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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Jesmine is a business consultant, leadership coach, and founder at PeakPerfly. She helps visionary business leaders build peak-performing businesses with less cost, less time, and less stress.

She has worked with business schools, innovation hubs, and entrepreneurship development and investment platforms across North America.

She brings high levels of expertise in the field of organizing, productivity, and leadership coaching. Over the past decade, she’s helped leaders and organizations globally to establish order and efficiency.

Jesmine is a mentor to startup founders, a coach to consultants/coaches, and a highly recommended leadership consultant for enterprises.

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Kevin Stafford 0:02
Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the conversations with coaches podcast. I hope you can hear the smile in my voice because I’ve been chatting with Jasmine on yuku for at least 10 minutes now technical difficulties talking about our lives. I know you’re gonna have just as good of a time as I already have. So let’s get into it. Jasmine is a business consultant, leadership coach and founder at peak power fly. Is it peak for flight or peak perfectly, I should have asked her how to pronounce that perfectly, perfectly perfectly. She helps visionary business leaders build peak performing businesses with less cost less time and less stress. She’s worked with business schools, innovation hubs, and entrepreneurship development and investment platforms all across North America. Jasmine, thanks for being here. I’m like I said, I’m already having a great time. And I’m excited to talk a little bit with you about everything that makes you you. So thanks for being here.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 0:54
Thanks for having me, Karen. Thank you so much.

Kevin Stafford 0:57
Yeah, let’s uh, let’s begin at the beginning what I sometimes like to cheekily call the superhero origin story of you as a coach, how, how did you realize who told you that you were a coach? How did it how did it come about that, that that term and that that role that passion kind of awoken you? And then how did it go from there into the coaching practice you have today?

Jesmine Onyeukwu 1:19
Thank you so much. I think I believe I was born an entrepreneur, but I didn’t. I didn’t know what kind of entrepreneur I was designed to be when I started out. So I started out being a what they call it professional organizer. I was organized in people’s homes, their physical spaces, sometimes it’s their offices, their places of business. But over time, I realized people would ask me to come and help them manage stress, manage their time, manage their thought, manage their entire lifestyle, and I so that was how I started attending to us coaching, working with people for their personal needs, rather than just their physical spaces. And I realized it was a major need there. When I came to Canada, I started my business in Nigeria, because I’m already I’m Nigerian. And I came to Canada, I saw that strong need to work with especially small businesses who are starting up. So that’s in 2021, I decided to redirect my entire business. So we were no longer a professional organizing business, we were now a business consulting company. So I said, I’m working mostly with startups and scale ups, helping them manage the stresses and complexities of setting up a business.

Kevin Stafford 2:28
That’s excellent. I mean, a lot of people made a lot of pivots in the last couple of years. And it’s, but sometimes you realize that you’re doing and not necessarily because of the nature of the world, or the times, but sometimes like the right ideas, just the right idea, you see an opportunity. And you’re like No, I need to buy opportunity. I mean, not just for success, but also to like serve better. Yeah, I see that I see that that pivot in so many coaches lives, I see it, it’s not just pivot, where people realize they wanted to be a coach in some way, shape, or form. It’s this constant exploration that’s looking for the next thing and the next thing is looking for more opportunities to serve differently and serve better. Not really question there is something I find to be pretty much universal.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 3:06
Totally, totally agree with you, I often say go where the calling is. There isn’t there are times when you define the calling, but there are times when circumstances factors around you are calling you for something and you find a need, like you said, you see an opportunity to serve and you know that you’re going to make bigger impact. Why not? Why not go where the calling is. So I totally agree with you.

Kevin Stafford 3:27
It’s great. It’s really great. Such a refreshing refreshing attribute of the coaching industry compared to so many other industries where there’s there’s passion everywhere, but I just find that with coaches, there’s such a commitment to that passion and to pursuing it throughout throughout their lives. There’s not a whole lot of destination mindset. In coaching there’s a lot of journey going on. And I love how it’s just so refreshing to experience both being coached as being a part of the industry itself. I I find myself frequently talking about this rising tide raises all boats where you have the coating industry exploding and it has been for for quite some time now but just to continues to do so and yet opportunities still abound. It’s doesn’t feel crowded. It doesn’t feel I mean, it feels competitive, but in the kind of way that makes everybody else better, you know?

Jesmine Onyeukwu 4:14
Yep, yeah, totally get it. I think there’s a shift that happened especially with a pandemic, and we’d work through and new industry industrial revolution, we’re now being more human centered, where we’re moving from consumerism to being more you know, let’s talk about the human let’s focus on the human let’s invest in the human let’s help unlock the potential in the human and that’s why you have this boom in the coaching industry and like you said, it’s only getting started this industry is here to stay.

