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Margie Warrell – Overcoming The Fear Of Failure

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Margie Warrell: The Remarkable Coach | Boxer Media

It’s almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. People who do so probably live so cautiously that they go nowhere. Perhaps, they’re not really living at all.

The fear of failing can be immobilizing – it can cause us to do nothing, and therefore resist moving forward. But when we allow fear to stop our forward progress in life, we’re likely to miss some great opportunities along the way.

This episode features Margie’s books and programs that will embolden you with the purpose, paradigm shift, and practical skills to take your team, leadership, and life to the next level and beyond. She shares how to unlock the potential of being braver in work and relationships and liberates people to transform fear into courage in leadership.

In today’s culture of fear, living bravely is indispensable for living well. Overcome your fears and move forward to achieve your goals.

A bit about Margie:

Dr. Margie Warrell was a multi-hyphenate before it was a thing.

Margie is an author – keynote speaker – media commentator – certified coach – podcast host – Forbes columnist – board member – women’s advocate – leadership facilitator – adventure traveler – amateur barista – ball juggling/dropping mother of four… you get the drift.

Twenty-five years of living around the world coupled with her passion for personal development have taught her a thing or two about rising above the fears that dim our lights and hold our potential dormant. Of all the lessons she’d learned since leaving her parent’s small farm in rural Australia the most important are that courage is required for every worthwhile endeavor and that the human spirit is greater than any challenge we face. Individually and collectively.

In today’s culture of fear, living bravely is indispensable for living well.

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