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Entrepreneurship is about creating your signature offer, building your brand around it, and growing from there.

Every offer is unique, and it’s very important to make it distinctive and valuable. Know what your clients want most, and how they want it to be delivered to them.

Find your “soulmate” clients. They are your ideal clients, someone that you love so much that it lights you up when you serve them. Connect to them and help them get to their ideal outcome. Some people fail in the business because they are indecisive. They fail to recognize their soulmate clients, they refuse to connect, and are not ready to commit to one thing in business.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. You’ve got to be willing and have a strong mindset to get through the valleys and over the peaks on your journey.

A bit about Kate:

Kate is a Mom, a stepmom, a wife, a business owner, an author, a podcaster, and a world traveler. She works hard, plays hard, and dreams big. She’s living proof that women can be, do, and have it all! Now, she’s on a mission to help mompreneurs ditch their 24/7 hustle and build their own brand so they can create the life of their dreams.

Today, Kate runs the incredibly successful Ketogenic Living 101 and Ketogenic Living 102 groups to help women find their own style of ketogenic living. She created the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program to teach others how to give the gift of whole-body health.  She finds herself enthralled in educating and empowering her clients to achieve significant, sustainable results. This passion has turned into the heart of her business. She prides herself on making ketogenic living simple, quick, and delicious. She teaches busy women how to quickly turn their bodies into fat-burners instead of sugar-burners so they feel strong, lean, fit, and clear-minded.

Kate wants everyone who is interested in Ketogenic Living to have affordable access to what she believes is the best in health and wellness.

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Kate Jaramillo 0:02

It's that indecisiveness, refusing to commit to a soulmate client and refusing to commit to one thing with business because it does have to start with one offer. You can grow from there. But if you're just doing all the things at once, you were just gonna stay stuck in that hamster wheel.

Doug Holt 0:17

Everyone and welcome back to another episode of The Successful Coach podcast, and I am super excited to have a good friend and a very successful entrepreneur. Kate, thanks for being here with us, Kate.

Kate Jaramillo 0:30

Oh, Doug, thanks so much for having me. Always great to talk to you.

Doug Holt 0:33

Yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, this is going to be fun for me, but the audience for people that haven't had a chance to get to know you tell me a little bit about what you're up to now and a little bit about your background?

Kate Jaramillo 0:43

Sure. So I run a company called Kate Jaramillo Coaching, which has spawned from Ketogenic Living 101 and another LLC. I also have co-founded Certified Course Creation, and I'm The Client Success Boss at Beyond Macros.

Doug Holt 0:58

Awesome. And you do so much more every time I talk to you. I get so much information. I had such a good time. Then what I want to talk about, though, today, going through this case is as a successful coach, what are some of the things that have allowed you to leapfrog in this journey?

Kate Jaramillo 1:17

You know what there is there are so many unmet needs in the marketplace. And it takes a Google search to figure out what those are. And that's how my whole journey began. I was doing the network marketing hustle for a little while, banging my head against the wall working for pennies on the hour, and being like, "What's the secret sauce that I'm missing?" Like, "Why can other people make it work, and I suck.?" And I also, during that time, felt like an imposter. Because I was calling myself a health coach. And I wasn't; I was a product representative. But like feeling like an imposter propelled me to go ahead and go and get certified in nutrition. And during that journey is when I learned about the ketogenic diet. For me, it flipped everything that I knew about nutrition on its head like this, eating six meals a day, which is what I was doing and eating really low fat and eating high carb or working out. But the more I dug in, the more it just made sense to me, like more than what I was currently doing. And even though I was a healthy person, I had a major sugar addiction. And I blamed that on growing up in Hershey, Pennsylvania, because chocolate, it's made and smells there. It's really good. But I was working with this group of clients who have completely plateaued in their weight loss a group of women, no matter how much they worked out, or how much they cut their calories or just did some calorie manipulation. Nothing was working. So I said to them, I was like, "Listen, I want to take you on this journey. I'll give you meal plans, and we'll work out. I know that sounds crazy, but I think it's going to work from what I read. I think it's gonna work. So they said yes, so nine of them said yes, six of them finished my eight-week program, and the average amount of weight that these women lost with a ketogenic diet and fitness was 20 pounds. And this is after they had been plateaued for so long, 20 pounds in eight weeks. So I knew I was onto something. And I just kept building and tweaking my program based on feedback and testimonials, and experimentation. I got to a point where I knew keto is what I want to focus on. So I went to Google, and I did keto coach certification because I was like, I'm gonna get certified just to coach keto nutrition. And there wasn't one. So being an entrepreneur, I was like, "Well, if it doesn't exist, I will build it." And I had networked, you know well enough, with some other people who are way smarter than I am. And I approached them about this opportunity. I said, "It doesn't exist. I want to build it. Here's what I need from you". And it was mostly like, I need some science back information. I need to know a better structure of how this should be delivered. But we came together, and they helped me create it. And I launched the first ketogenic coach certification and the first one approved as a CU provider for organizations like NASAM, ASA, and canfitpro. I used to say, and now internationally accredited with the sent the CPD. So all of that created just from knowing that there was an unmet need in the marketplace. And Doug, like, I never even did ads for it. Because people were searching for it just like I was, what I did do is buy a bunch of domains and have them all redirect to my website. So when people were typing in keto coach certification, limestone was popping up. And to this day, I haven't put much marketing dollars behind it. And we certified more than 400 coaches on six of the seven continents. The world has propelled me into all these other roles that I've stepped into, all from Google search and serving, finding, and serving an unmet need.