Kevin Stafford 4:41
I could not agree more. It’s so it’s so exciting to be a part of it. I mean, I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but like you really do like wake up every morning excited to like get started get the work to get busy.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 4:52
Yeah, you know, people would say how would it be before it before coaching became so mainstream, people would wonder how someone would invest 1000s of dollars working with someone just to help them clear their head or just to help them get direction in life, right. And this is what this is what’s in vogue. Now everybody’s trying to be the best. So, yeah, this is

Kevin Stafford 5:10
you’d have to hit it right on the head with that word investment, people are realizing more and more every day that it is an investment. I’m someone, a coach, I spoke to use the gym membership analogy to me for a while how there was a time where I mean, gym memberships are a very new concept. Like there wasn’t really a thing you didn’t like, invest money by going to like facilities and training and like what not to take care of your body. Like that just wasn’t the thing that you did. And now it’s like, you talk about a gym membership. Everybody knows what that is. Everybody knows what taking care of your body is exercise, eating right, it’s become standard, the norm you invest in your health. And that same realization has been happening and continues to happen in coaching when it comes to your, your internal life, both personally and professionally, the way you manifest and show up in the world for yourself, your family, your co workers, your colleagues, everyone. And I just it’s I mean, I’m I don’t know if there’s going to be you know, Coach, gym memberships, but hey, I don’t know, the coaches gym, maybe that’s an idea, you know, free ideas, throw that out there. But it really is a matter of time before it is normalized. In a way. I think that that will help make everybody healthier, happier and more more firmly and truly themselves. Totally agree. I keep I just keep like saying things rather than having follow up questions. I’m doing a bad job being an interviewer. It’s very inspiring for me,

Jesmine Onyeukwu 6:25
compensation. I mean, this is how I love interviews. I love when it’s conversational. Totally.

Kevin Stafford 6:30
Me too. Okay, I will, however, ask another question. I’m going to bring things up to the President and also get down a little bit into like the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts of what your coaching practice looks like today. And the way I’ve been asking this to kind of get at the heart of the matter is, who do you coach? And how do you coach them? Now, obviously, we’ve talked about that a little bit, but like, Who do you focus on really in your practice, but you talked about a little bit earlier? And the how being you primarily use as a primary one to one coaching? Are there small groups or masterminds that you engage in? Do you do like team or corporate coaching keynote speeches? Is there any courses that you have developed that you that you distribute or have available to people? So basically, who you coach? And how do you go about coaching him?

Jesmine Onyeukwu 7:08
Thank you for that question. I coach mostly now I could I’ve coached a wide range of people, from professionals, to senior executives at organizations, to even students to young professionals. But currently, I work with startup founders and executives. So anyone who occupies any C level any kind of C level position in a startup startup is a business that’s trying to get their idea to market. I also work with scaleups, because most of the time my clients transition from the startup to the skill of phase. And I work with them through different, you know, different approaches, different tools for for the trade here, we my most favorite is of course, one on one coaching and consulting as a consultant, I provide insight, I do the research, I do a whole lot of development for my clients. As a coach, I work one on one with them, I kind of like supervise what they’re doing I guide I get to provide direction. I also have courses, I have online courses, we are trying to launch a membership when you talked about Jim cage coaches, that is something that is could be really out there already. I mean, people who buy memberships, have coaches that they love coaches who have great impact on their lives. They buy memberships, just to get more engaged with this coaches and engage with a community of people who connect with the content and the impact of that coach. So it’s a thing already, you know, yeah, I know, you put the idea out there. But some people are already putting

Kevin Stafford 8:32
it out there, it’s already out, it’s been out there for a while it’s just we’re now I think it’s we’re getting to a point where it’s going to be as common as a gym membership, you know, 24 hour 24 Hour Fitness,

Jesmine Onyeukwu 8:41
recurring, because I mean, even businesses are trying to build a business model, around recurring value. So that’s where subscriptions come to play. If I can get value every week from this person every month, then I’m going to be willing to pay to be honest subscription for that. So we’re launching that in the next phase of our business, a membership community, where startups and anyone who owns a business can come in and get access to templates and resources and at the same time, support it as a guided pathway that we’ve built in a roadmap to guide the journey. So I don’t know if that answers your question. But we have different approaches consulting coaching courses, I do trainings and speakings. And a host of them. My favorite is of course a one on one interaction, but you can’t scale that you cannot build a sustainable company doing one on one you would need bodies to do that you need time. So if we want to have more impact, we have to launch the membership and community a solution so more people can access the resources

Kevin Stafford 9:40
have so many so many different jumping off points there. But like that’s, that’s all that’s always the case with with. Again, universally every coach I speak to is like the real magic happens in those one to one sessions. And there’s just so much work to be done there. And it’s really like how pretty much all coaches get their start and where they where they really catch the fever of it. And it’s just like duplic trying to find ways not to just duplicate it but to sort of scale In a way that keeps at least the core effectiveness, the core value, the life changing aspects of the one to one coaching, but by being able to reach more people, because yeah, you only got 24 hours in a day, you’re only one person. Other people get some of that time, deservedly so. But that’s and that’s why I love like, and I feel like a membership, like what you’re proposing what you’re about to launch is really it’s kind of where it’s at. Because what you’re doing is you are leveraging properly, it’s probably the greatest asset that we have at our disposal, other people, each other human capital, that we build a community, like minded but with differences as well, people dedicated to learning and growing both on their own and together, that I mean, I mean, it seems, you know, right out in front of you when you say it like that, but that just seems like the way to truly exponentially grow. The kind of power that coaching can bring to not just a company, but just to everyone’s lives.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 10:53
Sure that and you know, I mentioned web three earlier, we’re in web three already. And this is this is no longer to create our economy. So we’re going past just creating and dumping stuff on people, we’re going to the communal economy, where you have collective intelligence, I create content, I drop it somewhere people engage, and they add to the content. So that’s what communities are about people have to your community members have to be co creating with you. You’re not just the only creator you’re bringing that it’s like coming together with a set of people based on aligned values and purpose and create that that’s what what what we’re trying to launch in the next phase.

