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Anna Voznaya | Conversations with Coaches | Boxer Media

With more than 14 years of managerial and business achievements in the Informational Technology field, Anna is an entrepreneurial neurocoach passionate about seeing the beauty of personal and business growth. Her goal is to have top managers and business owners serve their missions while staying healthy and also serving their own well-being.

A Ukrainian currently living in Portugal, Anna became a neurocoach to work in addressing mental disorders (like sleep problems, anxiety, and any cause of prescribed antidepressants) and to successfully support recovery.

She mainly works with business owners and top managers who are prone to a thirst for growth. She helps these leaders not only to achieve their goals more effectively but also to contribute to their mental health and improve their relationship with their own brains.

We were really only able to scratch the surface of Anna’s work in our conversation today, but we managed to touch on quite a few powerful ideas around neuroscience, personal growth, professional development, and really the entire human experience…all in under 30 minutes!

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Kevin Stafford 0:00
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode another fine episode of the conversations with Coach’s podcast. I could say it will be a fine episode because I’ve already gotten a chance to get to know my guest today and was Naya. Am I saying that right? And she’s an absolute delight, we should watch some stories about how we how people learn to listen to their bodies, and how people begin to understand their minds. And let me tell you, she’s fantastic. And I am pleased to get to introduce her to you today. Let me introduce you a little more, with a little more detail with more than 14 years of managerial and business achievements in the informational technology field, and is an entrepreneurial neuro coach. And we’re going to talk about that term here in a second, who’s passionate about seeing the beauty of personal and business growth. Her goal is to have top managers and business owners serve their missions, while staying healthy, and also serving their own well being. And I’ve already said, so I’ll say it again, I’ll probably say it one more time. It is a delight to meet you and to know you and to talk to you today.

Anna Voznaya 0:59
We’re chatting, Kevin, hello, everyone.

Kevin Stafford 1:02
Let’s let’s go back not to the beginning, beginning because that we don’t have that kind of time. But let’s go back to your your beginnings, your origin story. As a coach, how did you? How did you come to decide or come to discover that coaching was really the way that you wanted to, to impact the world? And how did that roll into the current coaching practice you have today?

Anna Voznaya 1:22
Hmm, that’s an excellent question. Because I was looking some into focus all my activities. Like I’ve been writing, I’ve been dealing with all I’ve been learning society and educating myself, with my own coaches, with my own mentors, and through different kind of education. I was curious, I was always curious about brain and how it works and how to apply neuroscience to informational technology, even though I deal with software services provided in health care area, which is related, but not that directly to neuroscience. So out of curiosity, I have been dealing with science as it is and with people. And at some point I do speaker that it’s well integrated organically, during certain coaching sessions, that were just applicable based on my managerial background in our informational technology area. And I started figuring, how do I bring more William into that, with all my knowledge, all my interest and excitement and organic experience that I just got, and I started, I started to dedicated myself in a more narrow area in the real science specifically, and the coach. And well, first of all, it’s excellent to, I would say, and on top of coaching practices, it provides a number of outward tools, will practices I would say that every person can use with coach and of course without Coach by digestion of the whole point of operate, and with your whole body, your nervous system, your hormones, and your brain as a result, in your mind also, in the most efficient way possible. Because like for just the letter, our bodies have it all No at all. We just need to use them properly for our own benefits, and probably don’t damage them. So this is how it just happened. You see it. And I do believe that if something’s happening organically, easily with excitement and mutual benefit. If there is more than one side, they’re involved, then that’s when a person should do for own development and for reading certain benefits to others. This interaction, it’s always growing us two sides. And one standpoint, I grow my professionalism out of my own curiosity and without within certain educational process. But every client in this culture brings certain personal stories, background contexts, and it’s up to me as a coach to choose what’s going to be applicable to this person, what’s going to benefit him or her and my personal goal is to teach them teach these people because I’m not the coach in their pocket. I’m willing to create the product. There’s going to be like Yeah, Coach in your pocket. And meaning certain tools that you can just use in whatever stressful situation that is happening just right now and you kind of cannot approach your coach for help, or certain decisions need to be made just right now and you’re not in that well state of mind to actually make it, you’re out of time. So my point is to grow, okay, align growth of these people to, to their own improvement, and probably their natural abilities to not have any impediments to being closed, something like, probably that’s been complicated, but I do believe that what I’m level, these are easy things, just Let’s live our lives being aligned with our very selves, how with coaching tools, how else with near coaching tools,

