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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Knowing who you want to be and understanding how you see yourself is one of the most difficult and crucial steps to success.

Along the way, many people get lost in the question, “Who am I?” It can be a while before you find yourself.

That’s where a coach comes in – the right coach can help you find that ideal person inside, and guide you on those first steps towards becoming…well, yourself.

In this episode of Conversations with Coaches, Maureen talks about her coaching “origin story” and how she helps her clients find and choose who they want to be.

Maureen is a certified coach who supports others as they evolve through the various stages of their career and lives to reach their full potential. She helps others grow their choice muscles for making the changes that will get them closer to who they want to become. And she teaches everyone how to break through limiting beliefs to choose joy every day!

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