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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Deane Gyllenhaal is a Master Certified Executive Coach who is growing leaders, building cultures, and driving results.

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) is a global leader and the world’s No. 1 authority for the Intelligent Leadership coaching methodology, with a system that has been successfully implemented by hundreds of executives across the globe.

Through a series of development workshops, inspirational retreats, and even group instruction programs, ILEC coaches are solely dedicated to establishing the next level of corporate productivity and success. It takes empowerment to build cultures, drive results, and unleash potential.

The business model itself, drawing upon three decades of experience, utilizes master certified leadership coaches who work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-suite, middle management executives, and an entirely new generation of Millennials.

We’re only able to scratch the surface of Deane’s coaching principles and practice in our brief conversation, but if you’re in search of top-level executive leadership coaching that’s both battle-tested and adaptable, you’re gonna want to find out more.

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Kevin Stafford 0:01
Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the conversations with coaches Podcast. I’m still getting used to saying that we recently changed our name from coffee with coaches to conversations because, well coffees typically a morning drink. I tend to drink it throughout the day. But conversations with coaches is a little bit more literal minded, which I find myself getting in my old age. Anyway, welcome to Conversations with coaches. I’m your host, sir,

Deane Gyllenhaal 0:23
having hope. Well, that was it. Thanks for having me.

Kevin Stafford 0:27
Oh, you’re welcome. You’re welcome. I’m about to talk to Dean Gyllenhaal. Dean is a master certified executive coach who is growing leaders, building cultures and driving results. Intelligent leadership, executive coaching, I Elysee for short, is a global leader. And the world’s number one authority for the intelligent leadership coaching methodology, which we’re gonna get to talk about and a whole lot more in the next 10 or 15 minutes. So Dean, again, thank you so much for being here. I’m so I’m so glad we get a chance to talk.

Deane Gyllenhaal 0:54
Great, great, thank you. So let’s,

Kevin Stafford 0:57
let’s go ahead and start at the beginning. And you can go back as far as you’d like. I mean, you don’t have to go back to like when you were a toddler, but when did you realize or begin the real the true process of becoming a coach? And then how did you go from that realization into starting your own coaching practice?

Deane Gyllenhaal 1:14
Yeah, sure. So after 30 years of succeeding in investment management, I got to a point where I decided I could actually play a different back nine in my career, time to do something more meaningful. I spent months researching networking, to find a more fulfilling endeavor. And then I’ve met up with John Mattoon and his team along the way. You know, so for 12, the last 12 years of my career in investment management, I manage high performing teams, was happy to participate myself in a lot of workshops, assessments, management, training, best execution training, and I found value in that for my own personal career. So having been through that, on the other side, really helped develop a catalyst for me to jump into the space.

Kevin Stafford 2:11
I like that framework of a, it’s a phrase I’ve heard periodically, throughout my life, the back nine, when people are just thinking about, like, what the second half of their life is going to be like, I’ve always really liked that because like as a as sometimes sort of a waxing and waning golf fan, like, you know, watch the majors here. And there, I used to play a lot when I was a little bit younger and had a better back. But I loved I loved the analogy of the back nine, because some of if you if you if you’re familiar with golf at all, some of the greatest golf that has ever occurred occurs on the back nine, the back nine is not the downhill slope, it’s not the tail N. It’s sometimes where careers legacies are made. And so I really, I do really like that analogy for finding the next thing, the new thing that’s going to define and bring joy to your life for however much longer life goes on.

Deane Gyllenhaal 2:58
That’s right, I was lucky to be in a good spot and took advantage of partnering up with John Mattoon and team.

Kevin Stafford 3:05
So let’s go ahead and bring things up to the President. Let’s talk a little bit more about that partnership and what you do today. So I like to and I like to ask this question in a particular way I feel like it gets it gives you the most off ramps to talk about your coaching the nuts and bolts of your coaching practice. So who do you coach and how do you coach them? The WHO being basically who you kind of target where like where they might be at in their personal or professional lives? And how being primarily one to one do you do group coaching? Do you have other coaches who work with you or around you that you can kind of work with to coach somebody? Do you coach larger teams executives down to basically like, who and how?

