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Episode 037 - Mitchell Simon

If you want to increase employee engagement, get everyone refocused and reenergized while increasing team collaboration. A business retreat may be a great choice.

Retreats give you the chance to clarify your company’s goals and missions, employee roles, and your company culture while offering a team bonding experience outside of the office. Retreats can also improve morale and motivate your entire staff, making them a worthwhile investment.

In this episode, Mitchell Simon gives a high definition of retreat that will enable companies to create and build high-performance teams and effective leaders to achieve new levels of performance.

The Simon Leadership Alliance specializes in team leadership coaching for high-performance teams, through experiential game-based training, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). They help other executives build amazing high-performance teams and specialize in making teams stronger, more effective, and more productive.

Whether you are an executive looking for your next annual strategy retreat or planning a large corporate event, Mitchell Simon can be your trusted advisor.

A bit about Mitchell:

Mitchell helps Leaders build a world-class team that has each other’s backs, no matter where they are on the planet.

He does this by provoking business leaders, executives, and business owners to build their strategies and their teams to achieve #1 or #2 status in their industries.

Leaders that have worked with Mitch for over 20 years are in healthcare, biotech, commercial real estate, entrepreneurs, telecommunications, professional audio, and construction, and many in Fortune 500 Companies.

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