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No matter how much you feel like you don’t belong, don’t let that stop you from pursuing your goals. Dream big – because until you do, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

Strive to become your most authentic self. Indulge in doing what you want to do and continue learning new ideas and concepts to improve yourself.

Your biggest failure can turn into a learning opportunity. You must be self-aware enough to acknowledge your shortcomings and learn from your missteps.

Position yourself to be your best in what you’re doing.

In this episode, Nikki Groom talks about the road to becoming a successful coach, the struggles that come with being a coach, and how to overcome them.

A bit about Nikki Groom:

Hailed as “a force of nature” and “a rising superstar”, Nikki Groom is on a mission to help rising women leaders recognize their worthiness, own their power, and amplify their impact – without checking their integrity at the door.

She is the author of A Power of Your Own: How to Ignite Your Potential, Uncover Your Purpose, and Blaze Your Own Trail in Life and Business, a business, brand, and marketing strategist, and the creator of the Movement Makers Mastermind: a small business growth accelerator for women entrepreneurs.

Nikki hosts the Movement Makers podcast, is the Founder of The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project, and acts as an adviser for social entrepreneurs and enterprises. She has been involved in dozens of projects and partnerships that focus on empowering women in business.

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