Kevin Stafford 11:29
I love that reminds me one of my very, very, very favorite quotes that I came across just through my my work with coaches. And it’s like, I can’t believe I didn’t hear it earlier in my life. But I’m so glad I found it. If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together. And I’ll miss attributed I’ve heard it from so many different sources of discipline, not sure who said it. But I honestly I think I think about that every day. Like I think that comes to me in some way every day of my personal professional life. Because I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anything that’s more true than that. I’m seeing it every day in the coaching industry specifically how if you want to go fast, you go alone, you will, things will change, things will move. If you want to go far, you might you could still maybe go fast together. I’m not saying you don’t go fast together. But if you want to go far, you got to go together.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 12:12
Yep, yep. And you know how the FAR is you could speed things up alone, and sometimes crash because sometimes Speed Kills, you know, when you get together, you manage the pace and you get to a final destination. And it’s just more, there’s more impact. I believe in collective impact, collective empowerment, collective prosperity, AI, this is the era for that. So totally agree.

Kevin Stafford 12:36
As as I think I predicted before I hit record, I just want to keep talking to you. I’m looking at the clock, and I’m like, dang it, the conversation is just getting great. But that’s the way that’s why we have this podcast the way it is it’s meant to give you give you the audience a snapshot of what a particular coach is doing, why they’re doing it and why why you should reach out to them and find out more. So before I let you go, please tell the audience Emily, this kind of a two part question. Where can people find out more about you just like learn more about what you and you and your company do? And also where can people best connect with you and get to know you better? Do you have a preferred social media you’d like to interact on and the communities that you’re active in so let people know where to find out more about you and where to find you.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 13:14
Thank you Kevin. Honestly, I did not want the conversations and I knew it was gonna be heartbreaking when we’re getting to the end of this because even even in the into the preamble before the conversation, I had a great time with you. You’re so you’re so welcoming, so warm, so entertaining, so vibrant, a lot of energy. I just, I wish I could talk to you for hours, and your podcast that I listened to where the conversations stretch for hours on hours. I think you’d be a good host for that kind of podcast just shouting you out. Now.

Kevin Stafford 13:43
I’ll make sure to brew an extra cup of coffee for the two hour conversations with coaches special.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 13:50
For your question, I can be found across all social media platforms I tried to be I tried to leverage the omni channel approach. I want to be everywhere. So depending on where you are where you prefer, you find it no bits and pieces of me across this platform. So I’m on name eight, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, but my favorites My favorites are LinkedIn and Instagram. I’m trying I’m tending towards more LinkedIn now because my business model tends towards more b2b. Before now I used to be b2c Finding individuals but now I’m targeting organizations, startups and small companies. So I’m leveraging LinkedIn more now. So let’s connect on LinkedIn you can visit my website at peak www dot peek To learn more about what me and my company does, and we could connect even more on LinkedIn.

Kevin Stafford 14:38
I love that it’s it’s really for a while there LinkedIn at least conceptually was always really like the place I wanted to send people but it’s only really in the last couple of years it’s kind of got it’s gotten to be a really like dynamic platform you can do you can be more present there in a way that matters and actually make like some decent connection like connect I don’t just mean like networking business like actually make, like, say friends but when Friends make deep intellectual emotional connections. They’re just on LinkedIn, which is not something if you told me I would say that. Two years ago, I would call you a liar. I wouldn’t.

Jesmine Onyeukwu 15:10
We met on LinkedIn. So LinkedIn is great. Yeah.

Kevin Stafford 15:13
Yeah, I really I learned to like it. And now I’ve learned to love it. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, um, I, I, I’m just grateful we, we have to talk I kind of like, like I said, I’m like, I’m having trouble pulling myself away. I’m feeling like that Velcro rip, where I’m just like, I’m having to wrap it up. But I’m, I’m gonna do it. And I’m also gonna say, I’ll probably like, maybe the day this podcast episode drops, I might just be already in your inbox or in your DMS asking if you want to come back on for part two or something like that. So just just warning you. It’s giving you fair warning. I had too good of a time, so I might try to do it again. And thank you to the audience for listening. I mean, if if you didn’t have a good time, listening to Jasmine, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s wrong with your day. But I hope your day improves. I know it already did because you just listen to this episode. Reach out, find out more about Jasmine what she’s doing. She is fantastic and fascinating. And she’s doing all the right things in all the right ways. So just find out more, just do yourself a favor, find out more connect with her. And we will talk to you again very soon. Thank you.

Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media
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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media
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