Kevin Stafford 6:12
it really is, once you once you discover it and understand it and lay it out, it is very simple. But there is that that difficulty of discovering, as you were talking, I was thinking about how so many of us, at least at some point in our lives, and some of us still today, sort of think of our bodies as just black boxes, where stuff goes in, stuff comes out, but we really don’t know what’s going on in there. And we have a hard time listening to our body or understanding our body or understanding the way that our biology moves through this world. And that can that scares people, sometimes they don’t want to think about it, sometimes they they feel things or hear things or get signals from their body, they don’t know how to interpret. And I love I love your your focused approach using that sort of neuroscience and coaching blend as a neuro coach, to help people to not just guide people with your own coaching when you’re there because like you were saying, you can’t just be there with them all the time. But also equipping them with the right tools that will help them to continue on their journey of discovery, learning better and more how to listen to their body and listen to what their body and their mind is saying, and how to, you know, in a certain way of speaking, live better with themselves. I like that you use the term alignment to live more in alignment with themselves. I feel like that’s really crucial. And that begins by understanding and listening to who you are, what your biology is saying what your body is saying and having some help with that interpretation.

Anna Voznaya 7:34
Yep. And make sure that stress, certain other impediments are not showstoppers. And since my clients are mostly either business owners or top managers of certain organizations, their level of stress is high. And their decision making is important and it has number of consequences, they gotta do voice. So my point is to also grow their personalities, again, like have them aligned with their own personalities being resilient. Not nothing ignorance, but truly honestly, because there’s huge power in this honesty with your very self. And so immediately your resilience to stress increase plus the quality of decision making, and I would say response time is tremendously better, which benefits business as a whole which benefits organization and other people these clients of mine are responsible for this is excellent thing. And on top of that, I would add that we shouldn’t prevent ourselves on this price. Because it from certain algorithms, certain tools on how to deal with my weary self, or digested already that means nothing but next challenge. And myself and these people to help next challenges I don’t want myself or them to be in the loop, you know, dealing with all the same situations are all the same, like problematic cases, or trauma or things that keep using their own resources or their own bodies, subconsciously. I don’t want them to be like spend to that to this loop rather than to go for the next challenge. I want them to be willing to go for them. I’m willing to go for the next challenge. Like I You okay, when you come down just a little, then my answer is like, either I’m going for that, or life’s gonna push me there. And usually those are not very pleasant, so I prefer to be in nicely wrong when, by my own with my own coaches, for example, to become, like, leaving to start believing, like wider life more bright light to try different colors of beat to like play different instruments in this whole orchestra is minimum. That’s interesting.

Kevin Stafford 10:27
Yeah, I know I love that analogy so much because yes, I love the music and I love the dance. And also, it’s just, it’s really fun to learn more, even if I’ll never be virtual virtuosic, you know, I’ll never be able to play an instrument with, with the greatest of ability, it’s just so much, there’s so much joy in the discovery of making music on something in a new way, as opposed to just playing the same old tunes, you know, playing the same old anxiety loops or stress loops, or keep on bumping into the same, you know, team building problems and accompanying kind of bringing things back into the, into the, into the business environment. There’s I really, I really, really, really love that you that you hit home very hard on the word resilience, and really kind of you really kind of helped define it, because it’s a word that gets tossed around a lot that people acknowledge how important it is. But they don’t necessarily understand exactly what that looks like for them. And I love that you had resilience in the context of moving forward, that ability to move forward to the next challenge, and not stay in those loops. Whether they’re harmful, or maybe they’re maybe they’re neutral, however you interpret them moving forward. That is how you gain the greatest kind of resilience and the kind of resilience like you said, that spreads out from you, it spreads to your team, to your clients, to everybody you work with and for to your family, to your friends, it radiates out from you into everyone else in your life that you touch. And then that continues as you commit yourself to pressing forward and moving forward and finding that next instrument, you know that that new that new music, that next dance, I love that.

Anna Voznaya 11:58
Yeah, that sounds great actually. Miracles in brings increase the record system, there are plasticity, the ability to digest new information and for the brain to actually rewire itself. So previous experiences, whatever they were, and maybe there might not be, might not be that. Well, pleasant. Neuroplasticity allows to digest new things in the way that your brain’s capacity improves and grows as well. So for example, apart from making your business, you can also play certain instruments and you can have all the world power, right and not saying about time, also for that. And I think that allows us to actually increase capacity of Nikola so you could do things for your very self, not necessarily for growth only. But for heaven funnels and because usually, wearing narrow focus brain that spent certain resources for previous experiences that are not over and they influence are now without even our like, meaning being aware of that is that we cannot have certain power for new things. And this is the same loop. So neuroplasticity, growth, this ability to increase our capacity and for more of our fun.