Deane Gyllenhaal 3:40
Sure, basically, one sentence summary it’s all of the above. The audio AAC model is it’s a proven and proprietary system and methodology. The focus is really on leaders and emerging leaders to accept that they can take themselves to a higher level their companies and their employees. The methodology itself is agnostic to industry. So the program has been used worldwide with some very known very well known CEOs. You know, there’s plenty of coaching offerings out there for lots of different organizations. I Elysee like I said it’s we can customize a program for one to one, one to group cultural workshops. So it’s very flexible in terms of who who gets coaching it’s a flexible in terms of time period, whether it’s six 912 months or 14 weeks depending on what company’s budget is. So yeah, it’s it’s really interesting. I mean, it’s I lacs proprietary models, so I’m backed by to answer your other question on backed by the organization itself. There’s actually a coaches coach that helps all IOC coaches, you know structure their their engagements. So it’s a really in depth flexible model.

Kevin Stafford 5:10
I love the way you said it right there in depth and flexible, that’s something I find to be so, so not common but so prevalent amongst all the most successful coaching coaches and coaching programs is that they are they have these tested models that are really like almost well engineered, specifically based on like, you know, decades and decades and decades of experience. And they’re also very flexible and very adaptable to meet the individual needs of the individual or the the company that that they’re working with. And for. And I just I love that it’s not either or, it’s both and with all the best stretching,

Deane Gyllenhaal 5:44
that’s right. That’s right. And if you think about it, leadership, it doesn’t matter. You know, where if you’re in sports, if you’re at home, your whatever company, you work for the concepts, you know, to build a leader and make them better, you know, apply across all avenues.

Kevin Stafford 6:01
It really do and the call to leadership, really, it’s not just in one area of your life leadership is something that every aspect of your life calls to you with with a need for leadership, like I mean, I mean, I know it sounds mundane and almost like tongue in cheek, but like you’d be in the grocery store. And you know, your choice to, you know, smile at the cashier is one of those moments where you’re just like, you just decide that you’re going to put out more than you’re taking, you know, you’re going to set the tone and do things that you feel like are in service of those around you. And that’s a really tiny example. It’s more of like a kindness example, and a leadership example, but I think about it, even down at that granular level, all the way up to the bigger picture stuff.

Deane Gyllenhaal 6:40
That’s right, totally applicable across all avenues of life. And, you know, even people that are current leaders, the best clients, what are those leaders that recognize like, I’ve been a leader for a while, but you know what, maybe I could take it to the next step, you know, I’ve come to a point where, you know, what, let me build my legacy going forward. And people need help with that. And that’s what our what we do, as IOC coaches is, take those leaders that are vulnerable, understanding that they can improve more, even though they’ve been there for a long time, and help them help them get to the next level. And on the flip side of that, you might have some employee doesn’t matter what job really, really good at their job, well educated are plopped into a leadership position, they may never have any formal leadership training. You know, that’s another great client, right? So there’s a lot of that to think about, think of a large construction company, whose son just graduated from graduate school, has worked for the company for a couple years. And the father grandfather wants to move that person along within the company. That’s where I come in.

Kevin Stafford 7:50
That’s those are really two really good, I wasn’t gonna call them polar opposites, but I love the successful but never satisfied leader, the one who always who understands like in their heart of hearts, that they can be a good leader, and always strive to be better. And that’s sort of an intrinsic attribute of great leadership. And then there’s the one who people who are they’re skilled, they’re talented, they’ve got the tools and the training, maybe they even have, like the natural disposition for it. But they’ve never really been put in that position of leadership. And therefore they’ve never been, they’ve never had to ask themselves those questions in that way before. And so you have someone come in, it’s like, you know, you can just learn on the job. So many people just kind of like, quote unquote, figure it out. But really, and this, I think more and more people are realizing this every single day, that they’re, you don’t just have to muddle your way through, just like you can go to school for training in certain particular skills, crafts, abilities, whatever it might happen to be, you can learn how to become a better leader. You can, and that’s where coaching really comes in. And great coaching like yours is quite frankly, invaluable.