Doug Holt 5:11

Beautiful. It's a great story. And when you're talking about you were looking for a solution to a problem that you had that you want getting certified, didn't find it. And so you get, as you said, you serve that unmet need. And that's blossomed into all of these other things that you're into right now. You're one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I know. And that's saying a lot. I know a lot of entrepreneurs out there. What was the big leap for you, the big step you took to take it from running this certification to what you're doing today?

Kate Jaramillo 5:50

I just knew what I was going through, and it was reflecting again on my journey and how I spent so many years in network marketing. And I'm not saying anything bad about network marketing. I just couldn't make it work for me. But I realized that the biggest change was creating a signature offer and building my brand around it. And I know that there is what I love so much about network marketing, and people that have done it for at least a year or more have that taste of entrepreneurship. And I believe that it teaches you how to put yourself out there with social media marketing; it teaches you to do hard things, like reaching out to cold leads and sending friend requests, and doing things that are so far outside of your comfort zone. And selling so many people lack the skill to sell because they don't realize what selling is, just serving and making recommendations. So I know that now, and working with my coaching and having my own coaching business, and working with other network marketing moms, to help them create their signature offer and build their brand, I can tell them exactly what I did. And what I love so much about what I get to do is that every offer is different. It takes just, again, knowing who your ideal client is, how you want to serve them, doing some of the market research, like the Google searches and getting on the phone with people finding out what their pain points are, how they want things to be delivered, and creating an outline, filling in the blanks and then making it like VIP AF. So that's been the biggest leap for me. It's just been reflecting on what got me here, and it was an unmet need. Creating this signature offer and building an entire brand around it has spawned many other things like book deals, podcasts, and other companies. So many other opportunities that I would have never had if I just stayed small in that role.

Doug Holt 7:58

Oh, absolutely. Well, you took action as you always do. And you talk about a signature offer, but you also said something off-air with me, your soulmate client. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Kate Jaramillo 8:11

Yeah. So your soulmate client is the one that you love so much, as it lights you up every single day to get to serve this person, and you know them better than anyone else does. And that qualifies you better than anyone else in the world to serve them in the unique way you do. So I know that my ideal soulmate client is a network marketing mom, who has been doing this for at least a year or more, who has that taste for entrepreneurship, who wants to do everything that she can to have that time freedom to spend it with her children but not be chained to her phone or her computer. 24/7, she knows she's meant for something else. But she's so frustrating, feeling like she lacks that secret sauce. So my offer is not a done for you program that she just plugs into mine is done with you, where we go every single step of the way, and build what she is excited about, for who she is super excited about serving, and then build a whole brand around it so that she never looks back and she can just grow from there.

Doug Holt 9:17

I love how you not only have an ideal customer avatar or soulmate like you said, but you know that person inside and out. You didn't hesitate when I asked you to exactly depict that person. And I think that step separates the amateur from Pro. You see this so often, and everybody listening to this , a coach or a business leader, has heard the idea of defining your ideal client avatar soulmate. But very few people can recite it and very passionately recite it as you can. When you're working with these entrepreneurs that are becoming coaches or are doing what their passion is coming through. What do you recognize as you know, some of the traits you see will help them become successful.

Kate Jaramillo 10:06

The traits that will help them become successful are a willingness to put themselves out there, a willingness to change to receive constructive feedback, and leave their options open. Always a willingness to evolve. Because as you evolve as a human and go through different things in your life and your business, you become uniquely qualified to serve different groups of people. And knowing that and embracing that allows you to grow and to create other opportunities to serve. So somebody that's very open, that someone determined to put their head down and put themselves out there. The other thing that I know that I have to work with many of my clients on is that mindset piece. So they have to be open to doing that. Because entrepreneurship, it's a roller coaster, it's, there's never a linear, you know, journey. So the ones that will do the mindset work so that when they go through the valleys instead of the peaks that they can, they have a strong enough mindset to get through it, instead of throwing in the towel and giving up. So they've got to be willing to do it with as much mindset and commitment to that as it is committed to their ideal outcome and the commitment to serving their clients.

