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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

In this recurring series, Kevin explores some of the brightest ideas and insightful lessons that his guests have shared with him on the podcast, and why they’ve continued to inspire him ever since.

As coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders know all too well, it’s frightfully easy to spread yourself too thin and hurl yourself towards increasingly impossible standards.

But peak performance is a matter of focus and choice. It’s important to decide which bars need to be kept high, and which ones can be just as useful and powerful at a lower height.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another special episode, special ish episode of the conversations with Coach’s podcast lessons. Another one of those where I give back a little bit of what I’ve been given so frequently, over the course of this podcast and over the course just talking with so many different coaches, this one kind of this is actually that doesn’t really apply only to coaches, it actually applies very broadly, quite frankly, I mean, coaches, entrepreneurs theaters, you know, that it is frightfully easy to spread yourself a little too thin, to try to spend, you know, 30 hours of a 24 hour day, so to speak, to hurl yourself towards what might be increasingly impossible standards, there’s always these these plateaus, or the ceilings are these obstacles that aren’t just obstacles to be overcome, but they are almost like mornings were just like, hey, you might be trying to do too much. Whether it is and there’s there’s so many different ways to make this mistake, which again, still learning opportunity. But there’s so many different ways to make it I know, one that I fall into frequently is a a tendency towards perfectionism. Now I’m not gonna say perfection, perfection ism, there’s almost like a belief where I was like, I want to dial everything in and get it just right before I can call it done. Oh, I have tripped over my own feet in pursuit of perfectionism more times than I care to count. But one thing I’ve been learning a lesson I’ve been learning and likely will continue to learn as I develop and grow as a person hopefully, is that peak performance, true, like Peak Peak Peak Performance doing the best in the best ways. And the best times with the best people. It’s really a matter of focus and choice, you can’t do everything to its utmost at all times.

It is you say it like that. And it sounds as absurd as it is. But don’t we often find ourselves in that mode, behaving in that way. And so this lesson that I’ve been working really hard and will continue to work hard to allow to, like settle in on me, is what I kind of like to call lowering the right bars, there are certain bars that need to be maintained at a high, high standard, maybe the bottom at the highest, there are certain things that you ought not to compromise on that you ought to always strive to achieve and exceed in always possible. And that’s well, that’s not the subject of this little talk right here. I also believe that that is a very, it’s a very individual decision. It depends on a lot of factors that involve you who you are, who you want to be the things you’re trying to achieve in life, the impact you’re trying to have the business you’re running the relationships you have the family you have, there are certain bars that ought to be maintained at the highest possible level. But here’s the lesson for me, there are certain bars that can be lowered. There are certain bars that have the they serve the exact purpose at a lower height, as they do at the tippy tippy top at that they could possibly be set. And this is still I’m still I’m going to be navigating this truth, I think for the remainder of my days happily. So hope I’m truly a lifelong learner, not just a name, but in practice, but learning which bars in my life.

Maybe not even just can be, but shouldn’t be lowered to a more reasonable height to a height where they belong. So that my best efforts, my peak performance, my maximum impact can be dedicated to those bars, which need to be and need to remain ever high. That’s basically the lesson at least the way that I’m phrasing it right now, this is another one of those that comes to me in so many different forms so many different distillations of wisdom from so many different sources. But learning how to lower the right bars and keep the right ones high, basically have the right bar have bars at the right level. Whatever that level happens to be, is a it’s a it’s a kind of discernment that I aspire to develop and grow in myself and also help others to grow as well. Sometimes it can be quite a can be quite a burden, to feel like everything has to be at a certain level at all times. It’s a I’m sure many of you coaches run into this with many of your clients where there’s at least an element of burnout, where they’ve come to a place where they’ve gotten lost. And a lot of times especially with like, you know, the higher achievers, you just you’ve put yourself in a position where all of your bars all of your standards cannot be cleared. And then there’s this like kind of cascading downward downward spiral effect and you find yourself in a place where all of a sudden the stuff that didn’t matter the stuff that required your best efforts and attention now isn’t getting it because you’re running almost on empty.

Anyway, that’s a that’s a different problem for a different day, but lowering the right bars, identifying which bars ought to be lower, putting those bars at their appropriate height so that every level gets all the attention it deserves and that your impact is maximize quite frankly so that’s pretty much it for me on the subject I have a lot more to say on this I think but that was the lesson I wanted to impart the thing I think it was ready to share at least in these words today so thank you for listening and I will talk to you again very soon.

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