what I do is watching somebody get what they want. And I helped contribute to that. That’s just the best feeling in the world.

Kevin Stafford 8:51
It honestly it really is. It truly is. There’s there’s really nothing like and also it’s like it’s it’s something it’s like gratitude itself. Like, it has this it fuels it puts the energy in your tank, it puts gas in your tank, it fuels your fire, like it just gets your engine purring, you know, it’s just like, ah, there’s no feeling like that. It’s beauty to expand and also it’s like it’s contagious in all the best ways.

Joe Siecinski 9:14
Absolutely. You know, you’re the users it’s better to give received but you know that just so O’Ree but when when you really feel it and you’d like you watch somebody give them a birthday present. And it’s like wow, there’s no better feeling in the universe’s then seeing that and feeling that at that moment in time.

Kevin Stafford 9:36
Yeah, there really is. Like, quite frankly, I am getting like a contact. Hi, just from talking to you. Your Enthusiasm is second to none. And I remembered how much I enjoyed how energized it was the last time we chatted. I was certain I remembered how I was like ready for it. Listen to our previous episode. You exceeded my expectations. Because I am once again bullied beyond my capacity. I’m just like, You know what? I’m gonna have to go out I’d get some sunshine and do we’ll do a little more celebrating you got me up live, I was already standing up from my desk and dancing.

Joe Siecinski 10:07
Figure out how you can help five people today. That’s right. It’s cool. I mean, it can be as simple as making somebody smile.

Kevin Stafford 10:20
Send them a message, little email, maybe leave a little text, maybe make somebody something nice, you know,

Joe Siecinski 10:26
contributing to the good of the universe is not hard and doesn’t cost you anything. And the payback is tremendous. So let’s help some people make some money. And the reason we want to make money is the more money you make, the more people you can help.

Kevin Stafford 10:41
Your impact grows.

Joe Siecinski 10:42
If you got 100 bucks, you can’t help too many people. You got a million bucks, you can help a whole lot of people.

Kevin Stafford 10:47
That’s dang right. Dang. Right. Speaking of helping people, I know you’ve got some people to help here soon after this call. So I will get you out of here. Thank you so much. I’ll make sure to put the link to your new online I’ll make sure brain share and all the links to brain share are in the show notes. If anybody’s interested they should totally check it out.

Joe Siecinski 11:02
It’s my prevalence. Thank you so much. It’s been a happy 2023 Let’s go change the world.

Kevin Stafford 11:11
Amen to that, Joe. Thank you, audience. Thank you for listening. I hope you are as energized as if you’re half as energized as I am. You’re gonna go out there and help some people so we’ll get a chance to talk to you again soon.

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