Doug Holt 11:19

I love it. I love it. And then what on the flip side of that, what are those traits that you've seen with people who have dipped their toes in the waters and haven't been successful? Are there certain things you've recognized as patterns there?

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Kate Jaramillo 12:29

Indecisiveness is probably the biggest one, and then they won't determine a soulmate client, because "It's what I want to serve those people" or "I don't want to leave that person out" or what if this person, but will I do all these things, I'm interested in all this stuff. It's that entrepreneurial ADD and the shiny object syndrome. And we all have a little bit of it, right. Like, especially as entrepreneurs, we remain open to other opportunities and learning about other things, and seeing what we could maybe other certifications that we can get that would benefit our life in our business. But it's that indecisiveness, refusing to commit to a soulmate client and refusing to commit to one thing with business because it does have to start with one offer. You can grow from there. But if you're just doing all the things at once, you were just going to stay stuck in that hamster wheel. And unfortunately, I've worked with some clients that are doing that too. And it's for me, and it's a blessing release. So until they are ready to commit and go in one direction, I really can't work with them.

Doug Holt 13:34

It makes sense that smart you have your container of who you want to and who you don't want to work with. I think that also separates many coaches that, you know, when we talk to people who have been on this show, the successful coaches know exactly who they want to work with. And they push people away from that they don't want to work with right, you're pushing almost more people away. Do you find that relevant to your business too?

Kate Jaramillo 13:58

Oh, absolutely. Because you know what, you're gonna end up wasting so much of your time and your energy and your heart and feeling like oh, my God, why can't I get through to this person, it's so much more, the most loving thing that you can sometimes do for certain people that are not the right fit for you is to not accept their money, to not invite them to work with you as a client. And I find that a lot, and there are so many conversations that end with me not inviting them to work with me. But just giving them some additional things that they can look into.

Doug Holt 14:30

What I love that you're vernacular here as you invite them to work with you. You can tell that you've done a lot of work around this and make sure you're going through with it, whether it be the sales process or its psychology. And a lot of the people listening to this are already coaching, right? Or have a coach. So if somebody that's kind of sitting on the sidelines and they've started a coaching business, maybe helped a couple of friends, and they're looking to dive deeper into it. What would you suggest would be a couple of steps for them to take?

Kate Jaramillo 15:02

Clarity on your soulmate client and market research with them. Because there's nothing worse than creating something that you think is so amazing that it doesn't sell to anybody because you're the only one that's interested in it. So do some market research and dive into what the pain points are the biggest struggles and what they want their ideal outcome to be. That ideal outcome is so important because you have to make sure that your coaching or your offer, whatever you're doing, is getting that person, your soulmate client, to their ideal outcome. reformation has this amazing quote; I'm gonna butcher it. But it's something along the business lines that exists a business's purpose; the only reason a business should exist is to provide outstanding service to their soulmate clients. And how you can provide outstanding service is to help your ideal soulmate client reach their ideal outcome. During that market research, ask them what needs to happen for you to feel like you made the best investment of your life by working with me and building everything around your soulmate client. And then they will tell you what your marketing messages should be. Because during that market research, they'll tell you what their struggles are, they'll tell you, they'll give you those exact words to then use in your marketing, so that your soulmate clients will be like, Oh my god, they're speaking to my heart, I have to book a call, they're talking Exactly. To me, that's exactly what you want. And it will repel the ones that simply are not a good fit for you. And the other thing is, don't invite everyone to work with you. You're not desperate; your sole purpose, which exists in your business, is to provide outstanding service to your soulmate client and get them to their ideal outcome. So if you are working with people who are not a fit for you, you're not going to serve them, you don't understand them, and you won't get them to your ideal outcome. Because of your offer, your coaching program wasn't built for them.

Doug Holt 16:55

Oh, that's so great. One of the things that I do when coaching coaches is to have them record their ideal client, especially in the enrollment procedure, and then have it transcribed. And you can take that transcription and put it into a word cloud, which just basically shows you the words they use the most. Right, so you get into their actual language and things that they're saying, because a lot of times as coaches, we're so far in the weeds, right? We've been on this journey for years or decades. And sometimes we forget what it's like to start or what it's like back there in the beginning. And going through

Kate Jaramillo 17:29

Oh, that's gold. I didn't know about that. That word cloud. I'm gonna use that.

Doug Holt 17:34

It's awesome. It's gonna give you so much information there as you're going through it. And it sounds like a lot of coaches you're really serving your soul client is you, 5,10 years ago.