Deane Gyllenhaal 8:49
That’s right. And people hire coaches for exercise, people hire life coaches, so there’s always something that needs to be coached. So if you have an organization and an emerging leader within an organization that recognizes that that’s going to be helpful, that’s a great client for me.

Kevin Stafford 9:06
A coach for all seasons.

Deane Gyllenhaal 9:09
All seasons all reasons.

Kevin Stafford 9:11
Love it. Where can people find out more about you individually? And also more about the LEC?

Deane Gyllenhaal 9:18
Sure, my I do have a website, but it’s best to reach me via email. And I’ll spell it out for you. So if you have a pen and piece of piece of paper, it’s DGYLLENH al de Chillon Hall at intelligent leadership So the EC right stands for executive coaching. So de Chillon Hall at intelligent leadership That’s probably the quickest way to get there. Okay,

Kevin Stafford 9:54
I’ll put that in the show notes too. Okay, because yes, John Hall has a not a common name. But obviously you’ve got like the famous actors who have that name. But like, it’s one that it’s much easier to say than it is to spell.

Deane Gyllenhaal 10:06
So that’s right. Yep.

Kevin Stafford 10:10
Excellent. And also, you have a, you have a presence on LinkedIn where people can find out more about you as well, I find that I think that’s why you encountered each other for the first time, which is, yeah, I just, I love the power of that platform. It’s so it lines up so nicely with all of the principles and practices of coaching, it’s like it’s a relationship platform, it’s great for connection on the surface level, you can go a little bit deeper, you can get to know more about someone professionally, as well as a little bit personally. And then like, I just Yeah, I find that it’s a very, a very strong platform for whether you’re a coach, or you’re exploring finding a coach, hiring a coach, it’s a really good place to get to know somebody, so you can build that trust relationship.

Deane Gyllenhaal 10:44
Yeah, and then that’s, you just said it perfectly. It’s the trust, it’s, you know, if you’re thinking of hiring a coach, besides trust, you know, the ease of communication, you get along with the person. You know, and of course, you under need to understand the methodology and the model that you’re you’re engaging with, which which can vary, but, you know, again, the Matome global model, proprietary, well known been used for over 50 CEOs around the world. So it’s a proven methodology.

Kevin Stafford 11:12
I love it. The proof is in the pudding. For some reason, there’s an old phrase that just this popped up into my head, I don’t think that ties directly anything that we talked about today. proven proven is something that I think a lot of people it, it helps them begin those first couple of steps on their journey towards trusting a coach is they just, they want a little bit of certainty, not because they need things to be solid, where they’re because they’re about to step, obviously, people who are reaching out for coaching, they’re about to step into something that might be a little uncertain. That’s why they’re looking for help. And having just that proven methodology, where it’s like, I can look at a bunch of tremendously successful people who directly say, You know what, I did this, it worked for me, here’s how it’s like, oh, well, let me let me find out more about that. And you can just the information is there. And so you can begin that trust journey by yourself, meet someone like you go a little bit further along, get a little bit deeper, and then from there, the sky’s the limit.

Deane Gyllenhaal 12:02
That’s right. That’s right. Great coaching processes for leaders who want to up their game and crystallizer legacy.

Kevin Stafford 12:10
Perfect. I think that’s the perfect place to end it to crystallize their legacy. I like that phrase. That’s beautiful. Dean, thank you so much for being here today. I know what really appreciate your time this has been this has been kind of fun. I feel like I could keep you for longer. But today is a Tuesday when we’re recording and there’s always so much more to do. So thank you so much for being here. Thank you for listening, and maybe watching actually, I think just listening I think we just have audio grams on YouTube, but thank you for listening to the conversation of the coach’s podcast. Find out more about Dean find out more about the LEC really fascinating model really interesting even if you’re not necessarily looking for coaching right now. It’s at the very least interesting and quite frankly, it could probably help you out. So check them out. If you have any questions, email them in the show notes, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

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