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Have you ever experienced having a conversation with someone but they felt like you’re blocking them?

Conversation architecture means every conversation is multiple possible conversations. It’s about constructing the most stable and mindful conversations.

Good conversation leads to outcomes that are better for both parties. Authentic and connected conversation involves understanding, responding, and incorporating other people’s needs.

It’s more of deep listening rather than magic phrases that manipulate people.

In the conversation, it is important that you feel heard but it is also important to listen and take what they’re giving you or taking what is in their head because if not, you will only get half the ingredients to cook up something successful.

A bit about Joshua:

Born on a Hawaiian volcano, Joshua has spent the last 20 years chasing curiosity and working internationally, with the last 15 based in Asia. He heads up Knowmium, serving as lead Conversation Architect, and training both non-profits and Fortune 100s worldwide in persuasive communications. With Knowmium, he studies the “how” of deeper talk— unpacking fossilized speech patterns and crafting new habits that build trust and collaboratively solve problems. Joshua is the author of Radically Remote (a guide to engaging virtual facilitating). In his spare time, he enjoys running (slowly) on Hong Kong’s trails, photography (less slowly), and reading more books than all the time left in the universe will allow.

Where you can find them:
Website: https://knowmium.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuadavies/

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