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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

Gloria is an influencer, visionary, and trailblazer who focuses her work on executive presence, image, international etiquette, manners, civility, diversity & inclusion, and leadership excellence.

​She’s ranked in the Top 2% of International Consultants and has trained and coached in 60+ countries and with 125+ nationalities.

Gloria and I talk about her girl-next-door beginnings growing up on a dairy farm, how she discovered and manifested the values that led her to a life of coaching, and the importance of kindness in an increasingly rough world.

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Kevin Stafford 0:00
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of the coffee with coaches podcast. I’m your host Kevin and today I have with me Gloria Starr. Gloria is an influencer visionary and Trailblazer, who focuses her work on executive presence, image, International Etiquette, manners, civility, diversity, and inclusion and Leadership Excellence. She’s ranked in the top 2% of international consultants and has trained and coached in over 60 countries and with over 125 nationalities. Gloria, thank you for being on the podcast. I love the depth and breadth of your experience. And I’m excited to talk to about your bow by all of it.

Gloria Starr 0:39
Thank you.

Kevin Stafford 0:41
Let’s, let’s begin at the beginning start at the start. If that’s an epic to say, How did you realize slash become a coach, you know, kind of like maybe discovered that you already had all of the attributes in play, you’re like, oh, I should just go ahead and do this. And then how did you go from there to starting a coaching business?

Gloria Starr 0:58
Well, I was on a dairy farm, I could knock a cow drive a tractor and deliver the calf. So I knew that this was not going to be my real life. But it was a very interesting time. And I had worked boots and everything else. But I had no class, no nothing. And I just decided I would fix myself totally over. And I did. And the confidence grew. And then with that, I decided, You know what, I could teach this to other people.

Kevin Stafford 1:36
That natural moment of realization, where it’s I feel like this is like, I feel like I know that every coach I talked to has that in common where they discover something truly wonderful about life, about living about the going about the business of living of being alive. And then their very next thought maybe actually the same at the same time. They’re like, are you to share this with people, I have to die. I have to tell people about this. I have to show them.

Gloria Starr 1:59
That is true. Absolutely. And the passion is so intense, that you just can’t stop.

Kevin Stafford 2:07
It has its own momentum, doesn’t it? You really just like it’s that that that desire to share and to serve really is? Is it self sustaining? I feel like I know that’s That sounds maybe like pie in the sky poetic. But that’s been my experience. It really does. It carries its own momentum. It really is this stirring to motion and action.

Gloria Starr 2:24
Yes. During that time, I was commuting 100 miles a day to be a designer in a flower shop. And then I took an evening classes at the local college. And I got home at 11 o’clock at night. Well, I started my business I was just consumed with success.

Kevin Stafford 2:43
Mm hmm. Interesting. Well, let’s, let’s move things forward a little bit and talk about a little bit about your success. Whew, I like to ask this in certain I’ve been kind of playing with different ways to ask it. But it basically boils down to who do you coach and how do you coach them? It’s basically like, what is your business look like? Now? Like primarily, is there a certain type of person or certain role of persons that you coach them in and through? And you primarily one to one, do you have like classes or courses? Do you have a book? Do you have any webinars? So yeah, who do you coach? And how do you coach them these days?

Gloria Starr 3:16
Well, that’s a perfectly good question. Because all of those things actually are part of the mix. Yes, I have written 12 books. And I have over 1000 educational videos on my YouTube channel. And I never ever know who’s going to ask me to be coached. So I have coached with just about anyone and everyone, including two yet US presidents and people at the Pentagon at the highest level. And I know it’s just it’s a total shake. And even Gabriel Abed, who is the bit coin fellow, I coached him, and the most important and the most cherished client is the crown prince of Dubai. And they reached out to me and I did one on one coaching with him. It was absolutely magical.

Kevin Stafford 4:17
Wow. Wow.

Gloria Starr 4:19
And I’m just the girl next door. Three people and I and I’m passionate about it. It’s just too exciting.

Kevin Stafford 4:28
Too exciting not to do it.

Gloria Starr 4:31
Right. I always say yes. And if someone is really negative and I know they’re a bad person, I just double my fees.

Kevin Stafford 4:43
That is That is an excellent rule. I love that. I love that I do it. I’m very tickled by that like of course because it’s like, you want to make sure that this is something that I talk about talk with coaches about a lot about energy management, not just like people like time management and making sure they have enough time to do all the things they want to do. That’s usually part of it. But I feel like that’s almost just a different way of expressing energy management. Where are you giving it who is taking it and why how they’re taking it and negative people, just they take more energy, they take more time, they take more of you. And so it’s a very elegant solution, Gloria just double your fees.

