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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

In this recurring series, Kevin explores some of the brightest ideas and insightful lessons that his guests have shared with him on the podcast, and why they’ve continued to inspire him ever since.

When I got the chance to chat with Gregg Ward for the podcast, he used some “striking” imagery to describe what his coaching is like. (See what I did there?)

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Website: https://centerforrespectfulleadership.org/

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of the conversations with Coach’s podcast, colon lessons, slash work parenthesis working title. Basically, I think I’ll probably just end up calling it lessons. And it’ll be in your conversations with coaches feed. I’m your host, Kevin. And I have another idea I want to bring back to light. And again, these lessons episodes are inspired by the conversations I’ve had with coaches. Again, we’d like to be very literal around here. So this one that I was thinking about lately, and actually, I think I titled it, I think I used it as the title of our episode, I was talking with Greg Ward stood excellent all around human being, and also an excellent coach. And he had a phrase that I just I just fell in love with. And he was, as we were, we were going back and forth about all sorts of different coaching and how he approaches it and just, et cetera, et cetera, you can actually go back and listen to my episode with him. He was fantastic. And I’m certain remains fantastic. But the phrase that he used to basically describe his coaching or what coaching can be like, is swinging a velvet two by four.

Obviously, that is a it conjures a beautiful image almost tactile, because you can feel the velvet and kind of like also feel the two by four. And I really liked that velvet covered two by four. Because really what good good coaching really great coaching does is it brings you to a moment where you are smacked upside the head by something that immediately not even like in hindsight, but you’re immediately like, How did I not see this? How did I know this? How did I understand this before, which is exactly the right feeling for that moment. It really is like an epiphany like a dawning like a light going on. And I just loved the velvet covered two by four, because you are getting smacked, who are definitely getting hit upside your head with some important valuable truth that for whatever reason, or reasons you just hadn’t quite realized until a coach helped you get there. But it is velvet covered. And that’s the other thing that I love about coaching and good coaching in particular, is that it is, in certain ways is very gentle. And it’s obviously there are going to be some sometimes Stark realizations, it’s going to get a little uncomfortable.

But there’s something gentle about the overall process that I think combines, interestingly, with a two by four, cause you are gonna get smacked, but it’s gonna feel good. It’s gonna feel softer, you’re gonna feel taken care of, and it’s going to get you where you want to go. So anyway, I just liked thinking, and I like to continue to think about the velvet to buy for and how great coaching feels. And honestly, it feels that way on both sides. Great coaching feels that way in your hand as you’re swinging it around. It also feels that way when you’re getting hit with it. I think that’s about as far as that analogy goes particularly farther it’s going to break but think of the velvet covered two by four As you ponder this particular lesson. Thank you for listening to me ramble about a delightful coach and a delightful analogy. And I will talk to you again very soon.

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