Kate Jaramillo 17:50

Yep, that's exactly right. It's, we only have to be a few steps ahead of our ideal soulmate client, because we've stumbled we've made those same mistakes so we can help them avoid those mistakes, we've been through it. So we understand them. I made a mistake. And it truly was a mistake when I was just getting started off hiring this 22-year-old life coach that she had a great pitch but did not understand the business at all. She was just getting started. And the program that she gave me was so cookie-cutter, like, okay, you're going to do this because she had purchased the program from somebody else like her mentor. Yeah, and not even like changing it around violently and not changing a damn word like, Oh, no, I was like, ah, um, so I would not recommend doing that. So any coaches looking to hire coaches out there are higher achievers who are looking to hire coaches. Shop around.

Doug Holt 18:50

Yep, you have to, and you want to. I think you want to make sure also that you know your coach has a coach, right? Your coach has their cooking, right, and they're doing what they advocate. It'd be like hiring a personal trainer who doesn't exercise at all or believes in fitness. It just doesn't work out for you as the client, the end goal. What so, where do you see your journey going into 2020? This has been a crazy year for all of us. As we record this cut we still admit COVID, and in crazy lockdowns, where do you see your business and go into the end of 2020 and into 2021.

Kate Jaramillo 19:29

Super 2020 has been a great year for us. I feel like, you know what, we've gotten closer as a family, and my business has done well. And I have said yes to certain growth roles for myself that I, you know, evaluated, and I knew that they were great opportunities for me. So for the rest of 2020. I will call in 20 more women on a six-month journey to build their signature offer and then build their brand. So they're going to end 2020 on an amazing note and start the year off with their beta groups where they're going to be testing their offer and making changes and tweaks as they build their programs. And I am dying for personal interaction. So I am excited for things to lift. I'm going to do some online summit events beyond macros, and we want to do some things in person. I cannot wait to hold some small in-person mastermind weekend retreats for my woman coaching clients so we can get together. We can have girlfriend night, maybe binge a little on Netflix, drink some wine and just have some amazing epiphanies and support each other as we grow.

Doug Holt 20:44

Oh, I absolutely love it. And I've had the opportunity of working with you on projects in the past, and you are amazingly organized and thorough. How are you being a mom, and congratulations, by the way, again? But being a mom, a wife, and as well as a successful entrepreneur, many projects and products, how do you keep it all balanced?

Kate Jaramillo 21:10

I have an amazing team of people, people that I can trust to delegate to, and I am a ninja with my schedule. I use my Google Calendar because it's synced to my phone. There's nothing really super fancy about it other than the fact that literally, everything is in there. From the time I wake up and what I'm doing, what my morning routine to my workouts and everything that I've got going on in the day, I schedule a time block, and that calendar is sacred to me. So I just know what my priorities are. And if I go off schedule with my calendar, then my whole day will be messed up. And I won't be able to have time to do the things that I love with the people that I love. So that's why my calendar is so sacred to me. If something happens, like if it can get sick or something like that, then you know what, they're gonna be up in my room, and they're gonna be cuddled up, and I will be nursing them. And I'll probably have my laptop next to me. But because I want to get things done, and it's important to me and my kid, it's important for my kids to see what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and my two little ones, my nine-year-old and my almost six-year-old, both have said that they want to have their own companies. So my daughter wants to have a building company, one of them will have a building company that was one once a salon. So whatever, like their college money, can be seed money into their companies, but it's pretty awesome.

Doug Holt 22:34

Hey, it's what a compliment that is when your children look up to you as their role model. Right? That's the best compliment, isn't that

Kate Jaramillo 22:41

They still don't listen to me when they're messing stuff up.

Doug Holt 22:45

They are still good.

Kate Jaramillo 22:48


Doug Holt 22:49

Okay, thank you so much for taking your time out of your schedule for people that want to know more about you and what you're doing. Where's the best place for them to go?

Kate Jaramillo 22:57

Probably my website, you can if you're interested in the nutrition side of things, you can go to, and if you are more interested in my business coaching, you can go to KateJaramillo, it's spelled like Jaramillo. And I would love to chat with you, work with you, and just see where you're at in the journey and give you my best tips and love and support wherever you're going.

Doug Holt 23:25

And everyone, as I said, I have had the chance to work with Kate, and she is a rock star. So highly recommend going and checking her out. She puts out amazing content as well. So make sure you're digesting that too. Kate, again, thank you so much for taking time out of your day.

Kate Jaramillo 23:38

Thank you so much, Doug's; it's my pleasure.

Doug Holt 23:42

Thank you for joining us at The Successful Coach podcast. Please hit like and subscribe so we can bring you more great interviews like these. Until next time, have an amazing day.

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