Gloria Starr 5:22
In the game of coaching, you begin to learn the energy of people. And I had two thoughts in my mind. And I only had two clients that were really, really, really negative. And I said, I could take this and learn more and double it, or I could walk away from it. But I really liked learning. And this one client, he was absolutely poison. And when I finished the five day course, at doubled my fee, I sat outside on my veranda for five days, because I didn’t want any bad energy in my house. But I learned a lot. And I also learned I probably won’t take that negative client. Again.

Kevin Stafford 6:04
It’s another lovely little lesson right there to how it’s if you whichever path you choose, whether you choose to go forward to try to do your work and to help the negative person or choose to step away, it’s your choice and realizing that it was your choice, and that by going one direction you are choosing, you know, choosing a learning experience, something that will be very tiring, very exhausting, that you’ll very much want to spend time recovering from. But it’s your choice to do that and to embrace that opportunity for learning. And I love. It’s such a simple and again, like, I imagine you find this to be true of most things, it’s very simple to understand it like this, especially when presented so clearly, it’s usually the work involved or the willingness to make those choices, and to help other people learn how to make those choices for themselves. That the real the real juice starts to flow, right?

Gloria Starr 6:50
Correct. Yes.

Kevin Stafford 6:54
So do you have? And I’ll just let kind of open it up to you a little bit. Do you have any particular frameworks or formulas? I mean, Formula sounds a little too formal. But do you have any specific approaches that you that you apply to your coaching and or is it very, like adaptable and agile, so to speak.

Gloria Starr 7:13
Completely adjustable. And that’s because I believe I have my strengths in many different kinds of things such as desk, and LP, Chinese face map reading, and numerous other things. So I go in with a lot of knowledge with a clear mind. And I listen, not just with what their words are, but the tonality, their body language, and then coming together with all of that, I can hit it right where they need it in a kind way. And that’s when they open up.

Kevin Stafford 7:49
I mean, it’s in my head pops the words, the only system that you need is kindness. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. But that’s just the way the when you said, when you said kindness in the way you emphasize that that’s popped into my head like that, I find that I find that to be frequently just the the most important thing I can do in my relationships on a regular basis, whether it’s, you know, the person that you know, is helping me out at the grocery store, or you know, someone across the street walking their dog who I see every day when I go on my own walk, just like give them a wave and a smile, just like that choice to be kind. It really does. It makes everything I mean better. Is that Is that too trite to say it makes everything better? I think it does.

Gloria Starr 8:28
Really perfect. And I believe that I am an ambassador for myself, my company and my country. And then I can go out and be that kind of ambassador, and welcome all the different cultures. It’s been very stressful until I learned to that I’m the ambassador, and I’m supposed to open my heart, my soul and my knowledge with others.

Kevin Stafford 8:57
I love that. And Ambassador, I was perfect. I I feel like, obviously we have a short podcast today. And I’m struggling with that usual, that usual struggle where it’s like, I want to ask somebody questions, and I could talk to you for hours, maybe days, but I’m going to resist the temptation. But I do want to ask you, you’re clearly lovely. And I want everybody who is in the sound of my voice right now to get to know more about you and to get to know you better. Where can people find more about you? And also connect or engage with you like Do you have any preferred like social media that you’d like to meet people on for the first time, anywhere that you post a lot, you have a website that you’d like people to go to to find out more.

Gloria Starr 9:36
I do all of those things. I posted at least six social media posts on all of them every single day. And I told you that I have more than 1000 educational videos on my YouTube channel which is expert glorious star, and there’s two hours in star and of course I have a website and I’m just so passionate about it. I don’t feel like I ever go to work. I just think yay more fun

Kevin Stafford 10:09
thing when when you love what you do you never work a day in your life.

Gloria Starr 10:12
And that is is my life.

Kevin Stafford 10:16
Oh, that’s lovely. Well, Gloria, thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with me with us today. You, I hope people can pick it, I’m sure people can tell from the sound of your voice. You have a warm and invigorating presence, even though we’re just in a Zoom Room together right now. And that’s one of the thank you for sharing a little bit of that with us today. I really appreciate it and my day is already better for it.

Gloria Starr 10:36
It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much.

Kevin Stafford 10:40
And thank you to everyone listening, I hope. I hope you’ve had the same experience that I’m having right now as I’m recording this and that you reach out find Gloria, she posts all the time. She’s anywhere you might think to look, she’s there and she’s ready for you. Thank you all for listening. And hey, we’ll talk to you again very soon.

Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media
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Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media
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