Kevin Stafford 13:40
It’s, it’s something that I feel like a lot of people don’t they maybe don’t believe it’s possible. Like people tend to think of certain things as very fixed, like the way that they think the way they feel the way they interact with the world is like certain things about themselves that to them. Just just they feel like they’re just they are what they are. And I think we like largely as as, as as the human race, we sell ourselves short on exactly how how elastic and changeable and available to grow. We still are. And this is this is why I love the neuro coach approach is because it’s like this isn’t just like talking it out. This isn’t just like interpersonal development, there is science behind this. There are ways to approaches that are empirical and proven. And there were only learning more every day as we go as we go forward. And I find that that hybrid thing, or that hybridization that bringing together of the the interpersonal development, the conversations and the concepts and the exposure to new ideas and new ways of thinking and being and feeling paired with. And here’s what this looks like from the science perspective. This is what’s happening in your brain. This is what’s happening in your body. Here’s how we can begin the work to make it something different to open yourself up to new possibilities, new opportunities, not just as a concept, but as a practical, actionable series of tools applied steps is taken and, you know, new New Horizons discovered as I get, I get very passionate about it as I’m speaking about it, I’m just like, it’s so there’s so much promise and potential in the work for that’s why I mean, that’s why it’s why you’re, why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you love what you’re doing.

Anna Voznaya 15:16
And that’s all right. Plus, it’s getting familiar to your very self, or again, again and again, in your circumstances. Because even if, for example, we prevent our own rules for whatever reason, the world will doesn’t stop, right came to go. And so life creates certain circumstances, new ones more tough, more challenging, more interesting, maybe, and that influenced our personality and influence our Well, adaptive skills, right. And if there is not enough of those, or again, that enough of neuroplasticity to actually deal with that, then I do believe that quality of life is minimum is going to be not that high. And we cannot avoid changing surrounding how, unless we’re somewhere in the mountains becoming wild or something. But still there are changing of seasons, right. And speaking of getting connected to ourselves, it’s a lot about getting connected to nature to natural cycles, also. But probably the first step towards that whether you live in big cities, smaller city village, which still just don’t ignore what’s going on, right? So usually, it’s like logic to put some clauses on if there’s coal in winter. But whether we feel that or we just checked in our phone, it is minus three degrees, and probably we should do something about it. Do we feel that we’re tired? Hungry? Do we feel like our highest abilities for a certain job to be done right now? Or maybe we’re not that creative now? And can we do something about it, or we should just go and have some rest, finally, when we want that and really need that, but like not when we’re exhausted to the level that we have to, and to actually, again, be aligned with those natural cycles that were on it from person to person, but still, nearly scientific point is to understand those cycles. And day by day, they’re not the same. Okay, like, let’s figure that we separate the two Easter cold hunger and these kind of things and really meaningfully fill it through. But then what like it certain time, I’m more effective, rather than neither time how to determine how to increase my own harmonized cocktail, to, for example, get this interview done. Maybe I want a slippery sound and how to increase the sidemen how to manage our very self towards our goal, but not in a pushy way, not through some willpower that is never like endless nature. Oh, is that all these questions? are a matter of our sessions and miracles? Oh,

Kevin Stafford 18:36
my goodness, I I’m looking up at the Zoom clock. And I’m realizing that we’ve already been chatting for for almost 30 minutes, and I have so many follow up questions and continuing questions. It’s just fascinating to be endlessly so I’m, I’m probably going to hassle you to have you back on. So just so selfishly, I can continue talking with you about this stuff. But if someone has any questions about what you do neuro coaching, what your approach is what you have available, your tools, your coaching everything in between, where can people just get to know more about you find out more about you and the work that you’re doing? And where can people best connect with you if they want to start a conversation and maybe start a relationship?

Anna Voznaya 19:11
Honestly, Calendly link sheets, in short call is best. Because there’s a lot and every person has different contexts. So my point is to create this unique connection with the person. And afterwards we’ll figure the rest out.

Kevin Stafford 19:31
That’s pretty much how it works every time isn’t it? I mean, we might we might dress it up a little bit differently or explain it differently. But really, it’s every connection is unique. Let’s start the sooner you start the conversation, the sooner you start that journey. That’s it’s simple. There’s a lot to it, and some of it might be challenging, but it’s pretty simple.

Anna Voznaya 19:50
I’m growing my own capacity, you know, because there’s more and more people and that stimulates myself to be able to give more

Kevin Stafford 20:01
That’s lovely. That’s the perfect note to end on how passion begetting passion and service be getting service non phenomenon for the rest of our lives if we’re lucky. And thank you. I met selfishly Thank you. I’m just I’m so delighted to know you and to have met you. And thank you for being on the podcast and sharing a little bit of what you do with me. And yeah, I’m definitely going to have you back on to keep this going. Because I feel like we’re just scratching the surface.

Anna Voznaya 20:25
Hi, pleasure. Let’s continue. Excellent. And

Kevin Stafford 20:29
to the audience out there, you know what to do. I have links in the show notes to like how to find out more about Anna. I’ll put a link to her Calendly down there too. If you want to start that conversation. If you’re ready. Now please, by all means, do so. And here. We will get a chance to talk to you again.

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